No wonder it takes so bloody long!

My thanks to Kinuk for this most excellent diversion.

According to this “speed test” I can type at 35 words per minute. That’s if I’m trying hard and not thinking about what to say – i.e. never.

I hope you all have a much better appreciation of the effort that goes into this drivel now! ;)

How fast and furious are you?

Almost forgot. Polish people can type too!

EDIT – pissed off as I was by everyone being Mr & Mrs lightning fingers around here, I tried the test again. I still only got 42 in the proper test but the problem is reading the stupid words and having to type them instead of typing what comes out of my head. In the proper test I managed 212 characters per minute, when typing from my head I managed 288 characters. So, I’m a crap secretary but a slightly better typist! So there, ner!

Go go gadget personal blog!


4 thoughts on “No wonder it takes so bloody long!

  1. island1 says:

    47 per min. Look upon my glory and tremble.

  2. michael farris says:

    61 per min, bitches

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  4. eenx says:

    From speedtest, 63 words per minute :)

    Thanks for the usefull link :)

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