Myth #21: Polish girls are gorgeous


I realise I’m taking my life in my hands here but the truth must be told. Western men (heterosexual ones at least) visiting Poland for the first time tend to be blown away by Polish girls. Then they go home and tell all their friends that Poland is stuffed full of super-gorgeous babes and the myth spreads. I’ve looked into this issue very carefully (it was tough work but it had to be done) and I’ve come to the following conclusions. Polish women are not intrinsically any better looking than the women of any other nation but they do have several qualities that make them seem like they are:

1. They are much slimmer than western women. I put this down to the fact that they eat far less rubbish than westerners in general and drink less alcohol than western women.

2. They dress much better than most western women. This doesn’t mean they dress more expensively, in fact just the opposite. The average young Polish women has little money to spare for fancy clothes and is likely to spend what money she does have on fairly sober and practical items. This tends to make them look casually sophisticated and enticingly understated.

3. They are more conservative than western women. This means that they tend to be more demure and present themselves with what could be called ‘old fashioned’ femininity. This is, of course, probably very bad for Polish women themselves but it makes simple-minded western males go all weak at the knees… at least at first.

4. They have sexy accents. To the uneducated western ear a Polish accent is indistinguishable from a Russian accent. Western men grew up on a diet of James Bond movies in which the sexiest women were always Russian agents who wore nothing under their fur coats. Slavic accents are sexy. Its a reflex built into us from the age of fourteen.

Strangely, however, if you ask Polish men who the most attractive Polish women are they tend to go for bizarre hyper-Barbie figures with inflated chests and hideously exaggerated makeup. A strange character called Doda springs to mind. Weird.

Doda – completely indistinguishable from about a thousand other European and American hip chicks and completely the opposite of the average Polish woman


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81 thoughts on “Myth #21: Polish girls are gorgeous

  1. darthsida says:

    If you take a Sith [there’s a lightsaber she’s holding, right?] for the Polish lass standard, there’s no hope for you. — I mean, the dress thing aside (my kilt being worn out), I, too, am slimmer, more conservative and sexier-acceneted than most Western women. So? What kind of argument would I make? — Man, you’re doomed. I almost feel sorry for you :D

  2. Brad says:

    My wife – Polish – basically thinks the author is insane. I’m not really going to disagree with her since, in my experience, Polish girls are more wild than the girls I was used to, they’re more educated, more worldly and a damn sight better looking, minor differences in weight aside.

    Oh and regarding the accents: I’ve never thought that Polish girls sound like Russian girls. It’s completely different. They sound Polish, which isn’t really Russian at all.

  3. mochafueled says:

    Island ~ thanks for taking a stand… you make some very good points about how culture effects how Polish girls represent themselves…. in this case a good light… did you run the post by A before posting?

  4. scatts says:

    Island, I’m worried about you. Polish girls ARE gorgeous!

    As for Doda, my understanding is that she’s not a dumb blondy, she can can actually sing, so what’s not to like?

    You need help, man! ;)

  5. guest says:

    here is a really great story about a “polish” girl and the polish accent…

  6. mochafueled says:

    u know I like just back to this post to look….

    thanks J. More?

  7. i would say that any nation’s women are an improvement on the british women. generally british women aren’t the best dressers although, of course, there are exceptions to the rule and a lot of my friends are well dressed. others however are not.

    so, yes a lot of polish girls do dress very well… that is apart from the orange faced knee-high FMB brigade. also they generally choose their clothes to fit their figure rather than the other way which is what happens a lot in britain with the muffin toppers.

    polish girls are also a lot more fun than their british counterparts as their scope for fun is wider. british fun involves boozing and that’s pretty much it. the polish women seem to have more depth socially. intellectually there’s more substance also and that’s incredibly important and i think it really shows in their sense of humour.

    also, i would say that on an emotional level being with a polish woman is fantastic. it seems more of a partnership. less nagging more subtle manipulation. and to be honest i’m fine with that. if it makes me think about what she’s really trying to say then that must be a good thing, right?

    just as a sideline, there’s an old story that says the vikings came to britain, stole all the stunners and took them back to scando-land. not very likely but it makes me smile.

  8. guest says:

    “Doda come to Afghanistan!” :D

  9. island1 says:

    Darth: Is that a light saber or is she just pleased to see us?

  10. island1 says:

    Brad: I don’t disagree that Polish women seem more attractive (I’m talking purely physically here) but I think it’s a lot more to do with character, dress sense, and eating habits than anything intrinsic.

  11. island1 says:

    Scatts: Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say a word about Doda as a person, I was just talking about the way she looks – which I find depressingly cliched and far too much like a thousand other rock chicks.

  12. island1 says:

    Tom: I’m assume from your blatant toadying that you’re trying to get something from your girlfriend :)

    Good luck with that by the way.

  13. island1 says:

    Mocha: Are you insane? I intend to keep my testicles firmly attached to my body. My only hope is that somebody posts something else before she gets around to looking at this page … please …

  14. A. says:

    So you think Polish girls are not gorgeous, ha?!!

  15. guest says:

    all girls are gorgeous.

  16. mochafueled says:

    dude I think you are busted… I truly hope you are not saying A is all character… but I do remember seeing some singing video awhile back and know for a fact A is gorgeous so no worries…. (A do u have a sister?)

    cheers. :)

  17. island1 says:

    Uh oh…

    A.: Your exceptional beauty and charm made me temporarily forget that you were included in the class of ‘Polish girls’ let alone ‘human women.’

    Guest: I’d like to live on your planet.

    Mocha: Hush, I think I got away with it. Btw, she’s just blown away the competition at the national cabaret contest here in Poland; in six months time I’ll have to ask her secretary for an appointment.

    (definitely got away with it)

  18. guest says:


  19. island1 says:

    Guest: Different indeed, I think I recognize the guy on the left from an old family portrait.

  20. ‘fraid not mr. island1. i’m just really impressed with the way that life seems easier (less stressful) with polish girls than with their british counterparts.
    i certainly sleep better over here in poleland.

  21. mochafueled says:

    is there is video clip out there is said competition…. ? And of course Polish Cabaret is different than the French version right?

  22. pinolona says:

    Guys, guys. Take a cold shower for a second and come back when central command has returned to the top floor.

    Sure, Polish girls are pretty. On average, taking a sample of Polish girls and a sample of British girls, there are likely to be more slim, gorgeous ladies among the Poles than the Brits.
    Yes, Polish women are better-dressed. Yes, they have smarter haircuts. Yes, they have sexier accents when speaking foreign than the Brits.

    BUT: (prepare for shocking news) WOMEN CAN DO OTHER STUFF!

    I’ve met extremely intelligent, high-flying career women in both Britain and Poland, not to mention women who are excellent mothers, wives/girlfriends and friends. And then there are those superwomen who manage to juggle both and more. We salute you.

    It’s not just about teeth, tits and – uh – toes.

    The single most irritating thing about the Polish vs British female attractiveness debate is that it reduces us to a simple ‘who’s hotter?’ competition. And then we start to care about it too!

    Speaking as a normal ugly female Brit in Poland, one difference I’ve noticed (and maybe it’s just a language barrier problem on my part) is how much I’m reduced to tears laughing with my British female friends. Not had that with the Poles (male or female) yet. Except possibly in a karaoke context.

    Note to self. Must be less aggressive on comments page…

  23. island1 says:

    Pinolona: It’s a point that I can’t fault you for making, but it’s a mistake to imagine that males lose sight of the one when considering the other.

  24. island1 says:

    Mocha: No video yet, maybe in the later stages of the competition. And yes, it’s not the kind of cabaret you’re thinking of, more like what we would call a comedy sketch show.

  25. island1 says:

    Pinolona: Just thought of a snappy rejoinder that the luxury of a comment thread allows me to add before you can get in first:

    Believing that a man loses the ability to appreciate a woman’s qualities as a human being while he is considering her beauty is the same as imagining that a woman loses the ability to perform long division while she is admiring a pair of shoes.

    In other words, it’s annoying that when men talk about the attractiveness of women they are assumed to have lost the ability to think about anything else, which seems to me to be more or less the same thing that you are accusing us of doing.

    Just mention Brad Pit, that’ll shut us up :)

  26. Chris says:

    Yes Polish girls are gorgeous. I just recieved a new photo from my cousin in Poland and can attest to that. She is nineteen and she will put Doda to shame. (JMHO) Eat your heart out guys.

  27. island1 says:

    Chris: Your opinion, humble or otherwise, cannot be confirmed if you don’t provide the pic :)

    Btw, lusting after 19-year-old Polish cousins has been the downfall of many a fine and upstanding human being. Exercise caution. It’s known as the Polish honey trap.

  28. KrysiaPL! says:

    hehehehe we are lucky?

    but i thinking it is no fair.. yes nice compiliment to us polish girl but if i am english girl then i feeling bad becuase all the mens want only polish girl

  29. island1 says:

    Krysia: Thanks for the comment, but I think you misunderstood. The important thing is that this is a MYTH.

  30. […] #1: Polish people are rude Myth #19: Polish people can drive Myth #21: Polish girls are gorgeous Myth #34: Polish people eat swans Myth #7: Polish people drink a lot Myth #17: Poland is poor […]

  31. anna says:

    hi 2 u all!

    An interesting debate in here..:)

    What makes me laugh is that some people giving their answers look at the whole issue from a nationalist point of view (which country is better-mine or yours)..
    I am a polish girl living in uk and from my personal observation i can say that there are as many beautiful/ugly girls in Poland as there are in other countries..
    The grass may seem to be greener on the other side of the fence (especially if u are on holidays and wanna see only those beautiful things …and ladies:)
    What i heard from one of my polish male friend, the myth that british girls are ugly turns out not to be truth when u spend enough time in here to realize that (especially by going clubbing where there are many really beautiful girls)

    and one more thing..
    (i`m size 10 so its gonna be an objective opinion:)
    what i admire in british girls is that even if some of them are of a bigger size than polish girls or whatever, they still know how to dress to kill and be attractive to men while polish girls who are a bit overweight loose their confidence (coz polish guys are very demanding and are ashamed of going out with an overweight girl)so the poor polish girls stay unhappy fighting with their kilograms instead of buying bigger size clothing and going out like british girls do.

  32. island1 says:

    anna: very true, as I said in the post there is no physical basis to this myth – for foreigners it’s more to do with the attractiveness of the unfamiliar and ‘exotic’ than anything else. I don’t know, but I guess you’re probably right about Polish women feeling more self-conscious about their weight that British women (although I certainly wouldn’t say they are unconscious). It’s part of a general lack of freedom experienced by Polish women that derives from more, shall we say, ‘traditional’ cultural expectations.

  33. Anonymous says:

    the author of this site is a dickhead

  34. island1 says:

    Aunt Ethel… is that you?

  35. mochafueled says:

    Island, for the recored I don’t see you as being a DH. How about another myth to stir the pot a little. Can polish women hold there liquor better than others… who is a better girlfriend…. something like that.


  36. Andre says:

    I got back from my first visit of Poland last night, and i live in the UK.

    and yes, i was blown away by how many beautiful girls there were in Poland, Krakow especially. i also agree with everythin you’ve said, like how they’re slimmer, eat healthier, e.t.c…

    their skin is also kept very well. most english women have skin problems caused by bad eating, but i must say when i was there the young polish women almost had a glow because they kept their skin in such good condition.

    i dont think saying that, on average, polish women are better looking than other EU women should be a myth. its true because of the healthy way they live.

    i mean for the first time i walked past a Polish girl so beautiful it felt that time had stood still, and only caught up once she could not be seen…. honestly some of them were incredible… never seen odinary women look so gooood ;)

  37. Anonymous says:

    myth? bullshit. I travel a lot between poland, england and austria, and the average is definitely higher in poland, and other slavic countries. in particular younger girls, 16-20 are on average much hotter. unfortunately, a lot of them then fall victim to the babushka gene, they grow larger, shorter, and end up, like, well, babushkas.

    whoever wrote this does not know what they’re talking about, I get blown away by a hot girl way more often in poland/czech republic/hungary, than in austria/england. yes, they are usually thinner, but that doesnt make too much of a difference. young beauty is ridiculously high in slavic countries, my firends and I often complain about the relative lack in austria. if it’s lasting beauty you want, though, western european women are probably a better choice. (given there wont be weight problems)

  38. Bob the Chef says:

    Oooo, this one is just riddled with juicy holes :). I have to agree with Andre upstairs, for the most part, and Anonymous below him to a large degree as well. I will attempt to provide my insight gained from arduous travels in the numerous regions of the quagmire known as the European continent.

    First, Island, you seem to contradict yourself in your other article on your other blog, where you list the 10 things you love about Poland (where you state that many times you witness poor foreigner blokes run into traffic and street lamps (every few minutes) gaping at some goddess strolling down the cobblestone). You also state that what makes it more awesome is that Polish girls are unaware of their physical attractiveness, which makes them even more attractive. Of course, now they are a bit more cautious about foreigners, esp. after shattering the myths formed during the Cold War and a diet of Hollywood movies about Western European men (that, and the Brits running around naked in Krakow with their penises tinkling in the moonlight are about as far from James Bond suaveness as one can get — we’ll discuss Bond’s emotional issues some other time).

    Second, while health, clothing worn, education, emotional depth, character, yada yada, factor VERY heavily into attractiveness, I believe the statement is “Polish girls are gorgeous”, which I take to mean physically. Give me a photo and I’ll let you know whether I find her attractive or not (if she turns out to be a bitch, yes, it’ll factor into my attractiveness equation, and she’ll seem worse as a person to have a real relationship with than a caring, average girl, no doubt). There is a reason runways are flooded with Slavic models, and it’s not that they’re dirt cheap. It’s that they’re plentiful.

    I don’t think Polish women age poorly (in my experience, they quite often age very well). The issue is the way many women perceive themselves in older age. It’s like being fat: it’s not an inevitable occurrence. With some maintenance (what some of us call “exercise”) , you can be in reasonable shape.

  39. magda says:

    I am completely in love with this blog. As a Polish woman, I agree to an extent, but fuck, I also think I’m the hottest. ;)

  40. […] lost her footing and rolled 400 yards down to the bottom of the mountain. She rolled like a chubby Polish barrel, careening off boulders, cushioned only by the occasional dandelion and toddler. I like to […]

  41. MoixD says:

    Well, I’m polish and i think I am the way I am it’s because I have grown up in Poland and came to the UK … well I see the way british girls are…they wear way 2 much heavy make up…trying to be pretty? Hmm…well I am 17 I prefer my natural beauty than putting another face on every morning and washing it away every evening. I think that is kinda sad because make up destroys ur skin … plus girls don’t really need it…they just have to learn how to care about themselves…ya know…like having their teeth cleaned..see dentist every 6 months – because it’s what we do in Poland…girls in Poland love to do their nails…we love to educate and we don’t go McDonalds or Burger King everyday…we love our fruits and fresh vegetables…trying to be healthy because when you’re healthy then you are GLOWING…plus i think every girl is beautiful in her on way as long as she takes care of herself…it’s not about being polish or russian it’s the way how u will keep urself…we look at the way colours we wear, if they suit our complexions…there are 4 types of beauty…summer, spring, winter and autumn…you will find out more about it in the internet…well girls keep up and take care of yourself ;) you all are beautiful ;D

  42. tomas says:

    I think Poles, like many Slavic people, have attractive facial features, wide set almond eyes, high cheekbones, full lips, etc.

  43. ian humphries says:

    ……….well from the outside looking in to basically foreigners coming to this island……. i have read some of this debate and i have to say,as a single male i get very aroused by what seem to be regular models attending a local boot fair here,they alway’s seem to be polish and the complexion is vastly superior to british girls,one instinctively knows by how slim they are and how beautiful they look too,good on them!! i

  44. Anna says:

    LMAO!!!! Did u just say that Polish girls aren’t prettier than western woman? You’ve got to be kidding me. Polish girls are BEAUTIFUL not to mention smart. Each country has good looking woman its just that poland has a lot of good looking woman =]

  45. Nick says:

    are you gay ?

  46. Nick says:

    that was aimed at the author of this article BTW

  47. island1 says:

    Sorry, you don’t sound like my type.

  48. Zdzislaw Chrzastkowski says:

    What about Polish americans?

  49. […] was proven that Polish girls aren’t gorgeous, but surely we could find one. How about Ms. Szapołowska? Grażyna […]

  50. Anonymous says:

    Now what is your problem against us. You are prejeduce towards the West. That is completely uncalled for.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Yet to add another comment on your hateful remarks: We are not uneducated. It is simply the difference in culture. Why do you have to be so ignorant?. -The best definition for someone like you is of an ignorant elitist.

  52. island1 says:

    Anonymous: I can’t work out if your comments are extremely heavy sarcasm, or if you’re just an idiot.

  53. Iris says:

    Polish women actually can out-drink some “western” men, okay?
    We know how to drink.

  54. Maple Leaf says:

    Re:1. They are much slimmer than western women
    2. They dress much better than most western women

    Physical attractiveness is a relative perception. Being pretty, being sexy and being attractive sometimes is not the same. I’m Polish and live in Ontario, where the obesity level is high and many women and men are dressed poorly. When you go to a shopping mall you can see that most of the women look alike; unfit, neglected, wearing jeans and baggy T-shirts.The dominant colors are dark blue and grey. Those women completely lost their femininity. Believe it or not, every woman who wears colorful and more feminine clothes will catch man’s attention . I will go even further. Men can even notice details such as a new pair of earrings. I was asked a few times by my married colleagues where I buy clothes and jewelry. One of them made a comment: ” I wish my wife dressed like you “. It means that men want their wives/girlfriends to be more feminine, and therefore more attractive for them. Majority of people are average when it comes to their physical appearance, but they still can make themselves look attractive. Good hygiene, wisely chosen clothes and color palette can do wonders.

  55. Polish women are far much better than French, Spanish and even Mexican

    have in general much more nice character and they truly are much sexy anr beautiful

    maybe you just had bad luck ;o)


  56. Anonymous says:

    Comment deleted

  57. Kuba says:

    Polish women are more educated then most in the world. I do think many are very attractive and all are very cordial. I would take on in a heartbeat unfortunately I am over anyones age.

  58. Lon says:

    So I just returned from 9 days in Poland over the Christmas holiday. Even with all the girls bundled up still some of the most interesting women around. I have traveled many places and was coming from an Ethiopia which boasts of having gorgeous ladies. Poland hands down, now not be be superficial but based on conversations I had and interactions it to me it is the combination of natural beauty, intelligence and what would be called old fashioned values that make Polish women very attractive and standout.

    Ill be back, but when it is a tad warmer; and not freezing the balls off a brass monkey weather.

  59. Holy Crow says:


    What kind of complex did your mother give you? Or are you always such a sexist, control freak?

  60. island1 says:

    Holy Crow: I’ve been a sexist control freak about as long as you’ve been an ill-mannered halfwit.

  61. Steven Woodruff says:

    Holy Crow: bitter + sarcastic = not sexy

  62. Steven Woodruff says:

    My Polish wife has just informed me that I must attach a comment defending virtue and beauty of the Polish woman. Polish women are the most beautiful women on the planet and I’m to strike you accross the face with my leather glove and challenge you to a duel on sight island 1. Also she says to apologize to Holy Crow or I won’t be allowed to play on Polandian anymore……..Sorry Holy Crow.

  63. island1 says:

    Steven: That’s right, wade in on my side and then stab me in the back! My seconds will call on your seconds, if your seconds are out they’ll go directly to your thirds.

  64. Steven Woodruff says:

    I’d sooner eat cold carp and wash it down with American beer that disobey my mistress.

  65. Heinrich Himmler says:

    I have a feeling that the person who wrote this article is a prehistoric looking jewish ghoul. There is no race on the planet as ugly as the Mammonic kike.

  66. ona maski says:

    Has the author actually been to Poland? Or he just watched a Polish TV channel for half an hour? Not saying the Polish women are more or less beautiful than others – all women are somehow special but most of the stuff you say man is complete rubbish…

  67. island1 says:

    ona maski: Any particular reason it’s rubbish, or should we just be content that you have taken the time to pass judgment?

    Heinrich: See, what you’ve done there is mistaken a laughably juvenile attempt to shock with what we normal people call ‘communication’ – it’s quite a useful tool that you might want to look into.

  68. Polonium says:

    I would first like to say that I’m thrilled to have stumbled across this site, I’ve laughed out loud alone in my apartment more often than a sane person cares to admit. I’m a Polish-French girl, and I’ve traveled through Europe extensively, and though this does not make me an expert I’ll say this, I turn a few heads in Western Europe and the States, but I don’t get so much as a second glance in Poland. I’ve finally come to terms with it, the girls are stupidly good looking. But rather than this being a function of their conservative demeanor (God forbid we recognize that acting feminine is sexy) I think that it’s actually a question of how much effort they put in. Polish girls spend enormous amounts of time putting themselves together. They will not leave the house under any circumstance unless they are perfectly coiffed and fully dressed and make-uped. Their breasts are out, they cippity clop in stilettos day and night, their hair is dyed, and they are skinny and tan. They’ve spent a month’s pension of face scrubs and hand lotions and they have great perfume on ALL the time. I think what is actually most attractive about Polish girls is that they still give a damn. I live in a particularly ugly city in the States, and it is certainly a factor that the girls can’t be bothered to put an outfit together or do something to their hair. But when in Poland, and you think you see an exceptionally pretty girl, you’re right you probably have. Some are drop dead, but others are impostors, with all the embellishments of a very pretty girl, so when you take a quick look you think she is one, but if you look again, she’s just a plain jane, pulling off looking absolutely fabulous (for the first 3 seconds) because she worked at it. Moral of the story, we could all learn a thing or two from Polish girls- the virtue of effort.

  69. Polonium says:

    oh and sorry about the length, brevity was never my forte

  70. milano says:

    you are right about some things-we dress better, we eat better, we are more intelligent, we run the house better and so forth. These facts make us, Polish girls, stand out from the crowd.
    But it’s not just that. Take an English girl, give her great clothes, make-up, a brain of a Polish girl and she still wouldn’t compare. I don’t want to offend anyone, but English girls are just plain ugly. They are kind and nice but they are ugly, it’s something they’re born with. Polish girls just have much prettier, more subtle faces. Maybe not everyone (like me-I’m an ogre compared to some of my friends) but in general. I live in England so I can tell. But, of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  71. Mike Rychlik says:

    You Polish girls are so arrogant. Who would wanna put up with this arrogance? I’ve seen some unattractive Polish women- especially from the older generation. Bad hair, warts on noses. Right now I know this Polish girl who I’m just friends with. She’s kinda plain. I’m Polish so I can criticize.

  72. guest says:

    Are there any girls on Polandian crew? So they could write what they really make of Polish guys, please (and yes, I’ve seen the chivalry thread). Thank you! Hell, it can be Island1’s in disguise who writes it! I’m so curious!

    Our girls are gorgeous and charmful, however more and more are getting weaker by a generation as for inner beauty/personality/brains. Still, I won’t trade them for any other nationality!

  73. MINAHIL says:


  74. John says:

    Everytime we men talk about women, many of these will stand out making some “funny” ironic topical sentences… Why don’t you waste your time on something better for your life?
    Who are you who tell us what we should like about women?
    Why don’t you talk on the ubiquitous fan phenomena, that is essentially a female one? Are they thinking with her lower pars then? Or when you die and spend lots of money for a dress, shoes, haircut, beauty magazines, “women” magazines, make-up products…? etc etc
    Who are more interested in women physical attraction? men or women themselves?

  75. Violetta says:

    I am Polish, and we are not even close to being bitches, i guess it all depends on what Polish girl you meet, Polish men are decent as well, although most have become players, its sometimes hard to find a Polish guy because they tend to be more like family rather than a bf or husband

  76. nu soard graphite says:

    I dated a girl from poland about a decade or so ago. she was here on a work visa. drop dead gorgeous. she stopped traffic in hollywood. yes, the one in california.

    I used to tell her she was absolutely gorgeous and she thought i was crazy. she would say “in Poland, there are many girls more beautiful than me.” and i used to think ‘i need to get my ass to poland!’

    It seems to be true though that many polish woman are more consevative than american women in general, but i think it depends on where they are from. My ex girl was pretty consevative but she would tell me about this wild roomate she had in college, so there are wild ones out there.

    My ex was somewhat conservative. she was a virgin when i met her. “Was” being the operative word there…

  77. Bonnes says:

    I’ve wondered about this for as long as I can remember being asked by strangers where I was from. I’d be more interested to have an actual Polish-resident confirm if I even look “Polish” than to be told if I’m prettier than other European women (although very flattering to be referred to as innately beautiful by origin). I want to know how I stack up as an American-Polish to the Polish girls living in Poland ;)

    How do you post pictures on here? ;)

  78. portuguese says:

    Following what I’Ve just read in the comments boxes I must provide my contrary opinion.

    Well I work and live in Poland over 2 Years had 2 girlfriends and many flirts. I agree that they are runaway thinner and fashionable than other european countries. But them beauty is not high average compared with other countries ! Hell, no! I dont pretend bitter on and grumble too much about Polish girl, but as are beautiful girls , there are reasonable quantity of awful girls. By and large speaking the eastern type contains, big nose, small eyes, and poor teeths. I’ve come to notice considerable amount of Polish womens with these caractheristics…moreover they aren’t so warmful in the bed likewise Latinas girls. I believe Eastern countries become trendy in the last 20 years after some close.approach to the EU and they entrance from most of them as a members. The borders have been opened and the free circulation emmerged which allowed to men’s from western countries discover the easter woman which in many aspects its way different from the western woman. And this gives them a false sense of a diference for the better, which I believe is just a perception and normally newish feelings that arise because we are just travelling or living in the country for short seasons. I agree, is totally a MYTH!!

  79. Adam says:

    Just back from 2 weeks holidays in Poland, and having been to many parts of the world, I can clearly say – it’s no myth!!

    The fact that there’s the most average looking, not rich Polish guys with amazingly beautiful girlfriends, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before…it literally blew my mind. I also apologise to my German girlfriend who heard me comment on it like 1000 times a day: )

  80. Why are conservative values “bad”?

  81. Polak says:

    this is not true. my girfriend is French and she is more gorgeous than any Polish that i know and im Polish

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