£35,000 a year is simply not enough for a 4 year old!

I just wondered how sorry everyone felt for 4 year old Beatrice McCartney who apparently can only afford to travel B class on the annual income of £35,000 a year given her as part of the divorce settlement between Paul McCartney (father and ex-Beatle) and Heather Mills (mother and ex-wife). That is of course in addition to nanny and school fees.

Ms Mills made reference to the £35,000 a year their daughter would receive. “Beatrice only gets £35,000 a year – so obviously she’s meant to travel B class while her father travels A class, but obviously I will pay for that.”

And what a bind paying for that will be when you only have a £14 million windfall plus £7.8 million in assets and a further £2.5 million to buy yourself a pad in London.

Of course, some might say that McCartney has got himself a good deal here. Ms Mills was apparently of the mind that she might be able to get by on £125 million, Sir Paul on the other hand, felt that £15.8 million was as far as he could go. The final settlement of £24.3 million seems to agree with Sir Paul.

Arguments about how much he’s worth? Some said £800 million, the judge said he only has evidence for half of that. I’m no expert but I have to say I’m struggling to think that £400 million is all he’s got tucked away, unless he invested in sub-prime recently!

Ms Mills is called a “former model & charity campaigner”. A charity campaigner who’s worried about a 4 year old having to travel B class because she only gets £35,000 a year? Hmmm.

The reason given for the split was “media intrusion into their private lives”. Yes, that must have been really unexpected.

You have to feel sorry for any kid who’s parents split up, but let’s face it, I’m sure there are people in worse situations after 4 years of marriage.

Why do I keep forgetting to mention my personal blog – 20 east?

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2 thoughts on “£35,000 a year is simply not enough for a 4 year old!

  1. darthsida says:

    Tom Cruise’s gonna cough up half a millie of the falling-rated American Dollar, they say for his daughter’s second birthday. A birthday cake for mere 60 thou?

    What a bunch of tight-fisted misers!

  2. darthsida says:

    And what do you need to have dirt-cheap fun of your life? A couple of drinks, really.
    The train comes for free.

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