Want to write for Polandian?

Got a brilliant idea for a post on Polandian? Something you always wanted to say about Poland, Polish people, or foreigners living in Poland? Rejoice, your chance has come!

We’re looking for guest writers interested in providing the occasional post, or even just one post, about anything vaguely Poland related. Place your witty, amusing, profound, or just downright silly thoughts before out millions of readers and, by the very next day, you’ll probably be famous and living the lifestyle of the mega-rich. That’s what happened to us. Honest.

Get in touch: polandianguest@gmail.com 

13 thoughts on “Want to write for Polandian?

  1. scatts says:

    Presumably the cheque is in the post? :)

    What’s the pay like anyway? And any chance of an advance? I’ve got a big tax bill to sort out. :)

  2. island1 says:

    Damn it, I thought you were looking after all the cash!

  3. scatts says:

    You’re posting from Barbados, I presume?

  4. island1 says:

    Purely a fact-finding mission you understand.

  5. Pawel says:

    island1, I’m waiting for the transfer from you to arrive :)

  6. island1 says:

    The money is merely ‘resting’ in my offshore account. The fact that I have to be nearby in this absurdly luxurious villa staffed exclusively by dusky grass-skirt wearing maidens is an inconvenience that I will just have to bear. I should be back in a three to four years… five max.

  7. Pawel says:

    I offer my Jersey account for your conveniance;) It offers much more British-Polish surroundings. Like we like;)

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