Piss-poor reporting

I like to read news about Poland and I generally prefer to read it in English. That’s a real pity because as far as I can tell getting good quality English language news about Poland is like getting blood out of a stone!

That said, there’s really no excuse for those few people that do provide news to not make a good fist of it. This snippet from WBJ is atrocious.

…..apparently suggested in an interview with Reuters that Poland may not drop its opposition to a new cooperation agreement between the EU and Russia unless the Kremlin accepts NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia.

What he meant was that rushing the issue was not advisable.

Well what did he actually say then? Did he make the link and then lie or did he not make the link? Surely it can’t be all that difficult to read or watch what he actually said and then report it properly, can it? Furthermore, the link he is supposed to have made is hardly the kind of thing that is easily misunderstood, is it? What does the word “apparently” mean here?


Lazy bullshit reporting. Not worth the bandwidth it’s written on!

If anyone knows where I might find regular news, worth reading, please let me know.

EDIT – I found this on Reuters, an altogether better job of reporting the same issue. I notice absolutely nothing in the Reuters article about Kaczynski effectively denying that he made the link and that he just meant it shouldn’t be rushed.

What is it with the French and Germans?! Why don’t they want to upset Russia, or is it just them being awkward bastards because that’s what they’re good at? ;)

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5 thoughts on “Piss-poor reporting

  1. guest says:

    Lech Kaczynski is an old proved anti communist fighter.

  2. scatts says:

    Well good for him. I don’t have a problem with his opinion, just the way it’s being reported, by some! :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    The word “apparently” is pure ass-covering but they have the shadow of an excuse. I haven’t been following that story (way too boring) but apparently (oops!) Kaczyński withdrew his remarks the next morning when he realised or when he was told how damaging they were. He claimed he had been misunderstood. Perhaps WBJ was being ironic…?

  4. scatts says:

    Ah. So he did withdraw. Interesting.

    I wondered about irony

  5. […] good quality English language news about Poland is like getting blood out of a stone!   Complete Article  Submitted ByThe […]

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