“Polish people are linked to drink-driving”

But the good news is that Polish people are NOT responsible for a UK crime-wave, as previously reported.

As for the drink-driving, I think this is just a cultural difference. Polish people always drive like that, with or without drink! I suppose it could be that they need the drink to help them face the ordeal of driving on the left on tiny roads that bend a lot. :)

The reports calls for new agreements with east European countries to share intelligence and information on less serious crimes, such as domestic violence and serial theft.

Oy! Are they suggesting that the Poles have a problem with domestic violence? Methinks this sharing of information might be just a tiny bit disagreeable to the Polish authorities. That’s assuming they have actually bothered gathering any information they could share. Domestic violence – less serious?

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One thought on ““Polish people are linked to drink-driving”

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