Tesco joins papist plot?

Today’s newspapers bring an unexpected news: British hypermarket chain, operating hundreds of stores in Poland, teamed up with Catholic Church to recruit workers.

Tesco is looking to open its new outlet in Gdańsk’s Chełm district at the end of August. The company, seeking to employ 400 workers by then, will open its recruitment office at the premises of a local Catholic parish. “We hope employees will integrate around the values represented by The Church” , Adam Kalina, the parish priest, told the Gazeta Wyborcza daily.

Three months rent will cost Tesco several thousand złotys. The future hypermarket will be open on Sundays – something the Polish Roman Catholic Church strongly opposes. “This sin will be borne by those who decide to have shops open on Sundays” – commented Tomasz Biedrzycki, spokesperson for the Archbishop of Gdańsk Leszek Sławoj-Głódź.

Church Gdańsk

Picture: artistic vision of Church-Tesco co-operation

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8 thoughts on “Tesco joins papist plot?

  1. Anna says:

    You gotta be shitting me!

  2. Anna says:

    I’m like so totally blogging about it for the Polish Transparent Language blog. muahahaha! :) Hilarious!

  3. scatts says:

    Won’t be too long, in historical terms, before that artistic impression is a reality.

  4. ge'ez says:

    This Tesco thing is hard to take. I spoze similarly, the RC Church in the US will be teaming up with WalMart, too.

    The latest in terms of churches springing up nowadaze in the US, limited for the most part to evangelical churches is the phenonemon of megachurches — often located in or adjacent to shopping malls.

    Maybe they’re thinking of a Dawn of the Dead thing.

    And instead of an altar, there’s a giant tv. Big emphasis on entertainment, or what some folks consider entertainment anyway.

  5. michael farris says:

    “Witamy w Tesco, na wieki wieków,
    Witamy w Tesco, na wieki wieków,
    Witamy w Tesco, na wieki wieków…”

    or in the states

    “Welcome to WalMart, peace be with you,
    Welcome to WalMart, peace be with you,
    Welcome to WalMart, peace be with you …”

    anyone who gets that reference has too much free time.

  6. Pawel says:

    “Witamy w Tesco, na wieki wieków dla Ciebie dla rodziny! Amen”

    “TESCO. Every little helpeth. Amen.”

  7. Pawel says:

    Thou shalt not have other stores before me

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