Krakow’s Walk of Fame – Update!

Operating as we do at the very cutting edge of modern Polish culture and current affairs Polandian brings you the latest and most exciting developments in the world of bronze stars inset into pavements… in Krakow… it might be going on somewhere else as well but I don’t usually walk that far of an evening.

The third star, yes the THIRD, has been unveiled in Krakow’s much vaunted Walk of Fame (Alei Gwiazd). I counted them, twice.

Sometime this afternoon a white limousine (how tacky) swept across the immaculately clipped laws below the imposing eminence of Wawel Castle and disgorged a wheezing fat man in dark glasses and a Panama hat onto the red carpet. Said porker was none other than Krzysztof Krawczyk… no, I’ve never heard of him either. He was later described to me as “Poland’s Elvis” — apart from not being dead I can see the similarities.

Krzysztof Krawczyk unveiling his monument, as it were. (source)

The third star. I might be becoming slightly obsessed with this.

The three stars in all their dazzling glory.

What I wonder is this: those stars must take some time to manufacture; I don’t believe RMF FM phones the company that makes them and says “Hey, we need a Krzysztof Krawczyk by Thursday.” A whole load of them must have been made already and are sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting to be carted down to the river and cemented in place. Where is this warehouse? What are the names on those waiting to be installed? Does anybody care?

It may seem as if I’m being slightly cynical about this whole thing—my cynicism on/off switch got jammed in the on position when I was seventeen thanks to a bizarre accident involving a runaway steamroller and Rick Astley—but in fact I rather like the whole idea. There’s something very casual and genuinely celebratory about it that warms the heart. Best of all it’s something I can’t imagine happening 20 years ago in Krakow, that’s what I call progress.

Read Krakow’s Walk of Fame

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6 thoughts on “Krakow’s Walk of Fame – Update!

  1. Reason says:

    Let’s see, 100,000 may make a short roadway? Perhaps they can be liberated and used as part of the Euro 2012 grand highway plan

  2. Ewa says:

    Well, in Opole (once named “capital of the Polish song”) there are more of them. The stars, I mean. Eighteen now. Even for me one of them is totally unknown :-> If you want to know if you ever have heard about those, there’s the list:

  3. guest says:

    There should be some stars in holly-Łódź and thats it. The rest in other cities is pure kitsch.

  4. Sylwia says:

    But there is one in Holly-Łódź, on Piotrkowska street.

    How about one on Sopot’s pier too?

  5. Sylwia says:


    Krawczyk Elvis style –

    Krawczyk & Bregovic – (this one may explain the limo)

    Krawczyk Bollywood style –


  6. IloveKrakow says:

    But in Cracow we have Michael Jackson! And Celine Dion! :)

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