Polandian quiz #1


One of these people is not Polish.

  1. Which one is it?
  2. What nationality are they?
  3. What draws you to those conclusions?

Good luck!


57 thoughts on “Polandian quiz #1

  1. wu says:

    1. first man on the right
    2. American
    3. He smiles :D

  2. Richardlith says:

    The man on the right, with glasses and black tie. Because.

    1. The other three all have the East European ¨serious¨ pose for a photo. He is smiling.

    2. The other two man have the leanness about the (long) neck that many East European men have (gross generatlisation, but still..)

    3. (pretty subjective) He looks a bit like me, and I am not Polish.

    4. The man with the red tie has a tie-pin (quite rare in Anglo countries)

    As to his nationality. Somewhere is the Anglophone world, or perhaps Scandianavian, Dutch or Belgian. I would plump for Canadian.

  3. michael farris says:

    I’ll go for Glasses McSmilesalot (second darkhorse choice the guy without a tie because …. he’s not wearing a tie).

    I’d say ultimate genetic origin somewhere in the British Isles but where he actually lives now I have no idea.

  4. Jubal says:

    Yep, the first man on the right.

    Would bet for an US or UK citizen.

    (and yes, the funeral seriousness and the tie-pin is a good measure of ‘polishness’, unfortunately; I just don’t understand why people in Poland think it’s fashionable or even good-looking; anyway, both gentlemen have the ties tied? bound? a little too short for my taste ;->)

  5. Jacek Wesołowski says:

    There are three people smiling on this picture, and the “serious” guy probably looks like this all the time.

    As for my guess, I’d point to the first man on the right, because facial features like these are relatively rare in Poland. The other three could easily be my neighbours.

  6. Tomek says:

    There are indeed three people smiling, but the two on the left have this very slight ‘I’m dying inside’ kind of smile.
    I agree that the guy on the right is the odd one out, and of either American or British extraction. But since his teeth look normal, I’d go with US or Canada.

  7. Radek says:

    From left to right

    Polish, Polish, English, German

  8. Pawel says:

    PS. Can I have the number of the guy on the right?:>

  9. island1 says:

    You crafty devil Scatts; an intriguing test!

    Absolutely impossible to tell. I wouldn’t be surprised if any one of them turned out to be British, Irish, Canadian, French, Latvian, or a cunning android…

    …but it’s definitely the guy at the back with the shaved red hair.

  10. Jubal says:

    “One of these people is not Polish.” Therefore, three of them *are*.

  11. Aidan says:

    Definitely the guy on the right. The two guys look Polish, the woman may well be a foreigner but she passes for Polish.
    The guy on the right is almost definitely English because of the professional type pose. If he were American I think that his smile would be more natural. If I saw him in an international meeting I would assume he was English.

  12. Pawel says:

    Honestly I think the smiling guy is actually Polish. There are some people who smile in this country :) and he could be one of them.

  13. scatts says:

    Lots of interesting conclusions being drawn and some outstanding detective work being done via email I might add. I must try to find that thread where we debated whether it is possible for people to look Polish or not.

    I’ll spill the beans tomorrow, just in case we have a few late night visitors. Sorry to keep you in suspenders!

    In the meantime you can try adding the name to the face – Monika (derrr), Rafał, Dominik, Andrew.

  14. guest says:

    rafal, monika, dominik, andrew

  15. Jason says:

    It’s obviously the woman. She is not Polish.

  16. Negrin says:

    Definitely the guy on the right, for all the abovementioned reasons. However, here’s my complete “How likely they are not to be Polish”, in descending order:

    1. Guy on the right, obviously.
    2. The woman. Although she does look Polish, she might just as well be many other nationalities.
    3. The no-tie dude. Almost definitely Polish but still there’s a thin layer of non-Polishness about him. Very, very thin. I mean, what’s with the hair?
    4. …
    5. …
    6. …
    7. …
    8. The short-hair fellow. Well come on :) Also, is that an ear stud I see? Great match for the tie-pin, man!

  17. Negrin says:

    Oh, now I notice the names to match. In that case: Dominik, Monika, Rafał, Andrew. The guy on the left has a strong Dominik vibe in my book. The rest follows from that :)

  18. scatts says:


    Well done, Negrin, for being the first post the correct answer including the names. Congrats also, of course, to all those who identified the man on the right as being the result of obcy kopulacja, especially those who also noted a certain Britishness about him.

    For those who like to take away a few conclusions. You know somebody is Polish if:

    1/ The have either no smile or one that says “I’m dying inside”.
    2/ They look serious
    3/ They are lean and have long necks
    4/ They wear a tie pin (or other slightly dubious fashion accessories)
    5/ They don’t look professional

    You can tell a Brit from an American/Canadian by looking at their teeth and smile. American continent = good teeth & easy smile, Brit = the opposite.


  19. Piękny Lolo says:

    Negrin, the hair is a continental hair! He just as well could be from France or Finland. The hair is fine.

    If you’re so critical, show us your hairstyle:)

  20. island1 says:

    Too obvious. I still say any one of them could have been British or Polish. I’m guessing the only reason the guy on the right is smiling naturally is because he knows the photographer.

  21. Anna says:

    I agree with island1.
    And the chick could have been just a fat American.

  22. guest says:

    Anna, the “fat American” comment was just dumb and unnecessary.


    ps:no i am not fat and i am not American.

  23. scatts says:

    They all know the photographer equally well. They had no warning about the photo and no time to prepare themselves for it. So what you see is a bunch of people being surprised by someone saying “Okay, let me take a quick photo!”.

    If insults are going to be a part of this then there won’t be any more photos from me. Some of these people may well read this blog. Not to mention overweight Americans.

  24. Anna says:

    Sorry guys, but if it’s OK to criticize British teeth (vs American teeth), and that wasn’t considered dumb and unnecessary, then my comment about the overweight woman should have been OK, too. Or are the Yanks getting special treatment on Polandian these days, huh?

  25. guest says:

    Women that you call “fat” get a special treatment. No matter if they are polish or “Yanks”…

    that’s what i hope.

  26. michael farris says:

    Anna, anytime a woman calls another woman fat, what men hear is “I’m a biyotch”.

    If this is not how you want to be perceived (and treated) you might want to apologize and request the original comment be deleted.

  27. island1 says:

    Well bang goes my theory :)

    Very unlikely the woman was an American, I think I see a lighter in her hand – clearly gasping to go outside for a fag and wondering why she’s being made to wait around by the fool with the camera :)

  28. scatts says:

    Yanks are not getting special treatment but people I know personally, are.

    None of them are smokers, Island.

  29. island1 says:

    Okay, I give up. I’m clearly useless at this game.

  30. Maciek says:

    Almost everything was said.
    My guess was “the first guy to the right”.
    Why? Key harnesses can still be treated as jewellery only in Poland… :)

  31. DC says:

    That was fun, Scatts. Do it again!

  32. DC says:

    Maciek –

    As long as those stupid bluetooth earpieces don’t become a fashion statement in Poland (a la original “Star Trek” Uhura) you guys are better off than many places.

  33. Pawel says:

    scatts, does it mean you didn’t ask them for permission to use their photo here? :D evil evil man! :>

    I really didn’t like Anna’s comment. I think Monika is really beatiful, she’s a perfect alabaster complexion, nice hairtyle that suits her, and a really nice smile. The way she presents herself seems she is both friendly and professional. I know guys who’d add ‘sexy’ to that list. I’m gay – but she’s got great boobs, doesn’t she?

    So Anna and her fascist skinny-normative orthodoxy can just look in the mirror and make herself feel bad.

    Dominik and Rafał both seem to have a bit more pounds, but no body mentions that. Although they all look really good. Which I feel needs to be said, after what some people wrote, even if they were joking.

  34. scatts says:

    Thanks for those comments Pawel. All true.

    Don’t get me started on the Uhura earpieces!!! Arrgghh.

    I can see the attraction of being on the phone yet having both hands free but really. I’ve tried one and I felt so ridiculous wearing the thing that I gave up after one call. Just as bad are the cable versions where instead of holding the phone they hold the little microphone part to their mouths. What’s the point of that?

    They should all be outlawed.

    I’ll attempt another quiz soon.

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  36. anglopole says:

    Hi there everyone! :) Very interesting quiz! If I can add my 5p to all the comments – I think it’s not just a smile that make the guy at the right hand corner stand out. Native speakers of English use their face muscles in a different way to produce various sounds than Poles do (Americans tend to pronounce vowel sounds in a pretty ‘broad’ way and so their lip area tend to be sort of bigger than ours) and so it is not terribly hard to see that sb is not Polish even if they do not show how gorgeous or not their teeth are! :)
    Btw. I think we should, perhaps, wait for Anna to explain why she made the comment before indulging in the witch hunt, huh?

    Anna, you don’t suffer from Cacomorphobia, do you? ;)

  37. Anonymous says:

    Right, the guy on the right.

    But not becuase of his smile or teeth.
    Look at his skull and jaw.. I know it may be considered a bit racist/nazist but it’s obvious his is not Slavic cause his skull and jaw look like a “square”.

    It’s true with north Europeans (Scandinavians), English, Americans, Germans.
    Slavics look a little bit differefently, their faces and body build is a little bit more delicate; obvious example…look at those slim and fit Slavic women).

  38. lucas says:

    5/ They don’t look professional

    what does that mean?
    is it his hand in his pocket that makes him look more professional than e.g., Rafal?

  39. ge'ez says:

    Anna, were you suggesting that American women are generally fat? Or that that woman’s fatness transcended nationality? Uh, fat is fat but it comes in different degrees. And being fat to some extent is not necessarilly an altogether a bad thing. Some people are happier being fat. Some people are miserable because they are fat. And sometimes being somewhat fat rather than extraordinarily obese is healthier than not being fat. I’m a bit fat. And an old fart. Any of youse got a problem with that?

  40. DC says:

    To many, some extra weight is a beautiful thing! There are countless songs (mostly rap or hip-hop) singing the praises of a big booty (or other features) on a woman. Or check out the growing voice of the “bear” community as a subset of the gay community. One size definitely does not fit all.

  41. wu says:

    Usually an extra weight is what it is – an extra weight. And there’s nothing beautiful about it – at least that’s my opinion. It’s well-grounded, because I do have an overweight problem.

    I can’t think of less appetizing thing than a jelly-like fat on various part of bodies – it’s acceptable as long as proportions are right and skin above is smooth and clean, but in most cases it’s not – usually it’s simply unattractive.

    Anna – although I’m fat, I’m not American. I do have an American citizenship, but I was raised in Poland since early childhood. I didn’t even liked sweets or junk food for a long while, my ‘diet’ was a healthy food from rural areas of our country. Still, I gained weight over the time…

    “anytime a woman calls another woman fat, what men hear is “I’m a biyotch”. ”

    No, a woman is “a biyotch” when she calls a someone with little or no problem ‘fat’. If someone is excessively fat, it’s simply the truth. Obviously pointing that out to another person is a question of one’s politeness, BUT being fat is rarely an illness and I can’t think of ‘being fat’ as a way to obtain any sort of special treatment from anyone.

    Personally I am as angered when someone lies in my face that I look good, because I dont’ gain any benefit from being fat – except perhaps not getting a hypothermia in long, cold winters we start to lack.

    DC – one size obviously does not fit all and Anna’s comment was rude, but I don’t think the propagation of ‘extra weight’ should be seen as a positive movement.

  42. michael farris says:

    “To many, some extra weight is a beautiful thing!”


  43. michael farris says:

    “No, a woman is “a biyotch” when she calls a someone with little or no problem ‘fat’.”

    I was talking about mens perceptions not about metaphysical judgements. IME no man likes to hear a woman criticize other womens’ looks under any circumstances. Fair or not, that’s been my experience. Now if woman is in an intimate relation of some kind with the man, he may tune it out and not pay attention (for men nothing says ‘intimate’ quite like ‘I’m ignoring you and it’s for the best’). Otherwise the men just sort of grunt and freeze her out.

    And … the woman in question here is not fat by most mens’ reckoning. Women have far stricter, and destructive, standards about these things, I know, but men mostly don’t buy into them.

  44. adthelad says:

    Can’t answer your second question but the first is the man on the far right and the third is that he’s got a good taylor and that he’s the most relaxed.

  45. island1 says:

    Once again a comment thread takes a bizarre and unexpected lunge away from the subject of the post, as comment threads are inclined to do.

    For the record I have to say I thought Anna’s comment was perhaps a little ill-conceived, but not malicious. Her point was about the possibility that any of these people might or might not have been Polish or American, not about the fact that any of these people were at their EU-approved ‘healthy weight’ or not.

    I have to say, Michael, that generalizing one woman’s comment about another woman as bitchy is also perhaps a little ill-conceived. I didn’t get that impression.

    Group hug?

    Wu: Do you think the Polish diet inclines people towards putting on weight? I have a suspicion that eating a classic Polish rural diet of potatoes and meat with the inevitable creamy sauces (even in salads/coleslaw) could do exactly that. I guess that it’s only in the latter half of the 20th century that people could afford to eat these ‘classic’ dishes all the time – in the old days these would have been occasional luxuries rather than daily staples.

    Jubal: You sound suspiciously like the recently-raised ghost of Darth Sida.

    Anglopole: This is the most convincing argument I’ve even heard for a genuine physical difference between Poles and non-Poles that might account for the ability of someone to recognize fellow countrymen. I’ll have to think about this more carefully. I’ve always been amazed by the fact that I can apparently distinguish a person of Asian or African ancestry as British from their non-British counterparts. Perhaps that’s the key.

    ge’ez: As long as you can live with me using the word ‘fag’ in the proper British slang sense I think we can live with you being an old fart.

  46. wu says:

    “no man likes to hear a woman criticize other womens’ looks under any circumstances. Fair or not, that’s been my experience”

    Perhaps they don’t like to hear it from women, but men definitely circle around that topic in their own company (you’re as bad in gossip as we are – it only goes under a different name :)) Experienced that too.

  47. DC says:

    Wu – The point isn’t to “propagate” or encourage weight gain. There clearly can be health implications. It’s to promote a counter balance to the mainstream media’s constant drumbeat that thin, and only thin, is beautiful. That it’s ok to be happy as one is physically, if one chooses.

    If you are unhappy with your excess weight, and define excess weight on others as categorically not beautiful, that is your business.

  48. wu says:

    island1 – “Do you think the Polish diet inclines people towards putting on weight?”

    Both yes and no.
    I simply got an impression that Anna had thought that perhaps, because of stereotypical American love for unhealthy food and a sedentary way of life a lady in the picture could have been American.
    There had been certain health implications in my case, but even though I was an energetic kid who spent a lot of time on fresh air and lots of activities (swimming, bicycling, horse riding…) I don’t have to live in America to look like “just a fat American”. My comment then emphasizes words left by ge’ez.

    On the other hand the classic “mediterrean” model of diet has been questioned over the years, as food from these regions tend to consist from as wide variety of meats as it is of vegetables/fruits and it all usually is swiming in fat. So there might be another cause for people to gain weight – I bet a high refinement of food is a huge factor.

    DC – well, isn’t that side-discussion about confronting our own ‘businesses’? I did explicitly write that it’s just my opinion.
    And a counter balance of thin is not fat or of excess weight. Both of them are on the very ends of the scale of what we should consider a healthy option.
    Working in a graphic industry I know “Photoshop magic” used to create a ‘thin myth’ by heart – so it’s not that I approve it by any means.

  49. michael farris says:

    Of course all four people are well within the range of variation for Polish or British (or American, naturally) looks including body language and clothes. That’s part of the (intended) fun of trying to figure out which one isn’t Polish.
    What it comes down to is a question of percentages which do vary by country. Andrew smiles in a way that most Polish people don’t in pictures. Rafal has a fashion accessory that is not common for modern Brits etc etc etc. The same goes for anatomical features. I think both his hair and the way his ears are set and general headshape make Andrew look less (though still possibly) Polish.

    As for Polish diet, I think one key factor of the Polish diet that doesn’t get enough credit is the lack of traditional between meal snacks. Polish food can be fatty and heavy (thank goodness in winter) but traditionally Polish people tended to eat meals (up to four a day) and not really eat between meals.
    The last I lived in America many people hardly ate meals at all, they were always snacking, a sandwich here, a bag of chips there, a candybar followed by a slice of pizza. IINM that’s a way to really mess up your metabolism while meals at the same time are much easier for your body to deal with more efficiently.
    It’s interesting that the rise of snacks for kids in Poland is happening at the same time as a rise in childhood overweight, coincidence? I don’t think so.

    And yes, men IME gossip, a lot.

  50. Cropeck says:

    I’m Polish and I live abroad and it’s so easy to recognize other Poles in different countries. ;) Guy on the right just doesn’t fit here. :D I didn’t really wonder about that – I just see that.

  51. Chris says:

    Well I just came in on this and before I started to read all comments and saw the answer I picked the guy on the far right. The guy on the far left looks the most Polish by just looking and sticks out immediately. Monika is wearing newest trend eyewear that hasn’t caught on so fast here in the states. That would eliminate her as American and more Euro. Also we don’t comb our hair that way. Polish people do. (oops I’m Polish but wouldn’t be caught dead with that hair style). Monika has old fashined hair new fashion glasses. If she did something with her hair she would have more going for her. Makes her look matronly. She has great skin.

  52. Sylwia says:

    My guess was for the one at the far right too. Polish men usually don’t keep their hands in pockets while talking, because it’s considered rude here, but that also makes them look more serious because they have to do something with their hands. They usually put them behind.

    There aren’t many red haired people in Poland, and even less men with a hair style like that. Polish men rarely use hair cosmetics that allow for it.

    The tie-pin told me nothing, because although some men use it, many consider it a bad American custom. I don’t know if it’s correct in reference to Americans, but it’s the stereotype here.

    As to our diet. I think it makes us fat, but some time ago there was an IQ test done that showed that Poles are among the most intelligent nations in Europe, and the explanation for it was the diet. I my opinion it’s a fair bargain. :D

  53. Jacek Wesołowski says:

    That’s strange. My perception was that Poles at large are selfish, short-sighted and opposed to investment, and neither of these things is a sign of elevated intelligence.

  54. Sylwia says:

    Jacek, I’m afraid that none of your criteria is taken under consideration in IQ tests, but I’d like to notice that selfishness shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Short-sighted – how great is the distance you’re viewing their decisions from? Opposed to investment – what investment?

  55. yellerbelly says:

    Missed my chance to add something witty about Andrew! Darn!

  56. lilGOTH says:

    the guy on the left. he most likely is american or canadian. his overall face goes into a smile, and he looks like Fox Mulder from the x-files.

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