A flavour of Warsaw

The sun was shining and I was walking with my camera so………

Palace of Culture with Złota 44 tower cranes. Not a shot you’re likely to be able to get for too much longer:

Rondo 1 window cleaning

Old fashioned sklep, sign and display cabinet. These guys sell all those souvenirs you know you really need to have like painted wooden storks and stuff

How to get to Lublin for 25 PLN (more popular than I would have ever imagined and with buses leaving more frequently than every hour in both directions!)

Sala Kongresowa, early evening

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7 thoughts on “A flavour of Warsaw

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  2. guest says:

    Yesterday Libeskind was in the white tent between zlota44 and the holiday inn hotel. Did you see him Scatts ?


  3. scatts says:

    Ahh. I’m glad you told me that because I saw the tent, guests and security and wondered what was going on. I would have taken a snap of it but I left the camera at home yesterday. Nothing too exciting though!

    I think these pictures were the day before, Thursday.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow. What a cloud behind the Palace of Culture…
    Huuuge – Continental style :)

  5. guest says:

    If you wanna see a “cloud” over warsaw look at this

  6. michaeldembinski says:

    Scatts – you must have been outside Rondo 1 at the same time as me –


  7. Gabriela says:

    You share sunny images of Warsaw… and I share a foggy one of Lima:
    Regards from Peru!

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