Biting social satire #1


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22 thoughts on “Biting social satire #1

  1. island1 says:

    It’s snowing on this blog! Ha ha Jacek, take that!

  2. Pioro-Boncza says:

    2010? Aside from the third image, we are already there my friend.

  3. Ewa says:

    I visited Warsaw last week – it looked exactly like the first picture!

  4. guest says:

    There will be a new law in 2010, and dhe adverts willbe gone.

  5. Ania says:

    Get Żywiec out of there, it’s foreign:

    It’s belongs to Heineken, who spoil the following beers:

    # Żywiec
    # Warka
    # Tatra
    # Specjal
    # Królewskie
    # Brackie

    Next in line is Kompania
    it’s SABMiller’s, and they spoil the following beers:


    Then Carlsberg Polska,
    they spoil:

    # Okocim
    # Harnaś
    # Karmi
    # Kasztelan
    # Bosman
    # Piast
    # Książ

    Then Van Pur, who spoil:
    # Karpackie
    # Zlaty Hrad

    Then Royal Unibrewery with failures like:


    The only large Brewery is Lubelskie, makers of Perła Chmielowa – though with some Dutch capital, and resent take over of Amero-Canadian company: Southbeach Developments Limited, who haven’t managed to spoil the beer just yet.

    My info comes from here:

    and you can find some tiny private breweries there, and even manage to buy a bottle.

    so it seems that Polish beer is bad because it’s foreign, and the domestic brands loose out in advertisement investments.

    I’m sure that if the legislation in Poland will become more restrictive, following riots on the streets, the foreign capital will pay more attention to quality. Because it appears that as with everything else, large multinational corporations may be converted to proper honest behaviour only with frequent whipping. Q.E.D

    Shame: after the absolute sewage served in warm glass bottles as beer by the Grand Socialist Producers, we had a period of free market, and then we have sewage served to us in cold green bottles by Grand Pseudocapitalist No-Sinkers. As they say: if it looks like beer , it is beer. 5,50PLN please. No, that’s per small glass.

  6. island1 says:

    Ewa & Pioro: See. My predictions are coming true already.

    guest: I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Ania: But what makes you think foreign products wont be advertised?

    I wonder if this comment has ended up on the wrong post, did you post it somewhere else?

    I agree entirely that Polish beer brands are terrible at the moment. I’m sure they were good once. I’ve heard good things about Perła but I haven’t yet found any to buy and try.

  7. Leopolis says:

    I miss Żubr… ;(

  8. Piotr says:

    Another sad thing is that Pilsner Urquell, a Czech beer (belonging to a large international brewing company, I think) has got worse after they started brewing it in Poland and I’ve heard that it is better in the Czech Republic.

  9. Bob says:

    “I miss Żubr” – why? (are you out of Poland?)

  10. scatts says:

    Look, there’s no point anyone moaning about “spoiling beer” when the “beer” in question is larger. Lager, of any manufacture, is “spoilt” the moment it emerges from the brewery as a pale coloured slightly gassy liquid that is intended to be drunk (drank?) chilled.

    Beer that is not spoilt at all is the stuff of darker colours and served at warmer temperatures. Sadly in very short supply over here.

    Not sure about this snow we have. Good fun for about 90 seconds but then……still, it is seasonal and that has to be a good thing.

    Island1 – I agree with others that we already have the first two. The third should really show Euro notes, not that old fashioned Polish currency.

  11. Ania says:

    No, I haven’t missed the forum, I was ranting at the Żywiec on the Złoty…
    I bet there is some place in Warsaw to get good beer in.

    Scatts: Pilsner is not f***n’ Lager.

    and if you fancy dark beer, why not try bock: Koźlak, or Porter: Łódzki, Królewski, Bałtycki etc

    if you fancy wheat beer: Ciechan Pszeniczne, Cornelius Weizen Beer

    or Stout: Oslo Irish from Wąsosz, or Jabłonowo Belfast

    or just from one brewery in Mirosław:


    * Piwo klasztorne opata


    * Srebrny Smok

    Piwo marcowe(bock)

    * Złoty Smok

    Piwo ciemne

    * Czarny Smok
    * Czerwony Smok
    * Fortuna Czarne
    * Fortuna Czarne Miodowe
    * Piwo klasztorne przeora
    * Piwo klasztorne szafarza

    Porter bałtycki

    * Fortuna Komes

    there’s even Ale from Zawiercie:


    * Jurajski Bursztyn
    * Boner Ciemne
    * Boner Ciemne Niefiltrowane
    * Smocza Jama Bursztynowe Amber
    * Smocza Jama Ciemne Dark

    if you really want a hint, there are plenty online. Not sure if your Polish is up for it, but those guys are not really poets anyway:

    My English favorite is Director’s, and maybe Old Speckled Hen, because of that bready aftertaste – like in kwas chlebowy. I am not sure , but at least Bishop’s Finger is available from Auchan and possibly other Places of Shopping Activities.

  12. MaterialGirl says:

    Cześć Wysepko, a może raczej Wysypko? ;-)


    I’ve just already read Your history of Poland, part 1.
    You’d made great mistake (greater as I usually make in english :-))).
    Jadwiga-hungarian girl, was not only queen! She was the same time king (2 in 1). More, she was king before she’d married Władysław Jagiełło.

    And concerning money with Żywiec, Żubrówka and so on, I’m for it.
    1 alkohol = 1 żubrówka in 2012. From the other hand 1 diamond (as a best (material)girl friend) should costs 1 zloty! :-)))


  13. island1 says:

    MaterialGirl: My histories are not famous for their accuracy. Sounds interesting, a king who was also a queen…

    Ania: A Polish woman who knows her beer, that’s a rare thing!

    What Krakow needs is a specialist beer shop, preferably with you making decisions on the stock. Then I would know where to find all these strange and rare delicacies.

  14. MaterialGirl says:

    & thanks to God!

    Bona brought heliocentrical theory to Poland, sounds like Mikołaj Kopernik was a woman! (sources: (french stolen word) reading of History of Poland, part 1 by island1 and Seksmisja by J. Machulski).

    P.S. Idea for new topic: queues (another french word stolen by British!) at Apteka on Retoryka street. (Or wider : “R Poles healthy”?)

  15. Ania says:

    I am flattered by the suggestion, Island, however I cannot afford to live in Kraków. I am surprised that so many people can.

    In all honesty, I think that your prediction is not funny, it is correct ;(. I read somewhere, Wprost, I think, that the councils will attempt to conceive a strategy for more order and less chaos – knowing them, they will continue ‘conceiving’ into eternity. We might even be entertained with a sex scandal while they are at it.

  16. scatts says:

    “R Poles healthy?” – We simply don’t have enough hard drive space to consider broaching such a topic!

    Pilsner is not #$%&* lager……………he he he…… better edit the Wikipedia article then – ….oh…and the pilsner article too –

    Nearly forgot, you need to change the Pilsner Urquell website as well because it says – From the dawn of civilization, beer had been a dark, murky liquid. Then a protest by the citizens of Plzen, Bohemia, inspired the change that would influence the entire beer industry and set the standard for all lagers.

    As I’ve said before, I quite like Ciechan wyborne.

  17. Ania says:

    Scatts: yes and no. If a square is the same as rectangle, then yes, you’re right.

    ‘Pale Lagers. Pale lagers are the standard international beer style as personified by products from Miller to Heineken. This style is the generic spin-off of the pilsner style.’

  18. scatts says:

    Is a yellow maluch a maluch or some other car, I wonder?

    Oh where did all those maluchs go? ;)

  19. Ania says:

    error: cherry lager would be yellow maluch.

    I think you don’t like beer nearly as much as ranting, if you overlook the difference!

  20. MaterialGirl says:


    I understood. The problem “polish health” outgrow you. ;-) So you still not in inch polish! :-)))

  21. adthelad says:

    Oh I can’t resist chipping in to this intellectual discussion (even if a bit late – i’ll probably end up talking to myself as usual).

    !. Have to concur with scatts – lagers are the blondes of the beer world. They get all the attention and may turn more heads but in the long run you’ll only end up crying. Sure you can enjoy them when there’s nothing else around (memories of skiing hols and living of crates of yellow fizz). Somehow it goes with the climate. Us old fogeys consider lagers to be made by getting proper beer removing the flavour, making it cold and adding co2 to it!! Still it’s good for learners. A school chum’s dad ran a pub and I learn’t to drink cold Lager and lime after hours (Summer of ’76 heat wave -oops I was under 18) before going onto the proper stuff once in Poly in Hampshire. And oh he number of real ales I’ve tried! Half a pint of Bishop’s Tipple at the union bar at lunchtime and I was anybody’s.

    2. The best Polish beer was Helvelius Kaper – a dark, very strong but slightly sweet beer with no fizz. Magic. Discontinued of course.

    3.Belgian beers – if there’s one thing about the Belgians is that in admiring the British they copy them but they could show the Uk a thing or two – they have a fantastic choice of proper beers as well as some Belgian eccentricities. Good fun and delicious.

  22. island1 says:

    adthelad: You paint an enchanting though rather negative picture, are there no good Polish beers to be had any more?

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