Interesting things you didn’t know about Poland #1

According to the excellent blog Angels Do Speak!:

Did you know that Poland is the World’s Smallest Country (The Late Pope John Paul II is the First Polish Pope) and that Vatican City is the World’s Smallest State?

There are so many hilarious confusions going on here we can only assume it was written by an American. Now I see, the Polish Pope was the Pope of Poland! Of course, it all makes sense now!

Interestingly, a couple of days before the above post we were informed:

At 10:18am on 12/5/2008 I had a vision of the late Pope John Paul II:
He predicted ends of wars, Angels Beings consulted with him.

I suspect Angels Do Speak! might be experiencing another miraculous visitation very soon in which JP II smacks her upside the head with an atlas.

I’m tempted to leave a comment pointing out her error, but a wise man once said “Correcting a mistake on the internet is tantamount to subtracting one from infinity.” And anyway, why would I want to deprive other people of the pleasure.

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29 thoughts on “Interesting things you didn’t know about Poland #1

  1. Sylwia says:

    Island: I suspect Angels Do Speak! might be experiencing another miraculous visitation very soon in which JP II smacks her upside the head with an atlas.

    It may be one of the strangest miracles that will elevate him to his sanctity, but the pope being Polish I don’t think he’ll stop himself from the smack for formal reasons!

  2. guest says:

    This must be an old blog entry. Probably from 1795…

    ps: Did the USA have internet in 1795 ?

  3. adthelad says:

    Another interesting thing you didn’t know about Poland is that it is illegal to sell or to buy decaffeinated tea here. Someone explain that one to me. I’ve been to all the major supermarkets and a lot of minor ones, been to special tea shops in Janki and in Warsaw, asked in chemists and in healthfood shops – nada!! This country is mental when it comes to the amount and variety of teas, herbs and various wierd brews and concoctions which one can purchase from all over the bloody world but the one I wanted for my wife in her early pregnancy is strictly off limits.
    Que pasa?

  4. adthelad says:

    And no the answer is not that polish tea is such wee wee that it hardly contains any tea let alone caffeine . Or maybe it is?

    p.s. needed a rant and your blog just seemed cnvenient somehoe. Please iexcuse this interruption, normal service will be resumed shortly I’m sure, in the meantime here is some music……

  5. expateek says:

    “There are so many hilarious confusions going on here we can only assume it was written by an American.”

    Egad, those nutty Americans. Not a brain cell to be had amongst them!

    Island1, your day cometh. It is writ in the book of bloggethery-ness. Yea, as the day dawneth on some day far in the future that expateek is not so in-with-the-in-crowd-to-be-awareth-of, so shalt thou (or “hey, come on, we’re friends, so call me ‘thee’!”) regret thy facile words.

    Or maybe not. Let’s meet at the pub and have a pint and discuss.

    Though, truth to tell, I’m afraid Ms. “Angels Do Speak” needs more den a crack upside da head. How in the heck did you happen upon this site? Darling, please go outside and run ’round Wawel Castle twice. Or just drink more miód.

    I’ll be prayin’ fer ya.

  6. Ania says:

    Luv Americans: sweet ppl. Told me: Poland ain’t in Europe ;] Then told me: thank you for Kosciuszko – can’t stop loving them.

  7. Ania says:

    ad: you can try Melissa tea. Or raspberry tea. Or camomile. Or Rooibos. Or mint. I never wanted to have anything decaffeinated, so I really can’t tell if it’s available in Łódź

  8. scatts says:

    Ad – remove the caffeine from Polish black tea and what you got left? Water, that’s all. My days in the Middle East have left me with a taste for mint tea but it is very much NOT caffeine free if done properly.

  9. guest says:

    Is caffeine relly so bad for pregnant women ?

    I do not think so.

  10. Leopolis says:

    “There are so many hilarious confusions going on here we can only assume it was written by an American.”

    I forgot that Brits are so culturally sensitive about Poland. You know, the ones who’ve lived in Poland for 10+ years and can only mutter “piwo” and “jenk-uu-ye”? The ones with their English-speaking Polish girlfriends to sort out the karta pobytu documents? The ones who can’t make heads or tails of a copy of Rzeczpospolita and Gazeta Wyborcza and are forced to read the NWE?

  11. Sylwia says:

    You know, the ones who’ve lived in Poland for 10+ years and can only mutter “piwo” and “jenk-uu-ye”?

    Hey, they’re only doing it for us so that we could keep thinking that Polish is difficult!

  12. guest says:

    jerk-uu-yeah ?

  13. island1 says:

    Sywia: JP II may not have time to be a saint, he seems to spend most of his time popping in to see Angels Do Speak.

    Guest: Yes. It was the time of the first dot com bubble, back then digg was a site where you could hire people to come round and actually dig things up.

    expateek: I try to be randomly and unfairly insulting to all nationalities according to a strict rota. Thursday tomorrow… bloody Greeks.

    You appear to be speaking in tongues. I suggest consulting guest, although the bulk of his training was in pediatrics.

    Caffeine people: Can’t you see we’re trying to have a serious theological discussion here? *Makes mental note to open Decaffeinated Tea/Proper Beer emporium*

  14. island1 says:

    Who knew Americans were this sensitive!

  15. expateek says:

    Didst thou not read the amazing American psychological tome, “I’m Okay, You’re Okay”? THE seminal work on mental health?

    It’s when we Americans are told we’re NOT okay that we get all shouty or pouty. (Makes one grumpy when one’s had to explain for eight years that, “No, I did NOT vote for George Bush.”)

    Speaking in tongues… what a capital idea. Maybe I’ll try Scottish next. That’s always good for a laff.

  16. Jacek Wesołowski says:

    Also, for some reason, whenever someone says “Obama”, a bunch of fringe rightwingers from all over the ‘Net pop up and start yelling at you that fundaments of their economists are sound, or somesuch.

  17. MaterialGirl says:


    I understood your dig.


  18. MaterialGirl says:


    Dilmah has in its offer decaffeinated tea, also Twinings & Harney & Sons (Decaf Ceylon & Decaf Sencha).

    In fact decaffeinated tea = nonsense=tea without tea (theine/caffeine).

    Ania was right. Buy your wife just herbal tea (like decaffeinated Twinings). But remember some herbs can cause abortion.

    In polish decaffeinated tea = herbata bezkofeinowa.

  19. Kuba says:

    Now this is a comment worth posting.
    “Correcting a mistake on the internet is tantamount to subtracting one from infinity.”


  20. adthelad says:

    Material girl – oh I know that lots of major producers have decaf in their offer I just wondered why they don’t offer it in Poland. Unless you know different then don’t be a tea -ser and spill the beans as to where they offer this decaf tea – or is it one of those things they keep under the counter?

    Of course I mustn’t overlook the humerous blog I’ve gate crashed, so my ‘on subject’ comment would be that my bruvver was in America recently (I haven’t had that pleasure) and told me that your bog standard USofA coffee with milk was so milky and weak it almost tasted like tea (he does take 2 sugars so maybe that’s what pulled the wool over his eyes). Is this another confusing thing about American’s? When John Wayne kicks soil into the campfire and tells his compadre the coffe is crap – does he in fact mean it’s too strong and not milky enough. Have I been under a misaprehension all these years of watching True Grit and The Searchers? We should be told!!

  21. MaterialGirl says:


    I think your problem is with polish, or the sales assistant you speak with – english. You have to be less scientific and more descriptive. I can bet, the most of the sales assistants have no idea what to the hell decaffeinated tea is!!!
    The best – go to the pharmacy=apteka & show this for the pharmacist:

    “proszę herbatę dla kobiety w ciąży, najlepiej – bezkofeinową”.

    They’ll give you probably camomile (rumiankowa) or lemon balm (z melisy) tea or something equally mild and gentle.
    I don’t know where do you live (suppose Warszawa). In Kraków there are shops like Alma or Bomi with above mentioned trade marks of tea!

  22. Tomek says:

    No man, the places I get coffee from around here (Denver) brew them so strong I sometimes feel like I’m about to have a heart attack an hour later. Creamer is always self-serve (even on gas stations and truck stops in the middle of nowhere), unless you order a specific coffee ‘cocktail’. And sugar is for elderly women, so I don’t put any in mine.

  23. DC says:

    Naw Island, we’re not all so sensitive. Some of us revel in it. Check this:

    Now, all clear on the problem? Ready to book air tickets? I was too lazy to search much for a reference about Poland so hopefully the Magyar republic will do for now:

    Stunning, no?

  24. island1 says:

    Bwaahaaahaaa !

    Did you hear about the woman in Georgia (GA) who panicked and phoned the FBI when she heard on CNN that Russians were invading Georgia (the country)?

  25. DC says:

    Heh heh heh. I had not heard that. Beautiful. My money says there had to be more than one such response.

    If you like this kind of stuff, did you see “Borat?”

  26. island1 says:


    I never liked Borat when he was on TV, it’s too easy to make yourself look smart by making other people look stupid.

  27. island1 says:

    Hmmm, seems Angels Do Speak! has deleted the post. A thank you would have been nice. I guess my reward awaits me in heaven.

  28. tmscconsultingservices says:

    I hope that the Late Pope John Paul II does not hit me upside my head, some of the information came from National Geographics Inside the Vatican and The Catholic Source, since the response is so negative, I deleted the Post.

    Angels Do Speak!!!!!

  29. island1 says:

    Hello Angels Do Speak! Thanks for dropping by. I was just having a bit of fun, no offense intended. It was a very wrong information though. Merry Christmas

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