Merry Polandian Christmas

Apparently there’s some kind of holiday coming up in the next few days, so nothing much will be happening around here (cries of “so no change then” echo around the country). Scatts will no doubt be ensconced in the bosom of his family cheerily illuminated from the glow of his new 57-meter tv, Pawel will be boogieing the holidays away in Torun’s hottest nite spots, and I’ll be in the land of gin and tonic attempting to catch up on a year’s worth of curries, English breakfasts, and battered cod.

News of this temporary hiatus leaked out early yesterday and crowds descended on parliament to voice their outrage


Have a damnably merry Christmas everybody, and a stupendous New Year.

15 thoughts on “Merry Polandian Christmas

  1. scatts says:

    Wat, no posts? I might pop in, especially if something strikes me as being especially postworthy – like a carp with no bones and taste, for example. Otherwise we’ll be sat in front of the wall mounted solarium watching Shrek 3 and Mama Mia. ;)

    Addiction, it’s tough.

    Wesołych Swiąt, Polandiludzie!

  2. Sylwia says:

    LOL Love the pic!

    Wesołych Świąt, and listen to your animals!

  3. jacek_placek says:

    Merry Christmas Ian!

  4. guest says:

    Merry Christmas and an happy (maybe we should skip 2009 ?) new year…… !

  5. Ewa says:

    Wesołych Świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku dla wszystkich Polandian i ich fanów:)

  6. Ewa P. says:

    Merry Christmas everyone :) Scatts, can you imagine, that there are places in Poland where people do not eat carp at Christmas Eve?

  7. anglopole says:

    Super Merry Christmas and ever after to all!

  8. Bob says:

    Had shrimp scampi tonight, not a fish guy (well, that’s seafood isn’t it?) Wife and her brother and his wife had the traditional: carp, salmon in quivering jelly, trout also drowned in jelly, herring and the usual other culinary wigilia suspects

  9. scatts says:

    Ewa, hard to imagine but I’m sure you’re right! Actually, our carp yesterday was pretty good, as carp goes. As a special treat I’m told we’ll be eating what was left tomorrow!! ;(

  10. Ewa P. says:

    Well, in my friends’ houses the “carp” was: salmon in one, panga in the second, trout in the third…

  11. Sylwia says:

    It was sola before WWII. Carp was just a substitute for the dark fishless era of communism.

  12. scatts says:

    I tried one more piece of carp today. This one was tasteless and every mouthful contained more bones than Powązki. I’m hoping this is the last year we’ll see that evil ryba.

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  14. Steven Woodruff says:

    Carp, like Americans, is only tolerable in very small doses for very short periods of time.

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