Mocha in Warsaw

Over the Christmas holiday we Polandians extended our usual warm welcome to yet another reader who was in town (well, towns actually) and looking for a little company. I’m not sure how much I can say without breaking security codes but he goes by the name of mochafueled and has an avatar that looks very much like the head of a critically endangered Walia Ibex.

Mocha, who’s spent most of his time recently in deepest Africa, was in Poland for Christmas and managed to find the time to visit Island1 while in Krakow and myself while in Warsaw. Island took him out drinking and I showed him around the beautiful city of Warsaw. Can’t help thinking that was the wrong way around – look around Krakow and drink your way through Warsaw, surely?

Anyway, here’s the evidence:

The nasty flash shot but it does have a “Nowy Świat” road sign and an ad for Madagascar 2 for location and dating purposes!

Same place, no flash;

Whoever will be next in the Polandian hall of fame?! Just buy as many Wonka Bars as you can and you might find your own golden ticket!

Mocha – if you need to download them you can get them from the gallery. The pictures that is, not the Wonka Bars!


7 thoughts on “Mocha in Warsaw

  1. Lon says:

    Was much fun to spend time with both of you. Though Jamie time is a little more fuzzy….. see you next time and thanks for the pics and showing me the town.

  2. An says:

    A Happy New Year to all Polandians and you Lon! Only interesting posts, good people aroud you/not rude :)/, many comments, more mineral water, less alkohol or more alkoh…less water in next year:) wierna czytelniczka

  3. adthelad says:

    A very prosperous New Year to us all!!

    Sorry to quibble (I love it really :)) but are Kraków and Warsaw towns? Or are they cities? How do we Brits differentiate if the Poles don’t? Or do we? Some European countries don’t have the city/ town nomenclature. I note that recently the UK has given certain new Cities that title due to size/ population – not how cities first came about of course.

    And why the big mystery as to where Mocha (Lon) is actually from (ok we know he’s been in Africa but…) – or am I missing a cryptic intro into yet another Polandian quiz?

  4. […] [Polandian] Mocha in Warsaw […]

  5. scatts says:

    HNY, Ad!!

    In terms of what was written, I prefer “he was in town and looking for….” to “he was in the city and looking for….”. Using the plural of town follows from that, right or wrong.

    As for the facts about towns and cities, I have no eye deer.

  6. MaterialGirl says:

    Kraków – city.
    Wieliczka – town.

    But you have sth like downtown. I think it can be in the city. M I wrong?

  7. MaterialGirl says:


    Mocha was in Africa in Africa corps (does he lokks for 80?), or in foreigners legion.

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