British National Party gives mixed messages to Poles!

My thanks to one of the many ‘mystery guests’ over at 20east for bringing this to my attention (the cheque’s in the post!).

The British National Party, know for being extremely pro-Britain (or you could say anti-everything else), decided to use that very bulldogish icon of a Spitfire (WWII fighter plane for you youngsters) for their latest campaign. What could be more patriotic than good old Flight Commander Reginald ‘rascal’ Smythe ripping through the skies in his spitfire with riddled Hun falling in plumes of smoke to their death! All well and good then. Setting exactly the right tone for the BNP.


Only one small problem though. From a Telegraph article:

A spokesperson at the Royal Air Force museum said: “The Spitfire in the poster can be identified as belonging to 303 Squadron of the Polish Air Force by the code letters ‘RF’ painted in front of the RAF roundel.

So, not so much Reginald ‘rascal’ Smythe saving the day as Sigismund ‘łobuz’ Dąbrowski……oops.

The BNP, having possibly found themselves with their “hand in the potty” are claiming they knew all about the origin of the Spitfire, which was used to represent the Battle of Britain. On their own website they go on, rather complicatedly, to say that they like Poland a lot really in fact some of their best friends are almost Polish! There was a sort of love-in between a Polish film crew that had been sent to cover the event and the leader of the BNP, Mr. Nick Griffin, when he started praising the actions of the Polish pilots in the war.

“We have deliberately used a Spitfire from the RAF No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron as our backdrop in the ‘Battle of Britain’ road show for the European elections,” Mr Griffin said. “Not only do we have many Britons of Polish descent in the BNP — and some are even candidates — but the truth is that we love Europe, but hate what the EU is.”

He then tried to sort of wriggle his way around some of the BNP’s less Pole-friendly policies, like removing all Poles from Britain to give the jobs back to British people or an end to further immigration and “resettlement” of Poles currently in the UK back to Poland (along with all other foreigners).

“Poland would be very upset if a million Vietnamese came to that country, working for a bowl of rice a day and took a million jobs from Polish people,” Mr Griffin said. “I have no doubt that the Polish government would also intervene if a million Brits descended on Poland and took jobs away from Polish people. The desire to protect your own workers has nothing to do with disliking any other nation, and the right to protect our own workforce is the same right which we grant freely to every other nation,” he said.

According to the BNP website the Polish film crew were so impressed they forgot to ask the searching questions:

The Polish TV crew expressed their reciprocal thanks to Mr Griffin, with the lead cameraman remarking how nice it was to speak to an honest politician for the first time.

I think a good note to end on!

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8 thoughts on “British National Party gives mixed messages to Poles!

  1. Pawel says:

    Mhmm… I’m afraid such campaigns as BNP’s will rather end with ethnic tentions…
    And some innocent people will suffer.

    How different is it for Scottish National Party? I heard they openly invite Poles, as they say they repopulate the land that many Scots abandon… Could someone who knows more details share them? Thanks

  2. Darth Sida says:

    A strappin laddie, decades ago, I used to consider applyin for various Scots memberships, SNP included. I stopped. Them folks in Albany would depopulate my skinny wallet with their fees.

  3. velvis says:

    Wait, there’s more.
    It seems that the BNP took the picture, more precisely the rendering, from a graphic of polish descend.

  4. island1 says:

    vElvis lives!

  5. guest says:

    The message is clear. Poles should take a plane and fly back to Poland.

  6. Jacek Wesołowski says:

    Does the fact that the plane in question is a WW2 fighter mean that Poles are supposed to shoot down German aircraft while on their way home?

  7. […] [Polandian] British National Party gives mixed messages to Poles! […]

  8. Sylwia says:

    they like Poland a lot really in fact some of their best friends are almost Polish!

    I knew that the problem with Poles in general is that they’re chiefly too Polish!

    This article reminded me though that we do have a lot of Vietnamese, and the fact that they don’t have any official status here is not nice.

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