The Hottest Polish Politician Contest – the Men

We’re back with the all-male finals of our Hottest Polish Politician contest. We are looking for one guy and one gal to become the Hottest Polish Polish Politician of the year.  We will send the lucky winner a bilingual diploma they can hang in their office and show off to their friends.

Last week the women’s final was featured on the national nightly news programe TVN Fakty. We’re too scared to imagine where this week’s contest might end up… 80% of the 460 Members of the Sejm are men – if this balance was recreated in out contest, we would have 40 male contestants.

Both contests will last one more week and then we announce the winners! Yay!

Contestant number 1

Sławomir Nowak is a 34-year-old MP from Gdańsk representing the Civic Platform party (centre-right) since 2004. Currently he holds the position of Secretary of State at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland. He is also the head of Prime-Minister’s political cabinet. He graduated from international relations at Gdańsk University and from management at Gdynia Maritime University. He has worked in advertising. Politically he was involved in liberal youth movement.

The Baltic Sea attracts windsufers from all over the Sejm
When you’re ready Mr Nowak we’ll try it on the water shall we?
Jak to na wojence ładnie
On his way to the Madonna concert


Contestant number 2

Paweł Olszewski is a 30-year-old lawyer from Bydgoszcz, who also happens to be Civic Platform MP (centre-right). He manages exports for a furniture manufacturer. He was a spokesman for his party in the Kuyavia-Pomerania region and for three years he was a member of Bydgoszcz City Council.

In his own words: “My participation in socio-political life are a result of the wonderful years I spent in the Young Democrats association. There we learned how to successfully fight for our rights and take an active part in local political life.”

Okay, so I hit the yellow ball with the stick, right?
At the More Rights for Gingers rally


Contestant number 3

Dawid Jackiewicz is a 36-year-old MP from Wrocław. He represents the Law and Justice party in the Sejm. During the Kaczynski era he held the post of Deputy Minister for the Treasury.

He should relaunch his website so that we could write something more about him.

Law and Order
Law and Order
Caught by tabloid photographer in a shopping centre with his friend during an important parliament debat! Naughty... but who wouldn't understand a passion for shoes?
Caught by a tabloid photographer in a shopping centre during an important parliamentary debate! Naughty… but who doesn’t understand a passion for shoes?


Contestant number 4

Michał Jaros is a 28-year-old  MP from Wrocław. Born in Aleksandrów Kujawski (Kuyavia-Pomerania) he moved south to study at the Wrocław University of Economics. There he became an active member of a student’s union. Local Civic Platform noticed him, and offered a place on Wrocław City Council lists. He was elected, and after two years he was offered a good place on parliamentary election list.

His campaign became famous when he used a picture of a woman’s bum in tight jeans on his leaflet, coupled with the slogan “satisfaction guaranteed”.

Young MP donates blood
DNA tests to prove he’s old enough to be an MP
Elegant and friendly
At the student’s union bash


Contestant number 5

Michał Marcinkiewicz is, at 25, the youngest MP in the Polish Sejm. He represents Civic Platform and his home town of Szczecin. From 2002–04 he worked in the European Parliament. He is the president of Morze Bałtyk Szczecin volleyball team.

In his own words: “I can honestly say – Szczecin is my city. I was born and raised here. Here I got my education and my first professional experiences. Here I met many good and interesting people. I feel a strong emotional bond with this city, and since I remember I wanted Szczecin to be the place to live comfortably.”

Voulez-vous (aha!) Take it now or leave it (aha!) Now is all we get (aha!) .... Nothing promised, no regrets Voulez-vous (aha!) Ain't no big decision (aha!) You know what to do (aha!) La question c'est voulez-vous
♫ Voulez-vous (aha!) Take it now or leave it (aha!) Now is all we get (aha!) …. Nothing promised, no regrets …. Voulez-vous (aha!) Ain’t no big decision (aha!) You know what to do (aha!) La question c’est voulez-vous ♫

A Ku-Ku!


Contestant number 6:

Łukasz Zbonikowski from Toruń is a 31-year-old lawyer and an MP representing the Law and Justice party in the Sejm. He is a professional politician: after experiences with the students’ union he began a career in the City Council of Włocławek in 1998, and was assigned to several political posts. He is the chairman of the Polish-Irish Parliament Group.

A Cypriot hotel accused Mr Zbonikowski of destroying a golf cart. The Speaker of the Sejm suspended his right to represent the Polish Parliament at the Council of Europe.

Mr Zbonikowski is a basketball enthusiast
Mr Zbonikowski is a basketball enthusiast
With children who came to see the very building where all the silly laws are being created
With children who came to see the very building where all the silly laws are being created


Contestant number 7:

Donald Tusk from Gdańsk is a 51-year-old history graduate, an MP and the current Prime Minister of Poland. His Platforma Obywatelska party (centre-right) won the 2007 election. During the communist period he was actively enganed in opposition, for which he was fired from his job. For seven years had been doing physical work in a co-coperative society. After the collapse of  communism he was active in politics in liberal movements. He is one of the co-founders of Platforma Obywatelska.

He plays football every Thursday evening.

Scarf, 29.99
Scarf, 29.99, winning the election 29,000,000.00, seeing your opponents defeat live: priceless
Happy birthday mister president
Mr Tusk at Mme Tussaud’s


Contestant number 8:

Paweł Poncyliusz from Warsaw is a 40-year-old MP (since 2001) representing the Law and Justice party in the Sejm. Since childhood he has been involved with the scouting movement. He studies history at the Warsaw University. For 8 years he was running his own business. He became famous when he agreed to a tabloid Fakt proposal to live for just 500 zł (120 euro) a month – the amount equivalent to what is left from a minimum wage after paying bills. The most popular Polish paper reported on his adventures everyday for a month.

In his own words: “Recently I became interested in impressionist paintings and Flemish painters”.

The White Party
The White Party
Always make sure there is no farting pillow on your seat when in public
Always make sure there is no farting pillow on your seat when in public


Contestant number 9:

Damian Raczkowski is a 34-year-old law graduate and an MP from Białystok. He represents the Civic Platform party (centre-right) in the Sejm. He worked as a labour inspector (for a government institution controlling how businesses observe workers’ rights), and a realty manager for a local branch of Polish Rail.

Mr Raczkowski loves martial arts and has been training in taekwon-do for many years and holds a black belt. He also enjoys swimming, bicycle riding, tennis and snowboarding.

Hanging out at the Alma Mater
Artistic shot pregnant wife - would make great Gala cover
Artistic shot with pregnant wife – would make great Gala cover


Contestant number 10:

Jakub Rutnicki from Szamotuły is a 30-year-old political science graduate and an MP representing the Civic Platform party. He was one of the finalists in the Polish edition of Pop Idol. Mr Rutnicki is a sports enthusiast and plays football and volley ball. He also completed water rescue training. In his region of Wielkopolska he organises a beach volley ball cup bearing his name.

In his own words: “The Poland of my dreams is a country where people are proud of their homeland”.

I asked for a latte, not a cappucino
I asked for a latte, not a cappucino
Oooops... If there are top secret government papers, where are the beach volleyball results?
Oooops… If these are the top secret government papers, where are the beach volleyball results?


Due to popupar demand from our regular readers the following contestants have been added in the last moment:


Contestant number 11:

Radosław Sikorski from Bydgoszcz is a 46-year-old PPE graduate of Oxford University, an MP and the the current Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs. Previously involved with the Kaczynski brothers’ Law and Justice party, acted as Minister of Defence in their government. Before the 2007 election he joined the Civic Platform party.

Between 1981-1989 he lived in the United Kingdom as an asylum seeker due to his involvement in Polish anti-communist opposition. During that time he worked as a correspondent for such British newspapers as The Sunday Telegrph, or The Spectator.

He is married to a well known American journalist Anne Applebaum.

At Milan Fashion Week
Bacstage at Milan Fashion Week

See me in my room
– Would you be so kind and join our war? Pleaaase? – Oh… I don’t know…


Contestant number 12:

Wojciech Olejniczak is a 35-year-old MP (since 2001) from Łódź representing the Democratic Left Alliance (social-democrats, heirs to the communist party). He is a farming market graduate and management graduate at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, holding a PhD degree in economics.  Between 1999 and 2000 he was the president of Peasant Youth Association. From 2005-2008 he was the chairman of his party. During the Leszek Miller government he acted as the Minister of Agriculture.

Inteviewed by Joan Rivers - live from the red carpet

Inteviewed by Joan Rivers - live from the red carpet

Mr Olejniczak and his drag performance

Mr Olejniczak and his drag performance

Vote now!

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41 thoughts on “The Hottest Polish Politician Contest – the Men

  1. guest says:

    They are all ugly.

    Ziobro is the hottest.

  2. guest says:

    ps: And Ziobro has the black belt in karate.

    pps: where is Olejniczak, Sikorski, and co. ?

    ppps: Slawomir Nowak is slimy and not sexy.

  3. boattown_guest says:

    No Olejniczak, no vote!

  4. Pawel says:

    Polandian strives to please its readers – so we have added Mr Sikorski and Mr Olejniczak:)

  5. boattown_guest says:

    Yes Olejniczak, yes vote:)

  6. hottie ;) says:

    Michal Jaros L.H.O.O.Q xD

  7. Boguslaw says:

    WTF is with people these days? Why someone like Michal Jaros has such big support?

  8. BiB says:

    I think Pan Rutnicki deserves at least one vote.

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  10. island1 says:

    Sikorski’s looking good for a guy they only dug up a couple of months ago.

  11. pinolona says:

    Is no 5 checking out the goods to his right in the second picture?!

  12. Lukasz says:


    Michal Jaros is Internet King, like Obama in US and many girls crush on him.

    Check this out — and

  13. guest says:

    As i said before. They are all ugly. Some of them even look like criminals (2, 3, 10)

    Ziobro and Mularczyk are the best. Polish yuppies.

  14. Zarazek says:

    This Jaros guy whom I’ve never heard of looks like he’s just graduated from primary school.
    Doesn’t the title say The Hottest Polish Politician Contest – the Men and not the Kids?

  15. Sylwia says:

    This contest just shows why women are so little interested in politics. The 20% female members of the parliament beat the 80% of men. Who is voting for a kid like Jaros? Who put there Marcinkiewicz? Why people wanted Olejniczak to vote for?

    Nay, I think it was simply Paweł fishing for the funniest pics. ;)

  16. Pawel says:


    That’s probably only Mr Jaros is on Facebook:) and all his facebook friends probably popped round to give a vote. Another reason to send e-mails about this post to your friends:)


    LOL and imagine he is considered a candidate for general secretary of NATO… while the Brits were suspected of killing him…


    I can’t say I don’t agree with you when it comes to people we choose to represent us. I have a feling none of these people has done any community work in their life (probably just sucked up to the important people), and I wonder how much they desrve the MP seat.
    They also don’t stand for anything. Why oh why all those activists like for disabled rights, clear air, better regulations, more beautiful cities… people who care about something and do something – don’t get into the parliament?

  17. Sylwia says:

    I recalled two things:

    1.) Russian women think that Putin is super handsome and a great husband material.

    Here’s an English version of the song in case Polandian missed it.

    2.) There used to be such an idea some 15 years ago to outsource our parliament. I still think it might work. Let’s hire some handsome Brits and let them worry. We’d have someone to blame, and we might actually do something constructive, since we’re always at our intellectual heights when we have someone at the other side of the fence.

  18. MaterialGirl says:

    Politician doesn’t have to be handsome! He should be efficient and effective!

  19. phlojd says:

    Why can’t I vote for Condi Rice?

    Why are these comments appearing
    over the photos making them hard
    to read?

  20. scatts says:

    I’ll have a pint of phloyd please, barman!

  21. island1 says:

    phlojd: I’ve heard from a couple of people that this is happening in Internet Explorer. Are you using IE?

  22. Boguslaw says:

    @Łukasz and Paweł


    His website made me sick. His pictures made me sick. And now his adherents are making me sick. To all of Jarosz web-fr(i)ends over there who have nothing better to do than coming here and making me feel like that. You sucks!


  23. Pawel says:


    Boguslaw, please say things politely

  24. Bogusław says:

    pPawel, but i was polite. I could have called them boring social deviants, but i ddidnt.

  25. Bogusław says:

    btw as a polish male, i have only one thing to say. Looking at those pictures I just feel ashamed. Deeply. Lets face it, we definitely need those bloody parities right away.

  26. scatts says:

    Goodness only knows why, but the boyscout is our runaway winner! With that kind of support he may as well run for President next time around.

  27. Chris says:

    Are those my choices….is that the best Poland can do….come on where are the Hotties!!!!!

  28. Holly says:

    Michał Marcinkiewicz !!!!!!!!!!

  29. Anon says:

    They certainly ‘aint no oil paintings.

    A couple of em look like a bulldog chewing a wasp.

    Strange lot.

  30. stefonic says:

    this piece is …gay……

  31. Maria says:

    Zbonikowski is from Wloclawek, not Toruniensis I think…:) He was Wloclawek town councilman, before he made to Sejm. Nice contest. Good job you all!:) Especialy Pawel.

  32. hvritsevld says:

    3 out of 12 are from Kujawia and Pomerania? Is it sexiest region of Poland?:)

  33. guest says:

    “March 10, 2009 at 10:34 pm


    As i said before. They are all ugly. Some of them even look like criminals (2, 3, 10)”

    Noooooo.. no 10 looks like Michel Foucault ;PPP

  34. guest9999999999 says:

    “March 10, 2009 at 10:34 pm


    As i said before. They are all ugly. Some of them even look like criminals (2, 3, 10)”

    Noooooo.. no 10 looks like Michel Foucault ;PPP

  35. island1 says:

    Guest 9 *9: Weren’t we at school together?

  36. island1 says:

    Pawel: The wonders of plastic surgery; even the undead can get into a top ten list.

  37. guest9999999999 says:

    don’t think so, mate.. why?

    but this bloke really looks like Foucault!

  38. island1 says:

    guest 9 *9: Just a poor joke at your unusual name. Yes, he does look like Foucault, there’s no denying it.

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