Concerns over sanitary standards in Kraków’s oriental bars

Sanepid, the institution protecting sanitary conditions, informed yesterday about results of an inspection that was carried in 40 Kraków’s oriental fast-food bars. Half of the establishments have failed to fulfill basic standards: inspectors encountered general mess and filth, serious malpractices in food storage, and bad waste management.

One of the bars was found to constitute an immediate public health hazard, and has been closed. It will be able to reopen, after having complied with inspectors demands.

Inquired by the journalists about the gossip: Sanepid officials assure the public, however, that no pigeon, dog or cat meat was found in any of the establishments.

Having learned that, every dog and cat in Kraków may now feel relieved and resume with their everyday business.

Meow, said a local cat

'Meow,' said a local cat

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5 thoughts on “Concerns over sanitary standards in Kraków’s oriental bars

  1. Merle says:

    Oh so good for the poor animals ;P

    I only wish in UK was such institution as Polish sanepid to check all eateries. Few months ago BBC I think made unercover investigation of 2 completely different places in London – simple (but very popular) fast food take away (which serves fried chicken mostly – part of local chain) and very posh Italian Restaurant – very popular among celebrities.

    Both places were disgrace to any type of higenic rules. E.g. the “posh” restaurant didn’t have any division between kitchen as such and loo – literary – there was even no toilet door so when the head chef was releasing himself the particles of … (it’s too disgusting to write about it – and I’ve seen it on film!!!!)… yuck

    Of course they’ve showed usual things like rotten food mxed with ‘fresher’ one, one of the chefs drinking some sort of sweet sauce (or custard) directly from bottle, not washing hands after using tiolet for no 2. Also in the lovely posh restaurant they didn’t have proper fridge! They kept food under foil cover outside the back door!

    So imagine now the look of the kitchen in take away…

    I know how bad cleanliness is in British public kitchens – but because have never worked in one – I knew the stories from friends employed in such institutions but I always hoped they were exagerating…

    No – all the stories are real unfortunately

  2. island1 says:

    Merle: It’s called the Food Standards Agency.

  3. Ewa says:

    no, really, you don’t wish there was a Sanepid equivalent in the UK (and they do – it’s your friendly Environmental Health Officer). Importing Sanepid to the UK would mean that thousands of perfectly safe restaurants, shops, markets and small producers would be banned from trading unless they implemented costly alterations (a whole seperate sink and area for washing eggs??) and pointless working practices (a karta zdrowia anyone??). A while ago I investigated what the Sanepid requirements for a gastropub would be and was shocked by how archaic, over the top and impractical they are. Sanepid seems to be the last bastion of komuna in Poland, run by elderly ladies who take personal pleasure in reinterpreting the rules in new and expensive ways in order to outwit the opposition (i.e. the entrepreneur) and show their strength. It’s enough to make you want to slit your wrists.

    Apart from that I find it strange that this article from GW focused on a few ‘oriental’ bars rather than the scores of filthy Polish-run places we see in Krakow. But hey, why let a bit of racial stereotyping get in the way of filling pages?

  4. wu says:

    I think the oriental bars were targeted beacue of rumors of using cat, dog and other uneatable (in Poland) kinds of meat in them.

    Anyway – I knew of a girl who was close to a local sanepid department once. The cleanest restaurant in Krakow (at least some time ago) is McDonald’s on Szewska street :D

  5. stefonic says:

    I’m with Ewa, Sanepid is run by old communist ladies. And just like “za meldowanie” should have been liquidated when the Russians left in 1989.
    I’m all for modern and reasonable pop in inspections when a complaint is lodged. But Sanepid has not changed since Stalin. Just like building codes and “traditional” developers that still have 25 million Poles living in those awful Russian style apartment buildings. With thier 300 year old concrete bunker “traditional” thechnologies…….Ooops I’m sorry is my attitude showing?

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