The city of Głubczyce finds 15 minutes of fame!

The city of Głubczyce is home to around 13,000 citizens of the Polish Republic and can be found right down at the bottom (62 km from Opole) just a slip of the surveyor’s pencil away from being in neighbouring Czech.

After the usual roller-coaster ancient Polish history, the city ended up in the German bit that snaked its way along the Czech border and stopped shortly after Głubczyce. Being good citizens, they settled down in 1933 to training Nazi SS and SA troops and all was well until the Soviets turned up in 1945. There was a siege, the Germans lost, 40% of the city was destroyed and the name was changed from Leobschutz to Głubczyce. Now they have a website.

More interestingly, they also have a mysterious beast!

Through the wonders of the Google translation (we really must do a competition sometime for the best Google translation) I can bring you the story of Głubczyce’s bloodthirsty, killer, predator!

For some time the good farmers of this region have been finding odd cases of their livestock being killed in strange circumstances.

…several times attacked the livestock in the vicinity of the White. His victim died warchlaki, calves and stukilowy porker.

You know what they say, nothing hurts more than being attacked in the vicinity of the White! Ouch! All the more so when you’re just a cute little stukilowy porker.

Local opinion was that this was the work of either a puma, snow leopard or leopard.


This view is a veterinarian who watched zagryzione animals. According to him, that an aggressor who attacked livestock in Mokrej is a large predatory cat, provides the nature of their injuries, including skins cut wounds inflicted with sharp pazurami.

Fair enough! Who’s going to argue with a vet?

At the beginning of March, some guy called ‘TVN24 Peter’ managed to catch the beast on film.

– Or the wild boar, nor the fox does not appear. It looked like a cat, but a lot of times larger. He had held the tail down – all pointed to a cat – reported on-air TVN24 Peter, author of the film. – He had also raised his head high, I looked so weird – he added.

Well TVN24 Pete, who wouldn’t look weird when faced with a lot of times larger cat, eh? Speculation is that it has escaped from a zoo or a farm in Czech (the Czechs being famous for their snow leopard farming), or possibly that it was illegally imported as a cub and then released when it needed more than a tin of Whiskas a day.

So far nobody has caught the Głubczyce Gargoyle but the police are certainly taking it seriously enough to issue a stark warning;

Police appealed to residents of the region to preserve the exceptional care.

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6 thoughts on “The city of Głubczyce finds 15 minutes of fame!

  1. Radek says:

    “stukilowy porker”

    Oh, god, that’s awesome I almost died laughing :) – that is my new favorite insult…

  2. phlojd says:

    You so sure it’s not a vampire cat? Or a werewolf?

  3. island1 says:

    I will be preserving exceptional care at all times.

  4. MaterialGirl says:

    Zagryzione and pazurami are certainly well known words in English as they show predator nature of every Englishman or woman!!!

  5. MaterialGirl says:

    TV said also that it can be the same cat which was been seeing in October near to Cracow, though that cat was more similar to lion (yellow on the pics. and without spots). Local cracowians papers decided that it was really big lynx.

    It’s not been yet “the cucumber season”, but they said also that irbis or puma or snow panther or leopard is coming without ANY TRACK into the farmers cowshed, pighouse or stable or barn (they forgot only the hen house) and is eating and biting to death the farms animals.

    I’m asking what is it, fucking “Brotherhood of wolves”/”Pacte des loups”/”Braterstwo wilków”? There were showed some madmen who in XVIII c. France drilled some wild animal to kill also people usually poor shepards. How can the animal come inside without tunnel or broken window or roof?

    The most probably scenario is that it could be the animal fugitive from the illegal animal farm or from the smuggling.

    Usually puma we can only see on the T-shirts (like adidas or nike).

  6. yep, sounds like a werewolf, definitely a werewolf!

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