Goodbye ETIUDA terminal – Warsaw airport

Some great news! So great it deserves a tribute. Took them far too long to take the bleeding obvious step of moving from Etiuda to T1 but at least they got there eventually.

So, here’s a little song I’ve titled “We would like to inform you that Etiuda Terminal is due to be closed on the night of 28 March, 2009.”

Goodbye Etuida
Though I knew you all too well
You had no grace or self respect
While those around you shone
You crawled out of the woodwork
And you messed with my brain
You set me on a treadmill
And made me stand out in the rain

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a blot on the landscape
Never caring how we all felt
When the rain set in
And I’m sorry to have ever known you
But I was just a client
Your convenience burned out long before
They ever closed your doors

Queuing up was tough
The toughest role I’ve ever played
You created misery
And pain was the price we paid
Even when you died
Oh the press still laughed at you
All the papers had to say
Was that Etiuda can rot in hell

Goodbye you piece of crap
From the old man at the end of every queue
Who sees you as something as more than useless
More than just our Etiuda terminal

With thanks to “Candle in the Wind” by Sir Elton John

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7 thoughts on “Goodbye ETIUDA terminal – Warsaw airport

  1. island1 says:

    A touching sentiment. Reminds me of our own dear Queen of Hearts *tear*

  2. Bob says:

    Well said Scatts!

    Now the test will be: is there enough capacity in Terminal 1 or will it become Etuida revisited? Will the move to Terminal 1 cause airlines to pull out because of increased fees? (Me thinks yes on both counts)

  3. Scatts says:

    Bob, if you read the link it states clearly “Please note that the increase in passenger charges at the new Terminal is PLN 30 only.”. So I don’t think charges will be the problem everyone expected. As for the capacity, even if not perfect it is certainly far greater than Etiuda!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    NOTHING that T1 throws at us (overcrowding, grumpy mis-directed queues) can compare to the SHEER AWFULNESS of Etioods at 6am. 600 people (four flights taking off within 15 mins) crammed into a tiny room with seats for 72, no proper shops, just some utter rip-off shack selling lukewarm powdered coffee at 12 zlots a plastic cup.

    Come friendly bombs and fall on Etiuda!

  5. […] week Etiuda was finally closed (ignoring protests from Ryanair, Easyjet and WizzAir) – which was celebrated with a grande fete […]

  6. Pawel says:

    Ryaniar and Easyjet already pulled out from Okęcie due to fee rise (at least this is the reasin they mention). WizzAir intends to follow soon. Central Wings went bankrupt.

    Norwegian, German Wings and something else – will stay.

  7. Ania says:

    I for one am happy that Ryanair pulled out. I hope that someone takes over – SkyEurope or Air Berlin.

    Ryanair is the worst thing on earth – the staff shouts at passengers, the seats won’t unfold, there’s no room for my legs, and the worst thing is that they love to have passengers put the duty free shoppin in the hand luggage. But only in Poland – not in Hungary, not in England. For every other airline, what you buy at the airport, you carry in the airport plastic bag and that’s all right. Not in Poland – have the Poles repack.

    And they pulled out of Łódź when the airport ceased to be state-subsidised. Am I to pay taxes so that the Irish airline can earn money?! God forbid!

    Have you read the letter of Ryan to the Łódź authorities? It was in the press: Poland should be grateful for carrying Poles back and forth.
    Sheer crassness, about as high-class as PKS…

    And I think that Etiuda was not as bad as that new BA terminal, that had not started at all. Hundreds of flights got cancelled last year – while Etiuda worked.

    In all honesty I can say that it was bigger than Portugese or Croatian airports, bigger than Coventry (six times), and it was only a backup terminal, as opposed to Okęcie.

    What was good: in Etiuda, when the flight is almost closing, the stewardesses run and pull passengers out of the queue. In East Midlands, when I so much as asked what to do if the queue is so long I will miss my flight, this rude woman started bellowing out for all public to hear “YOU HAVE TO STAND IN LINE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE”.

    I made it because I cheated. I stood next to some guy and he let me in the line (Polish, naturally). But some British guy didn’t make it, he came with me, but was aiming for the previous flight. Boy, was he verbose. I just don’t understand why he shouted at Polish staff of the plane, and not at the airport security staff, who haven’t let him in.

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