Krakow's spot the balloon competition

The Krakow balloon has become a soaring success, but it’s going to take a while for us Cracowians to get used to it popping up unexpectedly around every corner. We’re just not used to having a giant white orb floating above our picturesquely crumbling roofscapes. It can give you quite a turn. If it was there all the time it would be easier to get used to, but the balloon people are far more sneaky than that. The thing goes up and down every 15 minutes or so, and it’s completely silent. Pop into a shop for a few minutes and when you come out there’s suddenly an absurdly alien round thing looming at you from over the buildings opposite.

Frankly I absolutely love it. There’s something deliciously absurd about this pure white science fiction sphere unexpectedly inserting itself into familiar sights. I’d have more of them if I had my way, all in primary colours and on mobile launch platforms so you could never tell where they were going to appear next. I’d also do away with the silly basket full of people dangling underneath, it’s spoils the effect, but I suppose somebody has to pay for my pleasure.

Take a look at these sightings and then have a go at the thrilling ‘spot-the-balloon’ competition below.


That’s no moon. It’s a… well I’m not sure what it is to be honest.


Eeeiiii! Flee for your lives, the balloon people cometh!


Goddamn sneaky balloon, come out where I can see you!


Will the ancient walls of Wawel stand against the sinister balloon threat.


I can see you cowering behind that wall feeble earthling!


To the church! Jesus will save us!


The Competition Bit

Using my ninja-like Photoshop skilz I have cunningly removed the balloon from this shot. All you have to do is guess the square. I’ve purposely lowered the quality of the image so it’s no use looking for dodgy pixels in the sky.


I’ll give you a clue. It’s not D1.


The Solution Bit


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26 thoughts on “Krakow's spot the balloon competition

  1. Scatts says:

    Darn! D1 was my first choice. I suppose I’ll have to settle for C2 then.

  2. Gmorek says:

    Maybe B4….?? (But i was thinking about B2 too..)

  3. popenomics says:


  4. Bob says:

    None of the squares mentioned

  5. island1 says:

    If nothing else we’re creating possibly the most cryptic and succinct comment thread in the history of blogs.

  6. island1 says:

    Scatts: If you’re not going to play properly I’ll take my balloon and go home.

  7. Chasse-Neige says:

    C-4? It would be so bombastic ;)

  8. pinolona says:

    This is taken from Plac Wolnica, right? So I think B 5 or 6.

  9. island1 says:

    Extra points to Pinolona for spotting the location.

    Chasse-Neige: Bombastic? Not sure of the sense you’re using that word in here. Does it mean “close to spiky things”? :)

  10. Scatts says:

    I think it’s a trick question and the balloon is actually folded up in the boot of the third car from the right, which is owned by Pan Jacek of “Balony Są My”.

  11. adthelad says:


  12. expateek says:

    No fair! Pino always gets extra points for everything, whenever she plays! I don’t think you should give her extra credit, when you never even offered it as an option. You’re mean.

    Sulk, sulk!

  13. island1 says:

    Expateek may not have ice cream and will go directly to bed after her dinner.

    Scatts: Shouldn’t ‘Są ‘ be written backwards?

  14. Chasse-Neige says:

    I always thought that bombastic means almost the same as fantastic but better, like a bomb exploding, and you know C-4 plastic explosive. I made no sense ;)

  15. Scatts says:

    island1 – yes it should! “Balony Ąs My” would be more accurate.

  16. sis says:

    it’s a trick, balloon people have moved to next and more cunning level of invasion and camouflaged their craft. The answer is D1 and island1 is in on the subterfuge.

  17. island1 says:

    The solution has been posted.

    Nobody wins, which is good because it means I am able to keep the secret million dollar prize for myself.

    Emi is disqualified since she was actually there when I took the photo!

  18. MaterialGirl says:

    All the men are children! Give them some food and sth to play (like balloon) – they will be satisfied enough, though they are old horses!!! :D

  19. MaterialGirl says:


    did you mean: “Zrobieni w balona” przez islanda1= “made fools” by island1 / “Z nas są balony!” przez islanda1=because of island1 We are the balloons? :D

  20. MaterialGirl says:

    The sentence for today:
    All the balloons go to heaven! :D

  21. DeCoy says:

    Heh – I was in Krakow for a flying trip (one day only) last week and I managed to spot the balloon, in the flesh so to speak. It was ‘sleeping’ for the night moored by the Vistula, as I was in a car on a bridge crossing the river. Made me think of Polandian immediately!

  22. Name says:

    you sunk my battleship!

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