Warsaw development update

It’s over, it’s over, all over,
it’s all over now
and the way you looked don’t even mean I’m down.
When you kick out the sea and the sun says goodbye
there is nothing much to speak of.

Feelin’ down, down, down,
it’s all over.
Feelin’ down, down, down.
Baby, baby, it’s all gone,
rolled out to sea.

E.L.O 1976


The last section of the tall red horns of the white-elephant that is Złota 44 were removed last Friday. The tower cranes are no longer. There are some workers now tidying up the holes in the floor slabs left after the crane was removed and then I suspect that’s the end of any activity until someone brave or stupid comes along and breathes life into this concrete behemoth once more.


The truck awaits down below to take away the final sections and with it the hopes and dreams of all those rich folk who wanted to boast about living in a Libeskind tower with a view straight into the toilet of the planning office on the 28th floor of the PKiN!

Ah well. Those were the days.

On the traffic front – a favourite of this particular intrepid reporter – extra bonus points go to those who planned the roadworks on Jana Pawła II that started this week. Holy confusion, Batman!! These started a while back with a “mystery bus lane” appearing for just one short stretch of JPII (one of the busiest streets in Warsaw, I should add. A bit like Cromwell Road, for example). This bus lane was utterly useless in terms of helping buses but was very good at jamming JPII for all other traffic. Well now they’ve extended the bus lane the whole length of JPII from Babka to Solidarnośći as well as removing traffic lights, installing temporary lights, introducing funky curves and detours, making some previously good turns illegal and allowing some new ones, blocking lanes that used to work and doing a kind of tapestry on the tarmac with yellow lines and arrows. The end result is that not a single soul has a foggiest idea how to drive down JPII now, or even if they are supposed to be doing so at all.

This morning we were graced with the attendance of several policemen doing their best to keep things moving, which of course failed miserably as it always does. Also what looked like every TV crew in Poland standing at the junction of Solidarnośći and JPII waiting for something interesting to happen.

So, all in all, nothing new here in the big smoke then!

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3 thoughts on “Warsaw development update

  1. Pioro-Boncza says:

    its really a shame about Zlota 44 – not only the potential beauty it would bring to an otherwise mediocre skyline but not to mention the big bucks they must have spent just on Liebeskind’s fee! Btw, I heard most of the apts were already paid for. Shouldnt that have covered the building costs? Was this money refunded? Does anyone know?

  2. Scatts says:


    It is a shame but rather inevitable I think. Stories about the number of apartments sold are, I’m sure, an urban myth. If they were all sold at the right price work would not have stopped. Probably more truth in the stories that around 25% were sold but almost all of those people pulled out at the stage of second downpayment. I have no idea what the terms of the contracts were, I suspect downpayments were lost.

  3. DC says:

    Wow! Stunningly sad. Any idea what happens next? They can’t just leave it there, can they?

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