Feeding birds in Warsaw

Apologies for a small interjection of a personal nature but I’m stuck and wondered if any readers might be able to help.


Readers of my other blog will know by now that I live in a parkland area and like to have feeders hanging around for the many wild birds who flit around the place. This is all well and good but it strikes me that Poland is absolutely not a country for ‘wild bird lovers’. If you’ve got a parrot in a cage, no problem, but there’s bugger all available for feeding wild birds, which is strange considering the abundance and variety there is here.

Finding the two essential ingredients, feeders and feed, is close to impossible on anything other than a very cheap and nasty scale. I’ve overcome the problem of feeders by buying some good ones when we visited Oslo and bringing them home with us. The problem of feed however remains unsolved and that’s where I need help. There’s nothing available in all the ‘zoo’ skleps so I’m left hunting for a specialist animal feed trader. I’ve tried typing variations of search terms into google along the lines of – karma, dziki, ptak, sklep, warszawa – but nothing is coming up.

I’m in need of large sacks of peanuts and sunflower seeds or mixed seed for wild birds. If you take a look at this site you’ll see what I mean. They sell exactly what is needed, like 25kg sacks of peanuts and a wide choice of seeds. They operate in many European countries but not Poland or anywhere in Central Europe. I’ve sent them a mail asking for advice or for them to ship from somewhere to Warsaw and we’ll see what response I get but it does seem silly that I can’t buy this stuff in Poland. I’m having trouble believing it is simply not available.

That’s it on bird feed but while I’m asking for help – does anyone know of a good shop in Warsaw for camping equipment? We might consider living in a tent for our summer holiday and we have absolutely none of the equipment needed. I’ve looked in Decathlon and they have most things but the choice is obviously limited to their own brands. I’d like to find somewhere with more choice – always a tough call in Warsaw!

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments.

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17 thoughts on “Feeding birds in Warsaw

  1. hoax says:

    Try typing “karma dla ptaków” in google. Some of the results are probably what you’re looking for.

  2. guest says:

    Scatts just does not get it, that Poland is so poor that we catch and EAT the birds and do not feed them. :D sparrows, storks, swans of course…and so on.

    BTW, Scatts do not buy one huge tent for ypur family. Buy two small tents for you and for M+Z. A big family tent is a waste of money and not very practical.

  3. Alice says:

    Okay, why the fuck does my coment not show? Tried this thrice already.

    Why would you want to feed wirld birds right now, when there’s natural food aplenty around? AFAIK (and I researched it last year and found that I should feed birds from November till April) ornithologists discourage year-round bird feeding because it has a detrimental effect on their natural feeding instincts.

    If you’re looking for sunflower seeds or peanuts in large quantities, find out where your local bakery or pattiserie gets its supplies from – if you’re lucky they’ll direct you to a small-scale foodstuff warehouse that might also sell to individual customers. I buy sunflower seeds (husk-less) in 30kg bags for a fraction of regular retail price.

    I know some people buy sunflower seeds (with or without husks) and other seeds at wholesale food markets, but you’d have to google that. Try “centrala nasienna” or “giełda spożywcza”. I think there’s one in Bronisze near Warsaw.

    For ready-made seed mixes try Allegro or online shops. My local animal shops carry a few varieties, but perhaps it’s different in Warsaw. Improve your google-fu, try “karma dla ptaków zimujących” or “karma dla dzikich ptaków”.

  4. Alice says:

    … and it seems that if I put any kind of URL into a comment, the comment ends up in a purgatory. Something’s seriously borked up.
    Aaanyways. Try www[dot]karusek[dot]com[dot]pl – they’ve got a ready made seed mix that you might find useful called MEGAN- karma dla ptaków zimujących 1 l lub 3l.

  5. Scatts says:

    guest, interesting idea about the tents. Might help with the snoring too!

    Thanks for all the google tips but I’ve tried all of them before, every possible variation on WILD BIRD FOOD po polsku and the best I get is those 3kg plastic tubs. Seed is possible at least but a large sack of peanuts!!! The woodpeckers like the peanuts, as do the nuthatches and many others.

  6. Ania says:

    would you like me to mail you one?

  7. Bob says:

    Have you tried Makro?

    Also, if you leave your apartment door open 24/7 there are bound to be enough nuts walking in to fill a few large sacks

  8. island1 says:

    Depends on the bird, but if she’s a Praga lass you’ll probably get good results just by treating her to a McDonalds.

  9. island1 says:

    Alice: Deeps breaths. Think of a calm place. You’ll give yourself a seizure.

    Comments with URLs (nearly) always get held for moderation since 9 times out of 10 they’re from spam bots. We usually see them pretty fast.

  10. Ania says:

    Scatts, try to e-mail this girl, she will get the peanuts for you.


  11. TiS says:


    About camping equipment – personally I kinda like Decathlon. They have nice quality/price ratio. But if you want to search for other options…

    There is Go Sport network. Available in many shopping centers, including (I think) infamous Złote Tarasy (there’s also Go Sport in Wileński station and probably many other places). In the same place you can find for example Bergsson – not very cheap, but nice brands.

    I think there was also quite a nice shop in Krakowskie Przedmieście, but I’m not sure if it still exists.

    I also know quite a nice internet shop – www polarsport pl. ot very cheap, but with quality brands. Better, if you live in Cracow (they have a shop there :)). I recommend especially Małachowski sleeping bags (we’ve bought one with my girlfriend – now wife and they’re very warm and comfortable).

    I can ask for more places, if you want. My brother is a tourist (now on iceland) and knows the stuff. He’ll return in a week or something :)

  12. steven says:

    It is a simple problem of supply and demand, all the grains and seeds are spoken for to produce vodka and beer

  13. MaterialGirl says:


    you should go for first better TARG, JARMARK or BAZAR how they prefered to say in Warsaw. I don’t know if f.e. Hala Mirowska still exists?
    They had got grain/seed of the different kind (corn/kukurydza, lentil/soczewica, wheat/pszenica, oats/owies etc.) in sacks. Or you can stop the first better caravan with horse and ask the coachman when it’s possible to buy some pszenica?
    When you want to save money you can go to the nearest blok/block of flats with big bag and ask about dry bread for the horse/ Czy jest suchy chleb dla konia?! :D (You don’t understand why?, so ask your wife about polish comedy “Wojna domowa”).

  14. David Zieloni says:

    I found bird food in Auchan in Rumia when we were there for the May holiday. I had generally been bringing bird food back from the UK till tehn Heading back up there this weekend and will buy some more. Let me know if you want to place an order?

  15. Scatts says:

    Ania, TiS, Steven, Material & David – muchas gracias!

  16. simon kang says:

    please, somebody help me…
    we are import company in korea…
    i’m looking for, bird supplier in poland.

    we want to buy, special and general bird from poland.

    somebody introduce to me,,
    big bird farm or dealer…
    thank you for reading…

  17. twilkin says:

    I am an avid bird-feeder and i get dehusked sunflower seeds from Macro for about 20PLN per kilo. they are for human consumption.

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