Polandian in the Krakow Post

In a moment of madness the fine people at Krakow Post asked me to write a column for them. I protested that I was an extremely busy man, what with toenails to be clipped and windows to be stared out of, but they twisted my arm and waved beer coupons under my nose until I relented. The first of what will no doubt become a legendary series of articles can now be read at the Krakow Post website. In a couple of days you will be able to pick up a dead-tree copy of the newspaper all over the city – assuming you’re sensible enough to live in Krakow.


Krakow Post – now with added Jamie Stokes

Joining established columnist John Marshall and fellow newbie Daniël van Hoven I’ll be spouting off about things I have only limited knowledge of every month from now until the end of time. This month I’m banging on about museums and gauntlets or something, I forget.

I know you’ve got nothing better to do, so take the time to sign up and you can give me the comment-lashings I so richly deserve over there too. I’ll be lonely otherwise.

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18 thoughts on “Polandian in the Krakow Post

  1. Brad Zimmerman says:

    Hah. I already left a snotty comment yesterday regarding the balloon article. Still, it’s cool to see Jamie getting published in old-school media.

  2. guest says:


    Most of the Krakow art is now in Sweden, Russia, Austria, Germany and in Swiss safes, but nevertheless Krakow has more to offer than wooden legs ha ha. There are still some interesting things left,…do not be so unfair to the Cracovians :D

  3. Ania says:

    WOW, and honest job!!! you do surprise me! Count on the lashings anytime.

  4. Scatts says:

    “assuming you’re sensible enough to live in Krakow”

    Shurely shome mishtake?

    Still, this recession must be lowering the number of tourists you have to shove out of the way to reach the bar!

    I’ll go check out the KrakPo article now, send a complaint to the editor and stuff like that…. He must be a man of very little taste. ;)

    Okay, read that. Can’t be arsed to register to comment and they would recognize me as a lackey, sucking up to his mates anyway so what’s the point?

    Note to Editor of Krakow Post – please give Jamie a bigger word limit. 500 words, or thereabouts (this one is 565), has always been a stupid length in which to give full and proper expression to ones thoughts. You end up cropping it down to very slightly more than the bare minimum and it always loses something in that process – assuming it is well written of course. I’d suggest doubling the word limit and increasing the pay by 50%.

  5. Raf Uzar says:

    Congrats guys! You’re doing a grand job. :-)

  6. island1 says:

    Brad: I noticed. And replied :)

    Ania: Now don’t scare me, about the honest job I mean.

    Scatts: Hi and welcome to Polandian, I don’t believe we’ve seen you around here before (shhhh, I think they’re buying it).

    I’m surprised you know what a bar is considering the pathetic excuses for said items they have in your home town.

    Raf: Congrats “guys”? The other two layabouts lifted not a finger to facilitate this milestone. I do everything round here; sweep up, feed the office chimpanzee, take out the empties, create the empties…

    Thanks :)

  7. DC says:

    Island –

    Off topic, but here’s one for ya:

  8. kuba says:


    Thanks, need to look them up, but then again at my age maybe not.

    They can play

  9. island1 says:

    DC: Hilarious! I think they should dump the violins and the singing and just fight each other on stage… possibly with hoses and pillows.

    guest: I’ve been wanting to do something about the genealogy industry in Poland for some time. It’s such a vast subject though.

  10. Good Luck says:

    I hope you will be allowed to use sarcasm and irony there, “guvnor”.

    Our lads have done it:
    Don’t give me the “OK, but the Open M4x is like the easiest there” argument :)

  11. kuba says:


    Start a company where you can access the archives in Poland and help those who are doing Genealogy research. Many in the US are looking for help and willing to pay. You would have to have access to civil and church archives. LDS has them on line put not all of them and there are missing relatives anyway. You would need help in the major cities of Poland. Translating is also need for Polish, German and Russian birth death and marriage records.

  12. island1 says:

    Kuba: Funny you should mention that, though I’m not sure why you addressed it to Scatts. We got an email today from a reader which read, in part:


    Can you please tell me what Catholic diocese is the subject city in? I’ve been looking in the diocese of Swiedziebnia and have not found it there. I’m looking for ancestors born there between 1800 and 1850.”

    I believe you may have the answer. I’d pass on email addresses, but we promised not to.

  13. kuba says:


    Scatts had it quoted from you and I missed it. Should have been addressed to you.
    Now that is interesting my family is from Zatorowisna the records for the time frame are in the Skrwilo Church.
    I have family in Sweiedziebnia as well and the there is a church there that the records are on line at LDS. I have not gone to that church.


  14. kuba says:

    I have been to the Skrwilno church and gone through the records there.
    So it still may be possible. That would cover Zatorowisna. It is a small village and must be a relative of mine.
    Swiedzebnia is larger, some records may be in Brodnica.

  15. Pawel says:

    Funny post at KP, but just as Scatts I can’t be bothered to register there to comment.:>

  16. Kuba says:


    Did you ever hear back from the people looking for Swiedziebnia and Zatorowisna?
    I never got a message from anyone.


    Happy New Year !

  17. mark says:

    I’m afraid to say Jamie your work pales into insignificance compared with the In your Pocket crowd. Scatts, if you really worked for Warsaw Insider then shame on you as all they do is nick In your Pocket content. People, if you really want top quality writing with punch, wit and zest then Alex Webber – IYP editor and NPE columnist – is your man. Sorry guys, nothing personal.

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