Around Krakow in four minutes

Make of it what you will. It wasn’t my intention to make “The Bottoms of Krakow,” but when you’ve got a good thing going why resist it.

If you saw a grinning Englishman riding around the planty with a video camera tied to his front mudguard on the weekend– that was me.

There’s a version on Metacafe if this one doesn’t work for you: Around Krakow in 4 Minutes

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13 thoughts on “Around Krakow in four minutes

  1. guest says:

    very nice.

    Did you see the tour the pologne in Krakow ?

  2. Ania says:

    If not feet the arses… Obsessed you are, yeees?

    I have a small exercise for you z innej beczki: check how many medicine men there are in Kraków. This was a bet between Stańczyk the Jester and the King.

  3. island1 says:

    guest: This was my homage to the Tour, filmed on the same day.

    Ania: Not sure what you mean by ‘medicine men’, aptekas or doctors? Either would be a huge task, though perhaps worthwhile. Obsessed… moi?

  4. guest says:

    island1, and do you know that the TdP visited Zakopane ?

    You should go there, too. really :D ha ha

  5. BB says:

    Too bad there does not appear to be an organized bike path

  6. Pawel says:

    It would seem Krakow is a nice park town;) How did you manage the technical side Jamie? You know, how did out the camera on the bike so that it stayed in one place? I’m tempted to try this myself:D

  7. island1 says:

    A “nice park town”?! Have you ever been to Krakow?

    Technical details: place washing-up sponge (a thick one) on front mudguard. Place camera on top of sponge. Strap camera and sponge to front mudguard using bits of elastic, string, shoelaces or anything else you can find. Turn on camera. Shout “action”. Start riding.

  8. DC says:

    The order of comments is reversed?

  9. “a grinning Englishmen”?

    Mr Pickywicky

  10. island1 says:

    DC: It’s to do with this new wall thing, which I’m rapidly coming to suspect is a complete waste of time.

    Pickywicky: Ta

  11. Ania says:

    let’s lift the mood up from the arse level ;)

    you liked ‘w malinowym chruśniaku’ haven’t you? how about this?

  12. Paweł says:


    I have. That’s why i said it would seem:)

    That technical side sounds quite funny:) I can imagine those innocent Krakovians shouting: Is it a plane? Is it a train? No, it’s Jamie’s Street View bike:)

  13. PMK says:

    Preeeetttyy snazzy!

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