Krakow-Venice, Jewish links?

Hello campers!

Spotted while touring the Venice ghetto museum – Rabbi Jacob Emanuel Cracovia, died age 72 in February 1820. A lot of the jews in Venice came from eastern Europe so I assume this guy was from Krakow?

As light relief. Rules found on the vaporetto – “It is against the law to be bare chested in public areas.”, same fine as for not cleaning up your dog poop! Wonder if you’d pay double fine for walking shirtless with dog poop smeared on your chest?

In Bellagio, lake Como now. As yet we have not found a single Pole working in any establishment in either Austria or Italy, nor have we spotted more than a handful of Polish tourists and we’ve only seem 3 Polish cars. That’s a big difference from holidaying in the UK for example. Why is that, I wonder?


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