PoS #8

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PoS is back to Polandian! Yes, the holidays were hard this year! Now in September armed with tan and hotel towels we can get back to business. In this episode we sum up what was hot and not this summer.



Catholic Sexual Harassment – In June Benedict XVI had sent congratulatory message to the former Archbishop of Poznan Juliusz Paetz on 50 years of Church service. Mr Paetz became famous 7 years ago following allegations that he had been molesting young clerics and priests. He was forced to go on retirement. The case was silenced, allegations never went to court, no one has ever apologised to the victims. We can only congratulate the pope on the choice of whom he sees fit to be congratulated.

The news – which are safer then sex and just as enjoyable. At least according to the Poles. In a June  survery Rzeczpospolita daily asked what kind of television programme would the respondents have to come across in order to stop zapping channels. 43% named news shows. Which were followed by sports and animal programmes. Erotic scenes were at the bottom of the list, together with weather, at 13%.


Taking shower butt-naked – In July newspapers reported that a swimming pool in Bielsko-Biała appeals to its customers to “have culture and shower in underwear”. Naked bodies are reportedly offensive to the God-fearing folk of this town. People are especially concerned for children, who have to view people with bare bums and genitalia on full display – when changing clothes or showering. We suggest burkas.

The Ombusdman Janusz Kochanowski  – who was quoted by the press in July when he spoke on being upset wirh the Warsaw Madonna concert “If she is properly dressed, and there are no provocations or religious elements I will send her a basket of flowers”. How very freedom of expression of him.

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Polandian Supplement will publish regularly every now and then. PoS used to mean “Polandian on Sunday”. As we are no longer taking the Sunday slot, PoS now means Polandian Supplement. Yes, we know it’s clever.


24 thoughts on “PoS #8

  1. DC says:

    Are you sure Juliusz Paetz stopped going down?

  2. Kiki says:

    Ciemnogrod is in a full bloom, not just in Poland, looks that the pope has no problem with it either …..they just complement each other.

    Remember – never let your son near a priest without supervision,
    it’s the least you can do :))

  3. Pawel says:

    Well you know these things can happen anywhere. But the church seems unable to name mistakes, and say sorry. Especially when the guilty part is some important figure.
    In the USA or Ireland, church apologised only because the people demand it so intensively.

  4. Pawel says:

    Getting correspondence from the pope must be a sign of supprt and high position….

  5. kika says:

    I think it’s absolutely appalling and disgraceful – The Katholic Church has a policy to “silence” all its sins and crimes. It’s done deliberately, in this way most of the matters just die naturally, people forget and the show goes on…
    If they got themselves in discussions and trials they would risk the public rejection, anger and people would very well remember what, whem and to whom it happened.
    Very clever tactics , don’t you think.
    I absolutely hate them for that, I do.

  6. Ania says:

    I never mind – I walk around butt naked.
    Butt – I am from Łódź

  7. Ania says:

    And it was Tuesday yesterday!!!

  8. Steven says:

    Yes Pawel,
    And if they are really so celebit, Why do they not go ahead and be castrated at inception to the preisthood. Save the chior boys all that harrasment….

  9. Pawel says:

    Oh you people from Łódź have no shame! ;)))))

  10. Pawel says:

    PoS is no longer on Sunday:) Wyborcza moved its supplement so we do too;)

  11. Pawel says:

    Why have the celibate alltogether? Why can’t priests (and woman-priests) have normal sexual life – like in most protestant churches?

  12. Steven says:

    Sick, perverted, and infintile jokes overload my little Irish circuit boards as the old pop song….Relax don.t do it starts to play on the radio…

    It.s a miricale. Most of Poland, half of Europe, and a quarter of the US are spared..
    Could some one else do it please ? I don.t need the extra hate mail on my blog site.

  13. Iota says:

    On a linguistic-logical issue:

    It might just be me, but by my logic if there were “allegations” that “never went to court” then there are at least two ways of interpreting them – that they were true or that they were false. When lacking evidence to declare one or the other, it would seem best to use the nearest equivalent of neutral language (if one feels that an event with an unspecified status should be reported) or just stay put, if the person doing the reporting judges the risk of bias (both in downplaying what actually happened and in making overstatements) to be higher than the anticipated social good that would come from public commenting.

    Alternatively, it is of course possible to gather additional information and make proper use of it via all kinds of official channels.

    In case anyone wondered, the concept is by my standards not limited to the treatment of Catholic bishops/clergy/Catholics in their religious capacity/other larger ontological categories of people nor to any particular kind of wrongdoing but to all kinds of reporting wherein person A in reported to have possibly done negative thing B to person C (and others).

  14. magsymags says:

    Madonna must’ve been very happy about all that religious scandalous morality bullsh… in Poland, what’s better that a living gossip for a celebrity? I had no idea though that Mr. Kochanowski said that… He seems like a reasonable man yet sometimes he acts like he’s the voice of a tabloid…:) Funny.

  15. Malaysian says:

    Why was the case silenced ? Was it being covered up by the police due to pressure from the church ?

  16. Pawel says:

    I would agree with you – in almost all cases:) However the thing here, is that, it is a systemic policy of the Church to cover up and silence the victims. As uncovered for instance by this documentary http://video.google.pl/videoplay?docid=3335354490744010763&ei=H0aySqCXNaGI2wLej_X-AQ&q there is a consistent policy in cases of “idecent behaviour”. Such policies of this institution, in my opinion, undermine its credibility. And give quite a lot of room for doubts.

    Please note, that although the motto of PoS is “fair and balanced”, it is not a news source in the normal sense and it is not intended to be objective or neutral:)

  17. Pawel says:

    His remerk surprised me, and that’s why I took notice. I think all in all he tries to combine water and fire. To be bit on the Catholic Social Teachings, a bit on the mainstream Western human rights… There are some people who believe that human rights cannot be realised without taking into account the social situation in a certain place.
    It seems like a voice of realism but I never agreed with that. I think people everywhere have the same human rights.

  18. Pawel says:

    I didn’t look closer into this case, so I will take a guess.
    I don’t think it ever went to the police. I’m not well informed on this matter, but it would seem to me that in such cases the perpetrator is sought only on the wish of the victim. If victims are convinced it would be better for the Church and for the plan of God not to make such “human mistakes” public, they might be less ready to report to the police. As I understand it might be seen shameful by some of those men to come forwad. Or it might hurt their interest within the instution, if they follow a Church career.

  19. Iota says:

    As regards the “policy” claim: before voicing some such idea in public you should have at least the same level of assurance that you are right, as you would when dealing with an extremely hazardous substance. Say, an explosive in your flat. In the case of a claim concerning molestation, I’d say it should be the level of assurance similar to the one required to handle an atomic bomb (the impact of such a claim on someone’s reputation may be huge). I wonder if you’d bet the “systemic policy” claim against an atomic bomb.

    Whereas, if we skip the part of reasoning that is based on that claim we are left with opinions (since facts are not disclosed). Originating, I believe, mostly in what one thinks about either Bishop Paetz in particular (assuming someone here actually knew the Bishop) or the Church in general. Opinions can be voiced without recourse to events one must hypothesize about. You don’t have to know the contents of the Papal letter or the Bishop’s conduct to have a general opinion about the Church as a good or bad organisation. But you should know the facts of the case if, instead of writing about your opinions, you wish to write about the case.

    “it is not intended to be objective or neutral:)” I will grant that every time you discuss sandwiches, living arrangements in Poland or even when you pose historical questions about people who are already dead and not very interesting to the majority of humankind. In this case however, the business is more serious, wouldn’t you say?

  20. island1 says:

    “Erotic scenes were at the bottom of the list”? Sounds like blatant lying to me.

  21. Malaysian says:

    If what you mentioned really took place, isn’t it sad that the public institution was whitewashing it’s hands off a case involving members of the public whom it should protect ? How as a Pole, you can trust your government to protect your rights within the Polish border, and also abroad ?

    As for me, I can never trust my half-past-six government to stand up for me when I’m f***ed, especially when I’m abroad.

  22. adthelad says:

    I always understood that it was a matter of devotion to the church as a body of people. Being married might create situations of conflict where devotion to one’s famly would be tested against the need to devote oneself to the parishioners and working at all hours to serve them. Since the Catholic church for some time only accepts sex within marriage (a covenant between two people to love God and raise children to see how much you love him) it is difficult to imagine someone freely entering priesthood would consent, or even desire, transient physical titilations. Human falibility and the struggle with temptation and vanity, of course, will always exist.

  23. Pioro-Boncza says:

    actually the lack of marriage for priests was developed by the church to ensure there are no contests to any church property through inheritance (ie. son of the priest).

  24. magsymags says:

    I agree with you.
    Also, when he’s taking into account the social situation in Poland he sound a little bit funny I say, and he embodies all national complexes and fears that we represent.

    I always think that when someone is pointing out our national heritage and religious grounds it seems like he dosen’t trust in people, that he’s affraid we may loose our faith when facing western culture. I hate that when it comes to politicians. The society is not stupid, don’t you think?

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