Polandian caption competition #2 (closed)


Winning captions have been added.

We’re back for another round of the popular, long-running caption competition. I tremble in anticipation of the humour dam about to burst.



Terrorist smoke will be pursued to the ends of the earth.


Dan, did you press that red button I had told you to keep your fingers away from? (Bartek)




“I have the weirdest feeling I’ve forgotten something.”


It’s all Greek to me… (Bartek, again)




Slowly he began to realise that the plant was edging him out of the spotlight.


Pick your political vegetable; It’s all good. (Polkaontheisland)




“Just try and look like you remember what’s in all the boxes… dammit!”


Oh, I missed a cobweb…! (Jeanine)




Granny-fishing season was off to a great start.


Genetic engineering – growing a whole new bacia starting with just a head. (Scatts)



12 thoughts on “Polandian caption competition #2 (closed)

  1. Jeannie says:

    1. Aunt Mabel’s Chicken Pot Pie has disastrous side effects in the field later that day.

    2. One day I shall sprout wings and fly to the highest cliffs as an Avatar!

    3. Overuse of table wax causes gentleman to clam up in despair over his own reflection.

    4. Oh, I missed a cobweb…!

    5. Patient: “I don’t want peas; I want chocolate milk!”

  2. Bartek says:

    1. Dan, did you press that red button I had told you to keep your fingers away from?

    2. It’s all Greek to me…

    3. Mr Mainland2, or whatever your nickname is, I won’t give you the interview unless you bring an interpreter along.

    4. Bolek, fancy playing hide and seek?

    5. A short guide how to deal with a bitter pill to swallow.

  3. Foto 5

    “Western Grandfather’s still like the oral sex, very much, so, practise on this, dear Babushka, and we’ll have you up to speed in no time” :-)



  4. Karolina says:

    #1 – Not quite Russian MIG, but surely will do for that puny cloud?

  5. Scatts says:

    1. “I dunno, to me it looks more like one of those Prawns from District 9.”

    2. “Okay, your head’s lined up with the eagle, now try and look tough!’

    3. “I can categorically state that there are no plants in this room!”

    4. President of the IPN demonstrates why it takes more than 20 years to work out who all the bad guys are.

    5. Genetic engineering – growing a whole new bacia starting with just a head.

  6. PMK says:

    1) Troops in Iraq send Indian smoke signals back home: “Get…us…out…of…here.”

    2) Merkel gets mentally ready for the swimsuit portion of the competition.

    3) The sex toy was intentionally blurred by the censors on order from the Politburo.

    4) A million boxes of crap on the wall. A million boxes of crap…

    5) England’s dentistry is making great strides and will soon surpass Haiti’s.

  7. 1. In the day it was smoke that led them, and in the night, FIRE.

    2. Gentle Angela …this time we get it right.

    3. Pick your political vegetable; It’s all good.

    4. No, we are not collecting all the lost Royal Mail packages in here. What make you think that?

    5. Of course you want Viagra, Granny, everyone wants Viagra.

  8. Alan says:

    1. Thats the last time we have bigos for breakfast

    2. It smells like someone had bigos for breakfast

    3. That bigos is repeating on me.

    4. Where did I leave my bigos?

    5. A spoonful of bigos helps the medicine goes down

  9. Jeannie says:

    3. No, leave the plant alone. It reminds me of my ex-wife.

    5. Patient: When I told you I was from the Valley, I didn’t mean for you to literally gag me with a spoon!

  10. Astoria says:

    1. “Houston, we have a problem. We’ve landed on the wrong planet.”

    2. From Wings of Desire, a new German film about flying high.

    3. “I did not have sex with that potato plant. It was subsidized by EU.”

    4. English-Polish Dictionary The Real Thing is being compiled before publication.

    5. “… and this spoonful, Ms Nowak, was donated by Ministry of Health for a victim of Ministry of Health.”

  11. DeCoy says:

    1. Poof! Another few million of the military budget up in smoke

    2. Call me “Angel-ika” from now on – I’ve got my wings

    3. Sigh… When are they afford me the courtesy of sending a real person to interview me, instead of the Interview-bot 3000?

    4. It’s in the brown box, he said…

    5. Scraping mouths for molecules was not proving popular as a method of diagnosis.

  12. Bartek says:

    After two weeks I am desperately holding out for the closure!

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