New look Polandian

One of the inevitable results of getting all the Polandian writers together in one place and giving them beer is that they get terribly excited and start inventing Big Ideas For The Future. One of these BIFTF always involves changing the look and structure of the site. We’ve been through more makeovers than Madonna. Behold… the latest! Let me give you a quick guide:

1. Look up there! It’s a flashy, magic sliding image thing that immediately allows you to see what we’ve been blathering on about recently and also reveals our woefully inadequate photography skills (apart from the nuns, the nuns were quite good).

2. Look up there ever further… it’s a new logo! Notice how our graphic design department has cunningly crafted an image that says: ‘youth,’ ‘insight,’ ‘depth,’ and ‘fully justifiable inebriation’ just by inserting a funky capital ‘P’ and and a hilariously lower-case ‘i.’

3. Behold, just below that! A Dionysian bunch of categories including Travel Guides, Survival Guides and Reviews.

4. Look down there! The first few scintillating lines of the past 10 posts sit like juicy worms on the hooks of Google Analytics for your viewing pleasure.

5. Look right down there… no, lower… that’s it! Random nuggets of purest foreigner chat about Poland, a list of pages no less and our side-splitting self-justification.

Please show you appreciation by commenting loudly below or writing to your nearest sovereign parliament.


2 thoughts on “New look Polandian

  1. Mat says:

    Really love the WordPress theme …

    May I ask which one you used?

    Great site by the way.

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