Spring Blog Meet 2010

This will be the fourth annual Blog Meet in three years—we’re not strong on counting. Last year’s bash in Warsaw, organised by our very own Scatts, was a great success. The Krakow team is now limbering up for the return match. Some of the lads are new signings but we’ve put in the hours at the bar and are confident we can take on the best the Big Smoke has to offer.

The date: Saturday 1st May

The time: From 5 pm

The place: Nostalgia Restaurant, Krakow

If you’re reading this, you’re welcome to come. Bring husband, wives, girlfriends, children and imaginary friends. Leave a comment below if you think you might pop by. There are about 14 confirmed so far.

The restaurant is one of our favourites—off the tourist trail but still five minutes from the Rynek and featuring a relaxed atmosphere, a secluded courtyard and solid, honest Polish food.

If you can’t make it at five, I’m sure we’ll be there for a few hours.

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15 thoughts on “Spring Blog Meet 2010

  1. Decoy says:

    I’ll be there, and will try to drag 3 others along with me (although we may be already counted in the 14).

  2. scatts says:

    I’m torn between:

    Black Tiger” schrimps stewed in white wine


    Marinated herring served with onion srewed in tomatoes


    small boiled pies with different stuffing

    But either way, it looks fine & of course we three will be there!

  3. I shall be coming by bike and train, how much cycling I do will be determined by the weather.

    And I have a train home at 06:25 on Sunday morning :-)

  4. scatts says:


    If you’re on the 11:24 from Warszawa Centralna then look out for us. We’ll be in the dining car or a 2nd class carriage.

  5. Jeannie says:

    I’ll be sending good vibes for whatever that’s worth :-). Have fun!

  6. scatts says:

    Good vibes are worth about two pints. Thanks!

  7. Mine’s a large Pilsner and Pernod.

    If I’m late it’s because I’ve overestimated the distance and underestimated the strength in my legs. Or the other way around.

  8. Ewa says:

    Till now I wasn’t sure if I can, but I will come :-) I hope there will be still one small place somewhere in the corner…

  9. island1 says:

    You’re very welcome Ewa. We’ll be upstairs, the reservation is in the name Stokes.

  10. island1 says:

    We’ll have a glucose drip standing by just in case.

  11. adthelad says:

    I’m a comin!

  12. scatts says:

    Bloody hell, Adam’s coming! And Ewa……

    Next year we’ll be taking a huge Sala in the PKiN!

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