Polish-English translation competition #3 (closed)

Mr Invincible is back. Despite having his (exam) period he brings along a new portion of linguistic confusion and is determined to catch you out.

You may reproach me over the content of the previous competition can tell me it was a flop as most words could be found in the allegedly best Polish-English PWN Oxford dictionary. I concede that the accident has taught me a lesson, it’s time to learn from my mistakes.

I can’t forbid using dictionaries as that’s technically unfeasibe. Thus I have to resort to more effective methods of curbing such practises. Today I’m challenging you with another handful of Polish words that describe people. Some of the them cannot be found in PWN Oxford and even those that can are not the ones I’m waiting for. This time your command of both languages will be put to a slightly tougher test but I know you’re up to the task!

As usual, I’ll be contributing, giving hints and updating the post over the course of the competition.

1. watażka – chieftain (Filip)
2. heteryk – straight (Filip)
3. farciarz – lucky dog (Iota)
4. opryszek – racketeer (Iota)
5. złota rączka – handyman (Decoy)
6. cwaniaczek – smarty pants (Filip)
7. osiłek – bruiser (Filip)
8. chwalipięta – boaster (Decoy)
9. ekscentryk – wacko (Littleivory)
10. przydupas – sidekick (Filip)

Good luck!

And the winner of the third round of PL->EN translation contest is a would-be CAE holder from Poznań. We are damn sure you’ll get A, but please don’t show off some words used above.

The rest, no matter if you have any certificates or not, get ready for the 4th round (coming soon).

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45 thoughts on “Polish-English translation competition #3 (closed)

  1. Decoy says:

    My best efforts at pure guesses are:
    1. chief
    2. …
    3. happy (or some alternate of…)
    4. A roughneck or lout
    5. handyman
    6. …
    7. A bully
    8. A boaster
    9. eccentric / a kook
    10. …

  2. Bartek says:

    Your efforts are appreciated!

  3. Grze$ko says:

    1. watażka – hot head
    2. heteryk – PO voter ;-)
    3. farciarz – lucky,
    4. opryszek – thug
    5. złota rączka – Jack of all trades (often … master of none)
    6. cwaniaczek –
    7. osiłek – meat ball, meatloaf
    8. chwalipięta – a make up artist, bullshit artist (assuming it’s someone boasting beyond the acceptable level) Also heard “I-me-my” to describe a self obsessed boaster.
    9. ekscentryk – Mr. Quirky, whacko
    10. przydupas – lackey

  4. 1. Leader of some kind of military
    2. Someone who’s very smart and talented but doesn’t work very hard. (lazy doesn’t quite get it, but close)
    4. someone who uses force on others (beats them up) –
    5. juz masz
    6. cunning person
    7. Strong person
    8. juz
    9. Walks to the beat of his/her own drum

  5. Bartek says:

    watch out guys!

    1. One of you had a close call…
    2. And don’t explain the meanings please…

    You don’t need to use more than one word, except for two of the words where the English equivalent is made up of two words indeed.

  6. Name says:

    What’s the danger here? PO or BS?

  7. arturwarrior says:

    1. watażka warlord

  8. dangoth says:

    2. heretic, pagan
    7. mule, muscle

  9. Peter says:

    6. Schemer

  10. Name says:

    A born Londoner replies:

    3. Lucky bleeder

    5. ‘Andiman

    6. Dodgy geezer, Jack-the-lad

    8. Big’ead

    I refer you to the works of Ian Dury (1942-2000)


  11. Littleivory says:

    3. farciarz – fortuitous (person)

    4. opryszek – chav

    6. cwaniaczek – sly cat

    7. osiłek – muscleboy, muscle fatty

    9. ekscentryk – eccentric, oddball

    10. przydupas – bitch :) ,

  12. arturwarrior says:

    10. przydupas – brown noser

  13. arturwarrior says:

    6. cwaniaczek – smart-ass

  14. Bartek says:

    Some more near-hits above, but in this round the task seems to be more challenging and it’ll do us all good.

    Step up your efforts, I know you can. At worst we’ll end up with a list of useful English slang words.

  15. rekkoo says:

    Come on!

    2. Heteryk – heterosexual guy (but written similar to heretic) – used by homosexual guys to describe heterosexuals in the same way that “heteros” describe them.

  16. Filip says:

    2. straight
    10. sidekick

  17. Bartek says:

    Whoever you are, you are endowed with uncanny intuition… (apart from good command of both languages)

  18. Peter says:

    6. Smartass

  19. Bartek says:

    At this stage of the struggle I feel bound to provide you with some useful or useless hints…

    1. has something to do with ‘chief’
    3. has something to do with “man’s best friend”
    4. has something to do with what tennis players use
    6. has something to do with underwear
    7. has something to do with what you have on your skin when you rub against a rough surface
    9. should have ‘h’ letter removed and will be correct then…

    Hope this will be helpful

  20. Bartek says:

    Hey, this one fits even better than what I have in mind, but I won’t bend the rules.

  21. Filip says:

    I’m just a cae student from poznań :)

    Anyway. maybe I should say hello at last.
    I’m reading polandianin for quite some time now. While i won’t consider myself a regular, I like to pop in once in a while – it always is refreshing to see poland through unacustomed eyes of foreigners.

    Please keep up the good work!

  22. Filip says:

    1. chieftain
    6. smarty-pants

  23. Filip says:

    I should have checked it earlier, but i just noticed that Grze$ko was first with that one.

  24. Iota says:

    Just for the fun of it:

    3. a lucky dog
    4. a racketeer (I’ll be actually surprised if that’s the answer)

  25. Bartek says:

    Thanks Filip.

    Are you taking your CAE exam in June? We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for you.

  26. Bartek says:

    Good hits Filip, Iota – in old-fashioned Polish opryszek is someone who makes a pile quite quickly and not fully legally. Or am I wrong about that one?

  27. Filip says:

    7. Bruiser

  28. Bartek says:

    now it’s all said and done…

  29. Iota says:

    Bartek – When I think of an opryszek (especially with the diminutive) I have a mental image of a completely different type of criminal than a racketeer (who implies a racket and so a certain level of being organised).

  30. Goldi says:

    1. watażka – hot head2. heteryk – PO voter ;-)3. farciarz – lucky,4. opryszek – thug5. złota rączka – Jack of all trades (often … master of none)6. cwaniaczek –7. osiłek – meat ball, meatloaf8. chwalipięta – a make up artist, bullshit artist (assuming it’s someone boasting beyond the acceptable level) Also heard “I-me-my” to describe a self obsessed boaster.9. ekscentryk – Mr. Quirky, whacko10. przydupas – lackey

  31. Bartek says:

    Iota – after longer research I have to admit you’re right – opryszek is an ordinary small criminal, a racketeer is much better organised and more intelligent and intent on commiting a crime.

    Humble pie eaten.

  32. Steve says:

    Could I ask how many of the definitions weren’t in PWN Oxford? My translator programme only left out ‘farciarz’ and ‘przydupas’ and I wonder if PWN is better. (My Polish is nowhere near good enough to find out the words without a dictionary.)

  33. Bartek says:

    What PWN OXford offers:

    1. watażka – chief, gang leader
    2. heteryk – not listed
    3. farciarz – not listed
    4. opryszek – thug, hoodlum, in the light of the discussion above suggestions by PWN fit better
    5. złota rączka – dab hand
    6. cwaniaczek – sharp one, sly one, cunning fellow, sharp operator, con artist, crafty swine, but beware, cwaniaczek is not really a dimunitive of cwaniak
    7. osiłek – muscleman
    8. chwalipięta – braggart
    9. ekscentryk – ekscentryk
    10. przydupas – not listed.

    BTW – what’s the application. I never rely on other sources than paperback PWN Oxford, when translating from Polish into English. When the other way round there’s a plenty of inline resources which offer a lot of words, so the Polish equavalent can be put in a right context.

  34. Iota says:

    Don’t eat too much of it. :-)

    I’m wondering if there even exists any adequate (not to mention good) equivalent of “racketeer” in Polish. Might be one of those untranslatable culture differences.

    Then again you could argue that some other choices in this competition also do not match entirely and that it is only to be expected in that format (word-for-word).

  35. Steve says:

    Thanks very much, exactly what I wanted to know. The Kompas English-Polish Translator gives the following:

    1. watażka – warlord, Cossack, headman
    2. heteryk – hetaeric
    3. farciarz – not given
    4. opryszek – hooligan, bandit, highbinder, hoodlum, racketeer, ruffian
    5. złota rączka – odd-job man, jack of all trades
    6. cwaniaczek – wheeler dealer, sly dog, artful dodger, con man, coon, deep file, dodger, scallywag
    7. osiłek – athlete, bruiser, buck, gorilla
    8. chwalipięta – showoff, blowhard, Bobadil, swaggerer
    9. ekscentryk – eccentric
    10. przydupas – not given.

    From your competition results, I think Kompas is slightly better than PWN Oxford and there is clearly no need for me to think of using the latter as well.

  36. Steve says:

    Another thought. You may already know it, but http://megaslownik.pl/slownik/ is an excellent additional on-line resource.

  37. Sylwia says:

    WOW “Przydupas” is a male slave, including sex slave, a servant who fulfils any wish of his mistress or master, even sex, because he never says “no” and is completely in the power of the person he follows. Even if sometimes it’s used to simply humiliate a politician, its force as an abusive word comes from what it implies. “Sidekick” is just a non-sexual companion, usually more conventional than his friend in whose shadow he remains. I.e. Dr Watson is Sherlock Holmes’s sidekick, but definitely not his przydupas. Perhaps the closest to our “przydupas” would be the English “fag” in the public schools of the past. Here’s an example of a similar usage: http://www.newsbiscuit.com/2010/05/14/nick-clegg-delighted-with-new-fagging-portfolio/

    “Heteryk” is a derogatory term, “straight” is not. They cannot be equivalents. I’d suggest “heterosexist”.

  38. Steve says:

    Sylwia, your suggestion is fascinating, but the idea that the public school fag is anything like you suggest – a sex slave – is part of the more fantastic fiction of British class mythology. As the article suggests, it is merely a junior boy acting as servant to a senior one. It was not liked as it took time and you had to do as you were told. However, it could give you power over and protection from other pupils: the former being shown in the article. Although I would have gone with Greko’s ‘lackey’ after looking at the Miejski slang dictionary, ‘arsewipe’ (pardon my language) would be more appropriate from your description. (I have no independent knowledge of the word.)

  39. Bartek says:

    Sylwia – I’ve never heard this in use. In contemporary Polish przydupas denotes a person who is subservient to another one. My friends’ and mine definition square with sidekick well.

    I’m not a linguist, so I’ll refrain from discussing the second remark.

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