Polandian – One Million Visits!

Just a quickie!

Somewhere in the middle of the night on June 23rd/24th, Polandian crossed the significant milestone of 1,000,000 visits! A somnambulant Pole or one of our American friends settling down for an evening of Polandian, who knows, but someone out there was the winner of our special prize of one million groszy (€2,400) for the millionth visitor. Pity we don’t know who to give it to but hey, we’ll invest it and see if we can’t find out who the 10,000,000th visitor is!

One million visitors, just think about it. That’s the population of a small country, one like Estonia or Mauritius, more than double the size of Luxembourg or Malta and those crazy Icelandics would have to have all visited more than three times each to get the clock up to a million visits! Still, what with crashed banks and volcano clouds they haven’t really had the time.

Everyone here at Polandian Inc. would like to thank all those who contributed to our crossing of this threshold. Those who read, those who comment and even those who arrived here by accident while searching for “Hot Polish Babes” and didn’t stay very long. A special thank you has to go to the much smaller number of people who visit here regularly and contribute. It is for you that we keep this place going, for you that we work all the hours God sent, ignore our families and spend fortunes on domains and bandwidth and stuff. Come to think of it, bugger off would you! :-)

We’re looking forward to the next million and hope you’ll all still be with us when we get there.

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10 thoughts on “Polandian – One Million Visits!

  1. Decoy says:

    No comments yet? Although, I should say that when I see a post on a million visits, it reminds me of the pop-ups on some websites saying:
    “You are the 999,999,999,999th visitor!!! Click here to claim your prize from the Nigerian Ministry of Lotteries!”

    However, many congratulations to Polandian, and I’m glad to be able say that I am involved in it, whether as a reader or contributor.

    May there be many more happy returns, and bouncebacks, and pingbacks and pageviews!

  2. Foreigner says:


    I started lurking here about half a year ago, although I cannot for the life of me remember how I found this place. It took me a while to read through, I think, every single post, and it’s been great fun. To me, few things are as fascinating as culture shock, and you guys are great at writing about it.

    Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to laughing my ass off for many years to come. :-D

  3. adthelad says:

    Millionth visitor? No need to thanks me ;>)

  4. Yes, I wish to say you congratulations on your achievement, it very impressive as for me.

    Much reasons why so much people have come to this your Blog, but as for me the main reason, is because it is class, good foto’s always, interesting information, written good, no open display of inflated ego’s, and always doing what it should, giving information about Poland, oh, and no crazy pop ups and angering advertisements.

    So, I hope you are proud of what you have created here ? No, I mean REALLY proud, I believe you should be.

    Oh, and I also believe it was I who was your 1 millionth visitor, please send for me my reward money to the Western Union, as I am unable to come to Poland and collect :-)



  5. Kuba says:

    Congratulations to you site, I stumbled onto it via Scatts.
    All who started it did a good job.

  6. Jeannie says:

    Oh, that’s exciting! Yes, I came here via Scatts and a couple of wayward ducks. I guess that’s always my excuse, though. I will continue to spend my insomniac hours here perusing this masterful site and learning more than I ever wanted to know about Poland and loving every minute of it. Thank you for all of your hard work and multi-million hours’ worth of entertainment that you have given all of us.

  7. scatts says:

    You read every single post! Wow! I’m impressed.

  8. Stan says:

    Congrats from France !

  9. Gabriela says:

    A million visits! Impressive.
    Congratulations from Lima, Peru.

  10. Steffi says:

    Fidning this post solves a problem for me. Thanks!

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