25 thoughts on “Polish Logo Competition #1 – Airports

  1. OllyEast says:

    Airport 4 = Krakow
    Airport 8 = Rzeszow

    The only 2 I have been to, so don’t want to start guessing just yet.

  2. island1 says:

    4. Definitely Krakow.
    1. Purely from the logo, I’m guessing Katowice
    5. Copernicus? Torun?

  3. Name says:

    1. Warsaw

  4. OllyEast says:

    Just realised numbers are above, so:

    3 = Krakow
    7 = Rzeszow


  5. Maggie says:

    7th one is Gdansk – I should know that; after all, it’s my home town.
    1 is Warsaw’s Chopin Airport, 10 is Bydgoszcz,

  6. Maggie says:

    (And Gdansk is 6th, not 7th)

  7. Foreigner says:

    1. Warszawa
    2. I would guess Zielona Gora
    3. Krakow
    4. Katowice
    5. Wroclaw
    6. Gdansk
    7. Rzeszow
    8. Lodz
    9. Szczecin
    10. Bydgoszcz

    No Poznan?

  8. Decoy says:

    Indeed – no Poznan!

    The logo for Poznan’s airport was a little too obvious and would have been stretching my abilities to try and remove wording which would have given clues.

  9. guest says:

    From Rzeszow you can fly directly to JFK. Now that’s funny.

  10. OllyEast says:

    Yes, along with Frankfurt and numerous UK airports is what makes it an “International airport” :) Although we should at least credit it with it’s actual name of Jasoinka Airport.

  11. Have you seen the Conservative Party logo lately? It looks like scribble. Or the London Olympics logo?

  12. adthelad says:

    2 -Lublin :)

  13. scatts says:

    I had to laugh when investigating flights to New York recently and they said it would not be direct from Warsaw but with one stop – “Frankfurt?” I asked, “Rzeszow!” they said. It’s a funny old world.

    My guesses would have been:

    1/ Warsaw – I see too much of the place. Nice logo, bad colours.

    2/ It’s a stork so probably Augustów or somewhere that storks go.

    3/ Looks like something from a tampon advert, so probably Kraków! ;)

    4/ Goodness only knows. Way over complicated logo but the K might be a clue to Katowice.

    5/ Copernicus should be Toruń, if they have an airport.

    6/ Drunk pilot, obviously that airport near Warsaw where they always have air-show crashes.

    7/ Looks like the “Iron Cross”, as generally used on Luftstreitkräfte aircraft in 1915. Somewhere German, Posen or Breslau.

    8/ Somewhere with no imagination where they think planes look like pirate ships – Łódz.

    9/ That’s a version of the Korean Air logo so someplace with a lot of immigrant Koreans. ?

    10/ Boring! Looks like the logo of the Highways Department.

  14. Decoy says:

    The London Olympics logo has been described as a view of Lisa Simpson giving a blowjob: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/10/London_Olympics_2012_logo.svg

  15. Decoy says:

    Well done, that’s the final missing logo found!

  16. bigos says:

    Breslau or Stettin were German allright, but it is and has always been POZNAŃ. Always Polish, founded and inhabited by Poles.

    Okay, that sound kinda hysterical, but really, no ‘posening’ please (Breslau, Stettin are ok).

  17. scatts says:


    I await the voice of the people of Wrocław and Szczecin. ;)

  18. flaki says:

    You are not getting it.

    Breslau and Stettin became Polish in 1945.
    Poznań returned to Poland in 1918 when Poland re-emerged after over a hundred years of partitions.

    Breslau and Stettin, were for most of their history not part of Poland and they were inhabited by Germans. Poznań was for most of its history a part of Poland and was inhabited by Poles. Even after it became a part of Prussia at the end of 18th century it had a Polish majority.

    These are facts and they will remain facts regardless of what opinions the present inhabitants of Wrocław and Szczecin may express.

  19. Foreigner says:

    Sure it’s a fact, but popular usage doesn’t take facts into account. In any language. Case in point: all Poles still insist on calling Italy “Wlochy”, which was originally a Germanic word for Romanized barbarians, most of whom lived nowhere near Italy. And lots of people still use the colonial name “Birma” for Myanmar (British rule: just over 60 years). And need I mention referring to the USA as “America”? (The USA covers only 23% of the American continent). How about the Caribbean, which is still the “West Indies” for many people for the sole reason that Christopher Columbus sucked at geography? I could go on for hours.

    My point is: there’s no reason to be uptight about naming conventions. Any world atlas in any language is a testimony of hundreds of years’ worth of politics, mistranslations and often just pure fantasy, and there’s little you can do about it. Calling Poznan Posen is no more offensive than any of the examples cited above.

  20. Pioro says:

    Istanbul not Constantinople

  21. Pioro says:

    Poland is pretty much called Poland by most other people. Polska, Polen, Pologne, Polonia, even the Chinese say Po-lan. Now think of the poor Germans, every one has a different name for them. Niemcy, Allemagne, Germany, Duitsland, and the Chinese say Duh-guo…not very flattering is it?

    Interestingly the name Niemcy (for Germans in Polish) comes from an old west-Slavic term for Niemowlancy – or ‘those who cannot speak’ as opposed to Slowianie – Slavs – which comes from the word Slowo – the word, or those who have the word.

    Sadly (for us Slavs) the word Slave in English or Sklave in German or Sklavenoi in Latin comes directly from Slav, due to the fact that so many Slavs were rounded up in the early middle ages and sold into slavery. Poor great great great great great grandma…

  22. Foreigner says:

    >Poland is pretty much called Poland by most other people.

    A few notable exceptions:

    Lithuanian: Lenkija
    Hungarian: Lengyerország
    Farsi: Lehistan – لهستان
    Armenian: Lehastan – Լեհաստան

    all of which are derived from the name of the obscure tribe of the Lendians, whose name meant “the wasteland people” and who may or may not have lived around the 10th century in today’s south-western Poland.

    I kinda like that name BTW. Read all about the joys of living in Wasteland on wastelandian.home.wl. Come see the amazing nature of Wasteland and its vibrant capital, Battleaxe. Visit the ancient cities of Croak, Poison, Bristle, Thorn, Lube and Dank.

    What fun it would have been to be a medieval English cartographer let loose on a map of Europe.

  23. Pioro says:

    That’s true Foreigner! Did you also know that most Poles well into the late middle ages referred to themselves as Lachowie?

  24. scatts says:

    Dear pierogi, I know all that so I am getting it. Have no fear, the distinction between Poznań and others is safe in here!

  25. Jubal says:

    could you take your hysterical fit somewhere else, mr. anonymous coward?

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