Election special: Adopt a president

It’s not easy to choose a president. You’re going to have to look at his mug on TV every day for the next five years and cringe every time he misbehaves in front of guests. It’s not completely dissimilar to choosing a new pet. With this startling insight in mind, I’ve created a unique voting aid by putting the words of the presidential candidates in the mouths of cute animals.

Free of their spin, haunting resemblances to dead presidents and monotonous speaking voices, which one would you take home?

Do you believe same-sex relationships between cats and dogs should be legal?

Czy uważa Pan/Pani, że związki pomiędzy psami i kotami tej samej płci powinny być legalne?



Do you support the in-vitro conception of cats and dogs?

Czy popiera Pan/Pani pomysł zapłodnień in vitro dla kotów i psów?



Do you plan to postpone the retirement age for cats and dogs?

Czy chciałby Pan/Pani wydłużyć wiek emerytalny dla kotów i psów?



What about cats and dogs in the police or the armed forces?

Jak zapatruje się Pan/Pani na obecność kotów i psów w policji i siłach zbrojnych?



What are your views on digging for natural gas in the back garden?

Jak zapatruje się Pan/Pani na kopanie w tylnym ogrodzie w celu odkrycia gazu naturalnego?



Why should Poland bring you home?

Dlaczego Polska powinna sprowadzić Pana/Panią do domu?



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2 thoughts on “Election special: Adopt a president

  1. Foreigner says:

    I’ll have the dog, please.

    I’ve always suspected cats of being scheming little bastards.



  2. island1 says:

    That’s quite disturbing :) Can’t disagree with the sentiment though.

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