Fish & Chips po polsku

Some time ago I heard this story about a place in Warsaw where you could get proper fish & chips. It has been going around in my head ever since and to be honest I started to think it was all just a dream, a hallucination brought on by so many years separated from my national delicacy a bit like the mirage of an oasis in the desert. Well, the outstanding news is that not only does the place actually exist but also that the food tastes very authentic and what’s more you can order stuff (like bacon & sausages) to be brought over from the UK so you can wind-up your Polish friends by giving them a sausage and pretending it’s better than a kiełbasa. It’s like Christmas, birthday and majówka all rolled into one!!

Chip shop

Traditional British FAST (not like our footballers!)

You can find it by going to Plac Konstytucji and then walking down Koszykowa. The restaurant is a short distance down on the left hand side. It’s a very small shop unit, used to be either a computer accessories shop or a photo place, I forget now. I suppose as a way of limiting rental and fit-out costs on this experiment they kept it small and there are therefore no tables to sit and eat apart from a couple of stools at the counter and tiny tables outside in good weather. Take away is the main focus and they also deliver.



Unfortunately, we came across the place in the middle of a long walk after having already eaten a full meal at Qchnia Artystyczna (more later), so we were not up for the full fish & chip extravaganza. The opportunity to test it out though was too much to pass by so we ordered chips and mushy peas with very English drinks of Ribena and Kenco coffee.


The nosh

I was impressed with the effort made to achieve authentic taste and experience. Even down to the salt and vinegar used as well as the dispensers. The chips are “double fried” and they use potatoes imported from Holland. In pretty much every respect they have uprooted a chippy from the UK and planted it in Warsaw – the only way to really make sure the experience is true. The staff have also been properly trained and seemed very enthusiastic about the whole thing.

I enquired about business and whilst I didn’t get any figures, nor did I ask for any, I got the impression that business is just about sufficient to have kept it open for 6 months and it is slowly building. They were as surprised as I was that the authentic bacon butties are not going down as well as expected. I think a lot of this is the location, not the best, off the beaten track and the need for better marketing as well as just the time it takes for people to start using it as a habit, which can be a year or more.

We were very impressed and I for one will be going back again and possibly taking advantage of the bacon/sausage import opportunity. They said in fact they can bring in “anything” as they have regular deliveries so if you’re really stuck for how to get something over here from the UK then it might be worth giving them a try. If you’re a Marmite freak then you can buy it in there as well as a few other British things.


Fish & Chips
Ul. Koszykowa 30, Warszaw
Tel: 022 692 240804

On Qchnia Artystyczna – It is still in the same great location has the same large terrace the same view but they’ve changed the menu and increased the prices and I’m not happy with either. There were items on the old menu that were one of the reasons we went out of our way to go there – the potato and salmon soup, the kaszanka, for example. These have been removed and the place has moved away from small and medium sized dishes and now offers more main courses with large prices to go with it. I’d say it is now at the higher end of cost for the town and having eaten there twice in recent weeks the menu is really not that appealing. It is good food and reasonable service in a good location but if you used to love the old restaurant you need to be warned that it’s not the same place it used to be. Can we please have the old one back, Pani Gessler?


24 thoughts on “Fish & Chips po polsku

  1. Jubal says:

    …and just in a moment you’ll start to tell us that the British or Irish sausages are actually edible!

    Well, they’re not. (I do love fish’n’chips, though, and a full Irish breakfast can be a good treat if you only remember to not order the sausages with it ;-))

  2. scatts says:

    One of the great failings of the Polish nation is its unwillingness to embrace the mighty sausage!

  3. Mika says:

    Gazeta’s restaurant critic Maciej Nowak also found Fish & Chips an authentic experience -,79871,7800256,Fish___Chips.html

  4. Jubal says:

    Is there a way to un-see this image?

  5. What’s the green stuff on the square styroform plate?

    No ketchup?

    No cole slaw or macaroni salad or potato salad?

    Where’s the beer?

  6. OllyEast says:

    Having read this yesterday, I just had to get some fish and chips on the way home after work. These do look like a good effort though, and with a better location etc could go far. The kielbasa over the British sausage deabte makes me laugh. To me they are totally different things, like comparing to German Salami. Each good in their own way. Or perhaps I am just too Liberal for my own good :)

  7. Lonka says:

    As a Pole who’s been living in the UK for almost 20 years now I must say I only had fish & chips a few times all this time – and this is only because I’m one very health-conscious individual. But they are truly scrumptious!
    Equally so are the English sausages – yummy!
    The British sausage is a different experience altogether to the Polish one (or ones) – incomparable and not at all interchangeable.
    Sometimes you feel like having a salami or chorizo, at other times a Polish sausage, and then the very, very satisfying and comforting English one which is addition very versatile – lovely for breakfast or dinner with mash and veg.

  8. Jeannie says:

    I’m happy for you to have found something authentic. The fries look amazing. Being on a diet, I am salivating right now and shouldn’t have even looked at this post!!

  9. Steve says:

    I’d love to hear if they do a good cod in batter.

    I can’t really understand the view that you can’t get good sausages (as used for English breakfast, etc) in Poland. Full pork fresh (surowa) sausages in Polish supermarkets/hypermarkets are just like high quality (ie expensive) English country sausages. Full of meat and wonderful when grilled or barbecued. (The natural skins make the sausages curve, so its difficult to fry them so they are brown all over, if that’s what you want to do.) There is no equivalent of the breadcrumb and low meat popular versions of English sausages, but when I last tried them in England I found it difficult to remember why I even liked them. Krótkaszynka is the same as English smoked bacon, although often sold without the fatty bit, and streaky bacon is available everywhere. Add a fried egg and good fresh Polish wheat bread and a high quality English breakfast is ready to be eaten. Yummy!

  10. scatts says:

    They definitely do battered fish and judging by the rest of the experience I think it will be pretty good. I’ll go try it soon and let you know.

  11. scatts says:

    You’re joking, right? ;)

    Green stuff is mushy peas.

    Only children under the age of 10 have ketchup with fish & chips.

    Salad? Pwhaaaa!!

    Beer also not quite right with F&C. A big mug of tea perhaps. Beer, well lager, is for curries.

  12. scatts says:

    And I quote –

    Fries and chips, but a piece of fish in beer batter cod forming around the carcasses as the husk of the anti-fat lead that’s hardcore experience. This can not be properly or dosmaczyć nor eat sensibly, because a portion disintegrates into unappetizing elements. But this did not stop British eccentricity.

  13. Paul says:

    Scatts, thanks for the good review of Fish and Chips. I would just add that in fact many of the chilled/frozen British goods are already available from stock, including bacon and Irish pork sausages, pies, cheddar, etc. And yes, we can import almost anything from the UK through our BringForMe service, just e-mail us on with your specific requirements and we will respond with the price in zł, as well as how soon you can pick it up from the shop at Koszykowa 30. In any case, thanks and come and visit us again soon :).

    (BTW – the phone number quoted is a mobile number, therefore a prefix 22 does not apply)

  14. scatts says:

    Thanks for commenting Paul and for the additional info. For your next investments can I recommend:

    1/ A proper English-style Chinese take-away within deliver range of Młociny.
    2/ A proper central London-style cafe – great sandwiches (egg mayonnaise, cheddar and coleslaw), pastries and so on…


    Keep up the good work!


  15. Paul says:

    Thanks Ian, we do our best and yourt support is appreciated :)

    BTW, I put a link to your portal and this review on our Facebook page, you can see it here:

  16. […] And then a skip around the pleasures of life, to prove that blogging doesn’t have to be about politics and serious stuff: West Hampstead Life is reviewing what sounds like a good new restaurant (more blogging like this please – saves people visiting the bad ones!), and from Warsaw there’s an exact description of how to find “proper” British fish and chips. […]

  17. amg says:

    Ooh, nice! Thanks for the tip. Did you by any chance notice if they stock cider on a regular basis or is it order-only?

  18. Paul says:

    We do stock most items, even if we don’t have it in stock, it’s normally just a week away to be delivered. You can check out the available ciders and beers on our website under the e-shop that is currently being set up.

  19. island1 says:

    I’ve always wondered why cider isn’t popular here—seems like the perfect place for it.

  20. amg says:

    Vast history of apple alcoholic beverages is the problem. The typical “jabol” is not something you’d want to be seen drinking. Although there’s one kind of Polish cider (Slawno), but I seriously doubt if the producer ever had a chance to taste the real thing.

  21. amg says:

    Thanks, I will.

  22. scatts says:

    How nice would it be to be able to pull a pint of decent and seriously chilled cider on a day like this!


  23. scatts says:

    That’s a bit like “why are there no decent Chinese restaurants in Poland” – “Because of all the seedy Vietnamese joints”.

  24. Siegfried says:

    haha, last year I went back to Gdynia (my hometown) and I saw that huge advert saying: “TRY SOMETHING NEW – FISH & CHIPS FROM TESCO”
    that was brilliant :)

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