Polish Logo Competition #3 – Coats of Arms

The first two Polandian logo competitions seemed to prove quite popular, but for some people they were too easy. Answers for all ten logos in both competitions were found within a matter hours… However, this time will prove less easy, as we look at the city logos, or coats of arms as they are also known. For those that are not familiar with them, they are the logos which are used to represent cities, normally in official situations. Depending on the location, they can include items of historical significance for the city such as a symbol representing trade, war or learning.

Let’s hope this proves more of a challenge than the previous two logo competitions. Some of the coats of arms might gives a few clues,but not all will be obvious, hopefully.

Logo #1

Logo #2

Logo #3

Logo #4

Logo #5

Logo #6

Logo #7

Logo #8

Logo #9

Logo #10


And the correct answers are:

Logo #1: Bydgoszcz (as answered by siudol)

Logo #2:  Szczecin (as answered by siudol)

Logo #3: Torun (as answered by siudol)

Logo #4: Lublin (as answered by island1)

Logo #5: Kraków (as answered by island1)

Logo #6: Łódź (as answered by island1)

Logo #7: Warsaw (as answered by island1)

Logo#8: Poznań (as answered by siudol)

Logo #9: Wrocław (as answered by island1)

Logo #10: Katowice (as answered by siudol)

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14 thoughts on “Polish Logo Competition #3 – Coats of Arms

  1. island1 says:

    4 Lublin (Are those hops?)
    5 Kraków (Florian gate and the Royal eagle
    6 Łodz (Boat town baby)
    7 Warszawa (Syrenka)
    9 Wrocław (Severed head of John the Baptist)

  2. kuba says:

    3rd looks like a Scania logo so it must be something from the north – Sczecin for example ;)

  3. siudol says:

    1. Bydgoszcz
    2. Szczecin
    3. I really should know this one: Torun
    4. Lublin, I think
    5. a wild guess: Zamosc
    6. Lodz
    7. Warsaw
    8. Poznan
    9. Wroclaw
    10. one of the Upper Silesia cities: Katowice?

  4. Neil says:

    @ siudol

    You’re right… #10 is the crest of Katowice

  5. scatts says:

    I guessed them all, you’ll just have to believe me! ;)

    There are many interesting questions raised by the design of these things.

    1/ Is Lego a big deal in Bygoszcz?

    2/ Is the Szczecin eagle drunk, bored or both?

    3/ Significance of the arrows on the doors pointing right?

    4/ Significance of a goat and hops? Also, why is the former trying to shag the latter?

    6/ Did a boat shaped like that ever exist and float?

    7/ My daughter can draw a better syrena than that!

    9/ I have long wondered why Wrocław’s crest includes the head of Luciano Pavarotti. Was he born there? What are the other 4 things all about?

    10/ Like all things from Katowice, straightforward, sensible and down to earth (scuse the pun)

  6. That’s “John the Baptist” in no 9, Scatts. :-D

    The crowned lion represents the kingdom of Bohemia. (To which Wroclaw once belonged.) To the right we have the Silesian eagle which comes from the Silesian Piast eagle. The letter “W” stands for the latin name of the city, “Wratislavia”. Finally, there is St. John the Evangelist.

    The old version of the Bydgoszcz logo is much less lego like, and nicer acording to me.

  7. Oh no. :( Didn’t guess Torun (no 3) even though I have many friends there. The arrows are hinges btw.

  8. scatts says:

    Basia, thanks!

    Didn’t know St John the Baptist was born in Wrocław! Nor that he was an opera singer!

    The old Bydgoszcz logo is far better, apart from the German name of course.

    Wratislavia – very similar to Bratislava.

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  11. Decoy says:

    5 out of 5!

  12. Decoy says:

    And you’ve managed to answer the 5 that Jamie didn’t get – although you didn’t get number 5 right yourself, but otherwise looking good

  13. Tunsky says:

    Why does Lodz have a barge as its logo? I had to check on the map to make sure but there is hardly any water in the city’s vicinity, at least hardly anything navigable. Perhaps they have been swimming in a sea of vodka for so long that when it came time to design a logo, they decided to implement something that would keep them afloat through those treacherous times?

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