Polish-English translation competition #8 (closed)

Ladies and Gentlemen…

The expression above is surely not the most appropriate way of addressing you, as today’s competition revolves around impolite and foul language. The last competition, over the course of which some of the contestants were subtly insulted, blended with the recent dress code post have conjured up a really explosive mixture. Don’t bridle at some of the phrases below please and enjoy the quiz!

1. gumka – johhny (Littleivory)
2. zadupie – back of beyond (Kasia)
3. puszczać pawia – to break wind (arturwarrior)
4. farmazony – double Dutch (Littleivory)
5. zasadzić komuś z bańki – to headbutt (arturwarrior)
6. odwal się – drop dead (Littleivory)
7. mieć coś w nosie – do not give a damn about sth (arturwarrior)
8. wyżerka – blowout (daa)
9. obcyndalać się – to doss about (Steve)
10.wyżej s*a niż d*pę ma – toffee-nosed (Steve)

Good lack!

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40 thoughts on “Polish-English translation competition #8 (closed)

  1. arturwarrior says:

    1. gumka – rubber
    2. zadupie – armpit of the universe/world
    3. puszczać pawia – fart
    4. farmazony – drivel, twaddle
    5. zasadzić komuś z bańki – headbutt
    6. odwal się – leave me alone, sod off, go away
    7. mieć coś w nosie – don’t give a damn about sth

  2. arturwarrior says:

    6. odwal się – give me a break!

  3. arturwarrior says:

    10. wyżej s*a niż d*pę ma – be uppity, stuck-up

  4. arturwarrior says:

    puszczać pawia -break wind

  5. Marek says:

    8. wyżerka – grub
    9. obcyndalać się – to faff around

  6. Bartek says:

    gumka – another meaning (the one children usually don’t know but should know when they grow up)

  7. Littleivory says:

    I always though that puszczac pawia [3] = to puke and puszczac baka = to fart…
    1. gumka – johnny
    2. zadupie – shit-hole
    3. puszczać pawia – to puke
    5. zasadzić komuś z bańki –
    6. odwal się – get lost
    8. wyżerka – feast

  8. daa says:

    6.bugger off
    10.puffed up
    9.hack around

  9. darthsida says:

    puszczać pawia – to break wind?
    gimme a break

  10. siudol says:

    2. zadupie – backwater

  11. Name says:

    2. zadupie – butt-f*ck nowhere

  12. 3: Puścić pawia is about vomiting, not flatulence, surely?

    “Saying hello down the big white telephone”

    “technicolor yawn”

  13. Bartek says:

    there’s something about “back” in the “correct” phrase

  14. Bartek says:

    puszczać pawia has, as far as I’m concerned, been about letting gas out of bowels.

  15. Name says:

    Not in Poland it’s not.

  16. arturwarrior says:

    I live in swietokrzyskie and it means “flatulence” for me.

  17. Name says:

    zadupie = backwoods?

  18. Name says:

    10. he/she thinks his/her sh*t don’t stink

  19. Name says:

    3. barf
    no way puszczać pawia is about gas!

  20. arturwarrior says:

    I live in swietokrzyskie and it is about gas :). Chill out!.

  21. arturwarrior says:

    i live in swietokrzyskie and it indeed is about gas

  22. Bartek says:


    2. starts with “back”
    4. not “single”, not “nederland”
    6. not “pick up”, not “alive”
    9. not “cream”, not “mouthed”
    10. one of those ubiquitous phrasal verbs with “about” or “around”

  23. daa says:


    ps/ never in my life have i heard that “puszczać pawia” has anything to do with gas. doesn`t “paw” derive from sth coloruful, like… vomit? i thought it was obvious…


  24. Bartek says:

    Not a “backwater”, “back” is just a part of the phrase.

    Why is there such an ambiguity about puszczanie pawia?

  25. Grze$ko says:

    Puszczac pawia is 100% slang for vomit.
    It refers to the multi-colour quality of the “paw” as well as to the fanned, peacock-tail like appearance of the “paw” once it hits the ground.

  26. Grze$ko says:

    haftować, jechać do rygi, puszczać pawia, rzygać, wymiotować, zwracać
    No ambiguity.

  27. Upsupsupa says:

    odwal sie – jog off; on your bike

  28. Bartek says:

    Here comes another portion of hints:

    2. Starts with ‘back’, consists of three words
    4. Starts with ‘d’, consists of two words
    9. Starts with ‘d’, a phrasal verb
    10. ‘t*****-*****’

  29. Jacek says:

    2. the middle of nowhere

  30. Kasia says:

    zadupie – back of beyond

  31. Ewa says:

    What does ‘obcyndalac sie’ mean in Polish? Sorry for being such a retard ;)

  32. Bartek says:

    to laze away, to shirk work, etc.

  33. Steve says:

    The dictionary definitions of ‘obcyndalać się’ suggest objection to doing something, not just laziness: ‘mieć opory lub skrupuły przed zrobieniem czegoś’, ‘być niechętnym do zrobienia czegoś’. I would guess that Bartek wants ‘doss around’ / ‘doss about’. However, if this is right, could you please credit Marek for ‘faff around’, which is an excellent equivalent.

    Can we have another couple of letters for 10, please?

  34. Steve says:

    I thought of it anyway: ‘toffee nosed’.

  35. Bartek says:

    Fortunately, all phrases have been guessed.

    And, as reqested, credit for Marek for his proposal “to faff around’

  36. Kuba says:

    goof off, horse around,

  37. Monica says:

    Don’t you guys know ‘the Glasgow kiss’ ??

  38. Anna says:

    there was at one time sth liek puszzac pawia = kill the cat? :)

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