Polish Logo Competiton #4 – Alcohol

Next up for Polandian competitions, we have a return of the logo competitions. This one should be another fairly easy one, with Polish alcohol labels and brands being used. There are a few beers and a few vodkas, so just like a regular night out in that regard.

The names have been blanked out to protect the innocent and those under 18, but the remainder of the labels should be enough of a clue as to the identity of the brand.

Logo #1

Logo #2

Logo #3

Logo #4

Logo #5

Logo #6

Logo #7

Logo #8

Logo #9

Logo #10

Na zdrowie!


Correct answers so far:

Logo #1: Tyskie (as answered by Neil)

Logo#2: Lech (as answered by Maggie)

Logo#3: Żywiec (as answered by Maggie)

Logo#4: Ciechan (as answered by Maggie)

Logo#5: Okocim (as answered by scatts)

Logo#6: Żubr (as answered by odrzut)

Logo#7: Belvedere vodka (as answered by EM)

Logo#8: Wyborowa vodka (as answered by EM)

Logo#9: Sobieski vodka (as answered by EM)

Logo#10: Wódka Zoladkowa Górzka (as answered by EM)

I’ll try to improve on the numbering going forwards!

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13 thoughts on “Polish Logo Competiton #4 – Alcohol

  1. 3. Lech?
    4. Żywiec
    7. Żubr

  2. EM says:

    7. Belveder
    10.Żołądkowa Gorzka

  3. guest says:

    Polandian running out of ideas ?

  4. Neil says:

    #1 is Tyskie

  5. polkaontheisland says:

    #6 Okocim
    #10 Sobieski

  6. odrzut says:

    2 perła?
    5 lubelskie
    6 żubr

  7. Maggie says:

    1. Tyskie
    2. Lech
    3. Zywiec
    4. Ciechan Stout
    5. – no idea
    6. Zubr
    7. Belvedere
    8. – no idea
    9. – Sobieski
    10. – Zoladkowa Gorzka

  8. Decoy says:

    All of the vodka answers correct!

    Hmm, suspicious… ;-)

  9. Decoy says:

    Plenty of right answers so far, only one remaining.

    One little hint, the logo # is followed by the logo. Some people have answered the right logo against the wrong #

  10. scatts says:

    5 is Okocim.

  11. Decoy, you really need to make the numbering clearer! I was sooo happy about being first with getting all those beers right… :)

  12. Damien Moran says:

    Shite, I’m too late. After 9 years off the booze (I forgot it was no longer Lent) I was hoping to hone my observational skills of Polish labels. If anyone wants a bottle of Wyborowa I have about 30L left over since my wedding:-)

  13. PMK says:

    I’ll take that Wyborowa off your hands.

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