Polish women are evil?

Here’s a fascinating story that I’m willing to risk my very life to bring you: According to Polska Times, a US psychologist has concluded not only that woman can be a bit catty towards other women, but that Polish women are the cattiest in the world. The first part of this conclusion is about as startling as a finding that there really is no smoke without fire, but the second made me pause to consider. I’ve long been of the opinion that Polish people don’t really like each other and enjoy nothing more than seeing their neighbours fall face-down in mud, but now I come to think of it, perhaps it’s just the women who are like this. Polish society is strongly matriarchal after all—maybe this is the root of the phenomenon. On the other hand, maybe the whole thing is rubbish and US psychologists should get back to investigating whether throwing the baby out with the bath water is genuinely inadvisable.

Take back what you said about my hat or I will destroy your life and the lives of everyone you ever met.

To help you decide, here is a completely genuine extract from a survey that probably wasn’t used in this research.

1. Your best friend recently got married. Do you…

a) Congratulate her loudly and often on her new-found happiness?

b) Tell her she must be happy because she’s put on weight?

c) Seduce her husband, demand he divorce, marry him, then leave him a broken alcoholic shell after 20 years of bitter psychological abuse?

2. Your best friend recently got a great new job. Do you…

a) Send her flowers and arrange a party to celebrate her success?

b) Ask her who she had to sleep with?

c) Send her new employer those photos of her passed out after 17 margaritas?

3. An attractive young woman starts work in your office. Do you…

a) Welcome her warmly and offer to help with anything she is unsure about?

b) Ask her how long she’s been out of prison?

c) Convince her that bikinis are mandatory on Fridays?

4. Your female friend says something rude to you under stress. Do you…

a) Laugh it off—everybody has bad moods sometimes?

b) Remind her of it on every possible occasion for the next 20 years?

c) Have ‘REVENGE’ tattooed on your forehead and hunt her down with a knife?

5. Your female friend just bought that dress you’ve been thinking about getting for yourself. Do you…

a) Say: “It looks so much better on you than it would on me.”

b) Say: “I really admire women who just wear what they want and don’t care what other people think.”

c) Rip it from her body and dump a bucket of goat’s blood over her head.

Mostly A’s: You are not a woman. If you thought you were a woman up until now, we suggest you get your chromosomes checked, or become an Olympic sprinter.
Mostly B’s: You are a woman and probably have some Polish ancestry.
Mostly C’s: Stay well away from us.

You are, essentially, doomed.

The original story on Polska Times (Polish)
A shortened version on News.pl (English)

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31 thoughts on “Polish women are evil?

  1. Outsider says:

    From a strictly male point of view: who cares how women behave towards one another. Matter of fact, as far as guys are concerned, it’s a good thing that women use other gals as a scratching post if that’s what makes them mellow and cuddly with us at home. :-)

    Polish girls: meeeeeow.

  2. island1 says:

    Oh dear, you’ve set a very bad tone there.

  3. A quiz for Polandian readers:

    1) How many British men do you personally know who have Polish wives?

    2) How many Polish men do you personally know who have British wives?

    The numeric answer to Question 1 will doubtlessly be several dozen times higher than for Question 2. Indeed, I don’t know any Polish men married to British wives – not a single one. Yet British men married to Polish wives – well, there’s … er – many. In Warsaw alone.

    In 50 years time, 10% of British cabinet ministers will have Polish mothers, mark my words

  4. From a different generation, but Ed and David Milliband’s mother is Polish, while Denis McShane father is Polish.

  5. PMK says:

    Not quite the case. Often they go out and have catfights, and then come home to bitch and moan to you. Not exactly ‘mellow’.

  6. Olasz says:

    U r one of my 5 choices for BlogDay2010 http://www.blogday.org/

  7. polkaontheisland says:

    Russian scientists have discovered that centuries ago. Of course we are animals. Try rubbing your wife on the skullbone behind the ear. Or letting another female on her territory, hehe

  8. island1 says:

    This is very true, and the compilers of the report would not be surprised because they say that Polish women are very loyal to their men.

    It’s all nonsense of course.

  9. island1 says:

    Thanks. I’m going to make your muffinki z jagodami.

  10. Another Ewa says:

    Another survey found that it’s only the cattiest Polish women who display any (platonic or non-platonic) interest in British men. The kind, generous, warm-hearted ones steer well clear ;)

  11. great article! everything you said is true.

  12. Bartek says:

    I thought about marrying an English girl just to polish up the language and raise bilingual children…

    But then I gave up the idea…

  13. Bartek says:

    My answers:

    1. A
    2. A
    3. C
    4. A
    5. A


  14. Sylwia says:

    LOL Have our feminists read it? They publish so many papers on why they have no following in Poland. :D

  15. Sylwia says:

    A new era marriage of convenience!

  16. Name says:

    Yeah I agree I know a fewe Polack witches that nothing is good enough for them they have attitudes.

  17. klara says:

    poland has a matriarcal society? since when?
    It is a very patriarchal society. Catholocism has a lot to do with that. It also makes me wonder if that is actually waht might cause a rift between some polish women. It is also not true that polish people like to see one another fail. That is very ironic coming from someone in the western capitalistic society (it’s all about the the individual int he west). Poland is MUCH MUCH more community oriented. I find your ‘statements’ rather pretentious and ignorant.

    Also, I’ll not that Polish women have little rights in comparison to western women .I’m curious about the empirical evedence used for this study. Seems like a load of
    bs. I’m polish, (I know you’re thinking im biased now, lol, but this is offensive, and most likely not true) and I have lived in canada pretty much my whole life, but visit Poland for months at a time….I compare societies, with my Mills sociological imagination. I have never found that Polish women are overwhelmingly rude- not to the degree where I could possibly even come close to agreeing that they are the cattiest women in the world. I’ve met many more bitchy women in the west…that’s forsure

  18. Sylwia says:

    “poland has a matriarcal society? since when?”

    Since ever. Seriously, we are.

    “It is a very patriarchal society. Catholocism has a lot to do with that.”

    That is this kind of Western stereotype that many Poles find offensive and unjust. If Catholic it must follow it’s patriarchal?

    Dear Klara, I’m afraid that you see the Polish society only through your family. That’s very misleading. Poles are family oriented, but not community oriented. If you lived in Poland you’d know that.

    Polish women aren’t rude, but they can be virulent, malicious and spiteful without actually being rude. It’s a kind of gift that many like to nourish and boast of.

    Of course those are all stereotypes, and the post was tongue in cheek. Don’t take it too seriously.

    “Also, I’ll not that Polish women have little rights in comparison to western women.”

    What are the rights we’re lacking?

  19. I showed this to many people..Including my aunt, Moinika Rakusa- a polish psychologist/feminist writer living in Warszawa, and my mother and father who are 100% polish and who are also very educated in the social sciences. They also talk to their old Solidarnosc friends (my parents were heavily engaged activists and coordinators in the solidarity movement in Wroclaw, and my father a political prisoner of the communist government. This is essentially the reason we are in Canada today- we were kicked out) whom many agree that one thing that has changed since the iron curtain fell, is that patriarchy had re-exploded. Communist government did view women in a more egalitarian fashion. I hope I don’t have to explain why…it’s pretty obvious. I am not stereotyping, it’s what I have seen, and it’s my major (sociology). In contrast, I feel as though the writer of this blog is stereotyping in his personal comments- which he has every right to voice, noting that I have every right to counter.
    I’m too much of a critical thinker to only base my thoughts on what someone has told me. I take in my perception, with a Russell like value of philosophy, while simultaneously observing diligently what others who perceive the society on a daily basis tell me . Not to mention critiquing with the Mills taught sociological imagination.
    Did you read what I wrote? Basically I wrote that there are bitches in every culture, but to ascertain that women of one culture tower over the others in this regard is really just obtuse and troglodytic.
    In addition to that, there’s just no way I could even closely agree in the capacity of the notion that polish women are the worst. That’s just not true. And just for some background on me, I am no nationalist, that’s for sure. I don’t believe in any kind “Polska jest naj wazniejsza” bull shit. I’m trying to be very objective here, but come on, lofty ridiculousness is just ridiculousness. The conductor of this study can only suggest a notion like that. That being said, one should realize that the west is quite apathetic in critical thinking (IMO), so he should take some social responsibility in realizing how his allegations come across and how they’ll be perceived. Perpetuating xenophobia much?
    Poland IS a patriarchal society, and that’s just a fact….ask any feminist in Poland, and she’ll tell you that. Catholicism there is much too rampant for a ‘democratic’ nation. I will note that I know Poland’s democratic practices are still in their elementary stages, and that there is resentment and fear of anything that is remotely left or socially democratic, so I can understand why the church is so respected and hard to separate from government and public institutions, but that does not mean it’s healthy for a state. I see the cross on PUBLIC TELEVISION AND AT THE POST OFFICE? You cannot advocate that stating that catholocism has much to do with polish society is stereotyping. I know what I saw, and I believe it’s naïve to deny this. Look at the statistics on polish women’s rights in comparison to men’s. You’ll see. And again, I’m not stereotyping, but the Catholic Church has A LOT to do with Polish society and how women are treated. With all due respect, If you’ve been there then YOU should know that. I’m quite dumbfounded at your insistence that I’m stereotyping.
    ‘Dear Klara, I’m afraid that you see the Polish society only through your family. That’s very misleading. Poles are family oriented, but not community oriented. If you lived in Poland you’d know that.”

    Also, your conjecture that I’m ignorant on this issue is quite condescending, in my point of view. Again, with all due respect, you don’t know how I’ve been raised and what I have seen and what I know on this subject matter.
    Your “dear Klara” not only exhibits your loftiness, but your perpetuation of the misconstrued message of this seemingly illegitimate study. (How could someone possibly obtain all the empirical evidence to claim such an ‘irrefutable’ corollary?) There is no conviction in my mind that affirms that I’m reacting irrationally in questioning these ‘results’, whether they be about polish women/men or any other nationality or race. I think it‘s completely reasonable to claim that any study with analogous conclusions to that of this one are rhetorical and pretentious when they represent themselves as ‘truth”. That is extremely insolent and imposing.

    Some basic rights that women in Poland are lacking: The women’s right to choose over her own body? -that might be one…just off the top of my head?
    Birth control is not as easily accessible and expensive in Poland too.
    How many women in the Polish Sejm? ….

    Some reading material to raise your awareness. You should really read these.
    (one is in polish…I’m assuming you can read polish, your conjectures of me being ‘unaware’ somehow made me think that you can)
    Note the authors in some of them

    Click to access f0003kszumlewicz.pdf


    Click to access capitulo5_poland.pdf


    And does this look like a political pitch ad campaign you’d find in a matriarchal society?

    P.S, it’s matriarcHy …with an H

    Ok…so that ^ (the correction) was totally passive aggressive…..
    Sorry…. But you irked me with your lofty stance

  20. omg…so ill note that that was my own spelling mistake.. ahhahah


    defeats my passive aggressive point….
    so yeah, totally sorry about that one.
    karma pissed on me

  21. island1 says:

    I don’t wish to stand between you and Sylwia in this debate, but I would like to point out that this post was supposed to deride the study. It’s clearly nonsense.

    I cannot back up my assertion that Poland is matriarchal with facts and figures, but I do feel it is the case. It’s a loose term and clearly not equivalent to ‘feminist,’ as things such as the bikini election amply demonstrate.

  22. Getting back to Island1, after reading your first and last comments and trying to make sense of what I have read here, I must say that although there is no documentation as noted, there is “proof in the pudding.” I came to this site searching ‘chromosome 12 + Polish + moods’ because of some “mood” ‘disorders’ in my own family.

    I am a third generation ‘immigrant,’ all my grandparents coming directly from Poland. I have lived around Polish women for nearly 70 years. And there is definitely something really unique in Polish women. There seems to be a driving force in them. The love hard, work hard, and hate hard. Although their men need to understand that and be careful how they tread, Polish women do not spare other Polish women as warranted.

    Each nationality seems to have their unique traits. I live with my wife of Ukrainian heritage (although she has some Polish in her family tree). Is it the Ukrainian side that is somewhat unloving and hard at times? Or, is it the slight bit of the Polish in her that makes her moody at times (her grandmother was Polish)? I really don’t know. But we raised our seven children and they all seem to be doing fine–except the girls are quite moody. :)

    Please note that I appreciate the different responses above, but please let me end by saying that “some people are misinformed by their own emotions.”

  23. Most of the attractive Polish women in Ireland are here to dig gold (they swarmed her when Dublin was booming).

    They’ll sleep with anyone for free lodging.

    This is only in reference to the pretty older man hunters in Dublin. I’m sure there are decent pretty polish girls- just not here.

    Buyer beware. have fun with them for 3 months then tell them your broke and let them move on. They are basically prostitutes and could not care less what happens to the men they feed off.

  24. John says:

    I have just ended a relationship with a Polish woman, I am now broke, living back at my parents home, and she has a guy who unkown to me has dated her throughout our relationship. She is pregnant and demanding more money from me.
    Stay well clear of Polish women, they are here in England for as much money as they can get. They seem to have a complete lack of remorse or understanding of our trusting and kind nature……STAY WELL CLEAR or you will lose your money and well being, my friends and family warned me and I did not listen, what a fool I am.

  25. wellmadeone says:

    My Polish girlfriend was very loyal to all the men she slept with, especially the ones that were useful to her and all her friends were very loyal to her and she to them but mainly because they could blackmail each other over who was cheating on whom.

    Yawn. There are a lot of Polish girls in Ireland looking for money and leaving their pasts in Germany and Poland well concealed. As one of the decent Polish women I met said to me ‘until you see where they came form with your own eyes don’t believe a word they say’.

    If a womans main assets to get by in the world is ber backside she’s not really much more than a load of arse.

    What I’m trying to say is that there are a higher number of Polish girls with trails of destruction and mental disorders in Ireland the UK and the States because
    a)This is where they believe they can marry wealth
    b)The move lets them conceal their horrendous past behavior towards their exs, famailies etc

    Beward the Polish blondie in Dublin, more than likley there are a couple of ex husbands in Germany and Poland and odds on a disturbed and abusive upbringing in some communist era slum that has made them as empty on the inside as they look good on the outside,

    The bitchest women I have ever heard.

    Polish women in Poland are probably the same as women everywhere. Polish women in Ireland – high % of personality disorder.

  26. Kevin says:

    WELLMADEONE, you just described by Polish ex-girlfriend …born in Poland, raised in Germany….ran away to the States to marry someone famous…except she had no idea he was broke. He since died and I was the next target, except I was raised by a mother who has similar values..so I kinda saw it coming. Anyway, her poor ex-husband had no idea she has a serious mental disorder. I have stopped counting the different personalities after a while and suggested getting some serious help. These women are smart and they are good at beating the system but why do they not even realize that trying to marry wealth does not work?

  27. Bob says:

    People whom iv’e know to have Polish Girlfriends/Wives – 13
    People whom have left Polish Girlfriends/Wives – 12 (1 is recently married, give him time)
    I just left a 6 year relationship with one. She is very beautiful smart, clean and organised. We have a lovely child together. Why would I leave?
    Insecurity, greed, lack of empathy, controlling, lack of respect, long winded (up to 4 hours!) speaches about what I should be doing to make her happy.
    The constant criticism left me suicidal so left for the sake of my own health.

  28. Marta says:

    Sounds like Klara has proven the point of this article. Polish women are rude and evil. Just read how she treats Sylwia ( a fellow polish woman) when she disagrees with her. Seems typical of Polish woman I have met. Step on the community to make yourself look and feel better. Perhaps Klara isnt an accurate picture of all Polish women but more an accurate picture of being raised in a family with rude and selfish values. Who knows, hard to distinguish one from the other.

  29. Stewie says:

    When in comes to love, don’t kid yourself, Polish women are playing chess. They are shrewd, calculated, cold-blooded, materialists – other women, with few exceptions, are ‘competition’ and considered the enemy. They can turn on the charm, bite the lip, and play the naive part very well, but believe me they are ANYTHING but naive or in any way gullible. Lying and deception? Not a problem at all. Sex? It’s never without conditions and expectations (though often you find this out later). Many are stunningly beautiful, and frankly, I’m still a sucker for them (for me, aesthetically, they’re unmatched), but I’ve learned that all that glitters is not gold in Polska. They have hearts of lions, and they’ll trade your ass in for a better model in the bat of an eye. And if you scorn them? You will be hated. That’s not even debatable.

    Basically, they’re like heroin.

  30. Sasha says:

    Lol ok marta. Go to School.

  31. Evada E says:

    I’ve recently come to Poland, overall my experience has been pleasant with other women. However, I’m beginning to notice that when I’m alone, not with my husband women are not as nice to me and won’t help me. I find this with the younger women (25-45ish) older women are overall pleasant so far, too early to judge. I’ve traveled around the world, and have come to the conclusion, women everywhere are not so nice to each other. My worst experience has been with Czech women. I’ll continue to be nice :) as you get what you give.

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