Polish-English Translation Competition #10 (closed)

Some of readers might be despondent these days. The school year begins today, the weather hasn’t been clement recently in Poland, the days are drawing in, and autumn is imminent. For no apparent reason all those unfavourable circumstances prompted me to make criminality a leitmotiv of the tenth translation competition. Actually not all the phrases below refer to law violations, but in each case there’s at least a tiny connection with some sort of misconduct.

1. dojść do rękoczynów – to come to blows (Steve)
2. podprowadzić coś – to pilfer sth (PMK)
3. wieszać psy na kimś – to badmouth sb (Kasia)
4. podwędzić coś – to pinch sth (Name)
5. przekręt – scam (EM)
6. zbić kogoś na kwaśne jabłko – to beat sb to a pulp (Arturwarrior)
7. możni tego świata* – movers and shakers (-)
8. zaszywać się – to hole up (Name)
9. mały, krępy, niewywrotny** – pudgy (-)
10. nadziany*** – well-heeled (Tomasz)

* bear in mind there’s a numerous group of people in this country who believe everyone who belongs to the elite surely is a criminal…
** hint: use only one word
*** justification – to translate one of Poland’s most outstanding thinkers: “if somebody has money, they must have it from somewhere”

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21 thoughts on “Polish-English Translation Competition #10 (closed)

  1. Muczachan says:

    5. Hustle.
    7. The Powers That Be.

  2. dongs says:

    8. be on detox
    2 and 4. Rustle

  3. PMK says:

    1. To have a falling out; to blow a matter out of proportion (especially with friends)
    2. To steal something; to swipe something; to pilfer;
    3. To slander someone; to spread rumors
    4. To steal something; to smoke something (in a delicious manner);
    5. To hustle; to play someone as a fool; to make someone a sap;
    6. To badly beat someone;
    7. The elite; the wizards of Oz; shadow society; New World Order; secret masters
    8. Sue oneself; Disulfiram injection
    9. Stout; beefy; chesty; thick-chested; buff
    10. Behind every fortune, there’s a crime.

  4. Bartek says:

    So many stabs, just one hit…

  5. Littleivory says:

    6. to beat crap/shit out of somebody

  6. Littleivory says:

    I meant ” to beat the shit out of somebody”

  7. PMK says:

    I guess we can’t all have nice things.

  8. Steve says:

    1.to come to blows
    3. to set the dogs on someone
    4. also to pilfer something
    5. wheeler and dealer
    6. to knock the living daylights out of someone
    7. high and mighty
    8. to pass on
    9. solid
    10. stinking rich

  9. Name says:

    1. To be moved to murder
    3. To lay the blame on someone
    4. To swipe something
    6. To beat somebody black and blue
    7. The fat cats
    8. To hole up
    9. Wiry

  10. EM says:

    4. to pinch sth
    5. scam

  11. EM says:

    3. to cast aspersions on someone

  12. arturwarrior says:

    6. to beat sb to a pulp

  13. daa says:

    9. plump
    10. loaded

    7. wise guys

  14. EM says:

    Erm, I have to make a claim; Bartek to be correct 4 and 5 were mine answers…

  15. EM says:

    3.haul someone over the coals/drag someone through the mire/throw mud at someone
    7. the upper crust/top drawer
    10. in the chips/top dog/to be made of money

  16. EM says:

    or thickset? (9)

  17. Bartek says:

    My apologies EM, I overlooked sth, corrected

  18. Kasia says:

    3. To badmouth someone
    10. Loaded

  19. Bartek says:


    7. m***** *n* ******s
    9. *u**y
    10. well-******

  20. Tomasz says:

    7. mighty and serious
    9. burly
    10. well-heeled

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