Polandian caption competition #3

Polandian’s much-loved caption competition is back! To be honest, the reason I stopped doing them was because so many prominent Poles were killed in the Smolensk disaster that for a long time I couldn’t be sure the people in the pictures I had chosen weren’t tragically dead. At least one of the people who appeared in the last competition back in March were on the ill-fated flight. Moving forward… supply your own alternative captions for huge respect and non-existent prizes!


This much popcorn please



Want to help me get my Political Intercourse badge?



Re-enactment of the Great Patriotic Summer Holiday of 1923



We kill now…yes?



Please Miss, may I go to the little dictator’s room?



The finals of Miss Emotionally Disingenuous

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13 thoughts on “Polandian caption competition #3

  1. mjd says:

    1. “I keep telling them not to starch my jerseys!”

    2. “Wow, the wax figure looks just like the genuine article…”

    3. “I get the feeling I’m being followed…”

    4. “Trust me, just go to the shore and put an apple on your head.”

    5. “One more microphone, please!”

    6. “Strangle her now–this might be our only chance!”

  2. richardlith says:

    1. Who ate all the pierogi?

    2.¨Donald, where’s yer troosers?¨ Polish scouting hit by political sex scandal.

    (Alas requires knowledge of an old Scottish song)

    3. Auditions for the new Polish remake of the Good Soldier Sveijk prove popular.

    4. I put in the arrow like this, no?

    5. Jaruzelski celebrates being named Polish Sunglasses Wearer of the Year 1983.

    6. After a translation error on the entry form, Miss Blonde Poland did not do well at Miss Brunette World.

  3. zarazek says:

    “little dictator’s room” – so funny! :D

  4. Bartek says:

    1. A walking advertisement of spare tyre manufacturer
    2. Before we kiss… I gotta check if my wife’s keeping eye on me.
    3. Polish dress code flop part 2
    4. A basic tool for enforcing law observance in German-Soviet condominium
    5. General struggling to resist temptation to knock down the bottle
    6. Fellow contestants congratulate to the winner on becoming a guest (or ghost) writer on Polandian.

    Jamie, do me that favour and guess all three remaining phrases in my translation competition. I’ve had enough of it and I’d be happy to close it ;)

  5. polkaontheisland says:

    1. and now I shall introduce sumo to the nation, I already have the national shirt.

    2. the blue hankie is for PO and the red is for PiS. We like to keep the balanced approach. Smug, eh?

    3. not sure if acting the part was such a good idea, it reminds me that I used to get beat with a belt like this… time to abandon this group.

    4. you all don’t know… I have to hunt and feed the whole nation.

    5. Two things – I guarantee there will be Teleranek again, and there is only water in that carafe. I’m a teetotaller.

    6. from now on we can eat sandwiches again! hello, little sandwich!

  6. scatts says:

    1. “And after an amazing routine on the parallel bars he nails the landing perfectly!”

    2. “You will do what I say, Donald, because whilst one end of this string is attached to my nipple the other is attached to the end of your knob and if I just pull it…like this…”

    3. The triumphant Polish “Synchronized Suitcase Walking” team returns home.

    4. “Kiss me, Medvedev!”

    5. “I ordered everyone to shoot in this direction, honest!”

    6. [completely lacking inspiration on this one]

  7. PMK says:

    2) Goooooober!

  8. Steve says:

    2. “M.., m.. m… m… my generation” For those who are too young to remember, its from the Who’s hit.

  9. Ian says:

    1. Cheerleaders Auditions for Euro 2012 championships get underway.

  10. PMK says:

    1) U Mad? LOL!

  11. island1 says:

    I made the mistake of moving flat and now have to wait an ice age to get an internet connection. Hopefully back amongst you all soon.

  12. Bartek says:

    Jamie, do I always have to remind you to close your competition?

  13. island1 says:

    You don’t have to, no.

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