Polish Logo Competition #7: Telecommunications

Each reader of Polandian probably has a mobile phone with them or near them, showing how all-pervasive telecommunications technology has become. Poland is no stranger to telecommunications, with probably every second advertisement on TV being for a mobile phone operator. With that in mind, we will test how familiar you are with the logos of the main Polish telecommunications companies.

Please note that these logos include general Polish telecoms companies, as well as mobile phone operators. Some of the telecoms firms may not be so well known, making this slightly more difficult.

Logo #1 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #2 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #3 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #4 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #5 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #6 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #7 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #8 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #9 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #10 ˅˅˅˅:


And the correct answers are:

Logo #1: Telekomunikacja Kolejowa (as answered by papageno)

Logo #2: Plus/Simplus (as answered by papageno)

Logo #3: Orange (as answered by Basia z Szwecji)

Logo #4: Telekomunikacja Polska (as answered by papageno)

Logo #5: Era (as answered by Basia z Szwecji)

Logo #6: Cyfra+ (as answered by Esentialacalma)

Logo #7: TS2 (as answered by papageno)

Logo #8: Sami Swoi (as answered by papageno)

Logo #9: Heyah (as answered by Basia z Szwecji)

Logo #10: Play (as answered by Basia z Szwecji)

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7 thoughts on “Polish Logo Competition #7: Telecommunications

  1. This was hard…

    3) Orange

    5) Era

    9) Heyah

    10) Play

  2. papageno says:

    Can’t see the first logo, but the rest are:

    #2 Plus GSM

    #3 Orange

    #4 TP SA

    #5 Era GSM

    #6 Canal +

    #7 TS2

    #8 Sami Swoi

    #9 Heyah

    #10 Play

  3. papageno says:

    #1 Telekomunikacja Kolejowa

    I wonder why the picture wasn’t there this morning :)

  4. Gabriela says:

    I didn’t recognize any of them… but the smiling face (second one) seems very friendly. Is the firm really friendly? Or it’s just a logo… :S
    All the best from Peru.

  5. scatts says:

    Gabriela, none of them are friendly, especially the ones with smiley happy logos!

  6. Gabriela says:

    Well, here in Peru there is one communications firm that is everything but friendly. You can imagine, they are all smiles when you call them, but the second you say you want to make a complain or discharge any of their services, you are treated as a plague victim.
    So I get your point, Scatts!
    All the best.

  7. 1) telekomunikacja kolejowa
    2) plus
    3) orange
    4) telekomunikacja polska
    5) era
    6) cyfra +
    7) sami swoi
    8) ts2
    9) heyah
    10) play

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