Foreigners stealing away Poland's most precious assets – women

Look around, dear readers, and you will surely see a lot of marriages between Poles and Brits (or other English-speakers), but why is it always Polish women and foreign men, not the other way around? Notice our immediate company: All of my fellow Polandians; Scatts and Island1 (both English), Decoy (Irish), and Brad (American), are English-speaking foreign men married to Polish women, and I could name several other examples among our frequent commentators.

It makes sense that the majority of foreign men who decide to settle down in Poland do so because they have met the loves of their lives here, but the question is: who has ever heard of a Polish man married to an Anglo-Saxon female?

Intrigued by this sociological phenomenon I have attempted to come up with some plausible explanations:

Reasons why English-speaking men get hitched to Polish women:
1. The supply of female human beings other than Polish is rather limited in Poland, hence if they want to stay in Poland for good there’s no choice but to pick a Polish girl
2. Polish girls are famous for their remarkable beauty all over the world and women from other countries do not stack up against them in terms of gorgeousness.
3. Polish girls speak English to a reasonable level and are eager to keep on learning the language.
4. Polish women are open-minded and can provide English-language expats with fascinating insights into Polish culture, customs, traditions, and national oddities.

Reasons why Polish women fall in love with English-speaking men:
1. They find it exciting to enter into a relationship with somebody from a different country, maybe they even find these strange guys exotic.
2. If they finally tie the knot they have a new, foreign, exotic surname, that adds prestige and esteem among friends and colleagues.
3. Expats who come to Poland are usually highly-qualified (unlike male Poles who go to the UK to work as bus drivers), so they are potential resourceful and well-heeled breadwinners.
4. They want to raise bilingual children to give them a head start in a professional career in some twenty years.

Reasons why women from English-speaking countries do not fancy having a Polish boyfriend or husband:
1. They find male Poles rather dull and narrow-minded and do not bother to waste time hanging around with them.
2. If a relationship was to be formalised, their families would encounter a serious problem of pronouncing the resulting surname.
3. Polish boys insist on speaking Polish and are reluctant to switch to English, plus they will never learn how to pay compliments and express their feelings profusely in a foreign language.
4. Male Poles have quite strange ways of treating their women – they tend to be over-jealous, under-caring, and they never put the toilet seat down.

Reasons why Polish chaps do not even try to pick up English-speaking women:
1. There’s a cultural and a language barrier – “why should I get to know foreign customs and beliefs if I have my own one”, “I would have to speak English on a daily basis and learn it, it takes too much effort”.
2. They are afraid of being rebuffed – “why should she want to have a Polish boyfriend”.
3. If Polish girls are not as fastidious as English-speaking ones and are accustomed to different mating rituals…
4. Playing host to an English-speaking mother-in-law looms as the worst imaginable nightmare.

It goes without saying most of these observations are stereotypical and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Of course, and as my blogmates predicted, I have managed to insult everyone I mentioned in the post. English guys fall for attractive girls, Polish women are a bit mercenary, English women are picky and Polish boys are lazy and fearful boors. Maybe what I have said is full of distortions, but regardless of the real reasons intermarriage does only seem to work in one direction. Why?

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193 thoughts on “Foreigners stealing away Poland's most precious assets – women

  1. roadballmint says:

    My colleagues and I (4 North American women working in Poland) were just discussing this very phenomenon. It’s certainly not limited to Poland. Last year we were all working in other regions- specifically East Asia and Latin America- and it’s the exact same situation there. Foreign guys always seem to end up in serious relationships or married to local girls but foreign girls never really even date, much less marry, local guys. There are exceptions, of course, but in our experiences throughout the world it seems that the majority of international couples are foreign guy/local girl and rarely the other way around.

  2. Stefan says:

    Bartek, you’ve touched a very sensitive area, something primeval, not to say atavistic. Polish guys ask themselves the same question very often and the answers they come up with all the more put them in a miserable position. The so-called ‘real men’ sipping beer in the company of their own clones love casting insult on their female fellow citizens, blaming them for being attracted by money. Foreigners, especially English-speaking ones, are allegedly still attributed with wealth. In fact, some of my Polish female friends’ English partners are far from being rich.
    You may be right describing quite a number of Polish men, but you didn’t ask a question if Polish men even try to marry Anglo-Saxon women.
    The answer is, in my opinion, that Polish women still make good wives understood traditionally, whereas Western ladies prefer other forms of partnership, far from blind devotion to their husbands. If Polish males are looking for this quality in their potential life companion, they may feel harshly disappointed and that’s why there’s a strong competition for Polish ladies, beautiful, sensitive, warm, good managers, at the same time dedicated to their families, including their men ;)

  3. guest says:

    At the end of the day it all comes down to MONEY. This is the main reason why Polish or black African men are usually less attractive, than a western guy.

    All a Pole needs is a little bit of fame/money,artykuly,78252,1.html

    and then he immediately becomes equally attractive to foreign women…

  4. harce says:

    As an ex-immigrant/post-emigrant(?), no matter how anti-patriotic I might be, I do have to point out the lack of the reversed polish-girls-are-prettier paradigm in your text.
    I’m an poliamorist. I tend to ‘date’ more girls (well, not only them to be precise) the your average Jan Covalsky, I’ve well fluent hiberno’english, and I’m probably a bit more open-minded than most people ever expect. Over the 4 years in ireland I spent most of a year in an anarchist-hippie commune, did 3+ years of collage and work in Dublin (including 350e a day work, not bus driving); I dated 1 british girl and none at all irish girls. A few polish girls, simple thing, italian, spanish… but with the brit-queer-hippie-anarchist exception I found hardly any local girls that I would be attracted to – both physically and intellectually that is. On the upper side of things I now got some really good friends, that I haven’t slept with…


  5. bob says:

    I have a Polish wife as well.

    It helped that I had plenty of rolls of toilet paper as bait back in the 1990’s!

  6. Grze$ko says:

    No idea why?
    I live in an English speaking country and don’t drive a bus.
    Been with an English speaker for over 10 years now (a female that is)…
    Should I give up my Polish citizenship?

  7. My wife (then, obviously, girlfriend) knew I wasn’t rich and she definitely wasn’t typically Polish – not Catholic, not traditional, etc. We just both happened to be in a spot in our lives where we were looking for someone else and we both happen to get along.

    As for why this happens: there’s always a small pool of oddballs – oddballs is defined as anyone doing anything that isn’t normal and “getting a foreign partner” or “moving to a foreign country” ain’t normal. That they meet each other isn’t too surprising because we don’t know about all the failed meetings/relationships.

  8. I’m only surprised the conversation hasn’t turned ‘nasty’ yet.

    Probably most of us know the reason(s), and these might be better left unsaid.

  9. zarazek says:

    2. Polish girls are famous for their remarkable beauty all over the world and women from other countries do not stack up against them in terms of gorgeousness.

    Are they really? Or is it what people in Poland think?

  10. Bartek says:

    Stefan, from the very moment I hatched the idea of writing about it, it was supposed to be controversial.

    And I do go along with your observations you shared it the second paragraph.

  11. Bartek says:

    This bears out the hypothesis Polish women are mercenary :/

  12. Bartek says:

    You have been mentioned in the post :)

  13. Bartek says:

    Finally an exception that proves the rule…

  14. Bartek says:

    We haven’t hit the threshold of 50 comments yet, but when it happens it might turn nasty.

    If you know a reason, feel free to speak your mind, it doesn’t have to be that obvious and may spark off a heated discussion

  15. Bartek says:

    At least we, Polandians, think so.

    (or should I speak for myself?)

  16. It’s a silly statement that a great many Poles take to be an immutable natural law, along with ‘Poles are famed for their hospitality’, ‘Poland is famed for its tolerance’, ‘Polish food is more healthy than English food, and so on.

    Objectively, of course, the statement is absolute rubbish, as Polish and English girls are made of much the same genetic material, and perceptions of ‘beauty’ are entirely subjective anyway.

    It would probably be true to say that Polish girls take more care of their appearance than some of other nationalites, however.

  17. Pistefka says:

    The situation in Hungary is almost exactly the same – lots of “Anglo-Saxon” men with Hungarian wives (and ex-wives), but not many cases of the reverse.

    Incidentally, they also seem to think that Hungarian women are exceptionally beautiful and renowned for their beauty all over the world. It always gives me asense of deja vu for my years spent in Poland when they say that.

    As ever, people in central and eastern European countries tend to compare and contrast themselves with
    Britain and america, and believe themselves to be unique when in fact they are very similar in also sorts of ways to their neighbouring countries – which rarely get any attnetion in the local media, while Wayne Rooney’s latest misadventures are broadcast instantaneously.

  18. phroid says:

    Let me see if I follow what’s being argued here in the comments section.

    A Polish guy argues Polish women are essentially mercenaries? They go for the richer guys over guys with less money?

    Just Polish women have those tendencies? C’mon.

    And an English guy argues that most of us know the reasons but they are better off left unsaid?.

    He’s either observing that:

    a.) No one has dared to comment on Bartek’s listing of possible reasons why women from English-speaking countries do not fancy having a Polish boyfriend or husband — or why Polish chaps do not even try to pick up English-speaking women. And the listings for either of which seem to indicated that Polish men tend to be rather boorish and/or uncouth without actually noting that they tend to be incredibly and extraordinarily sexist.


    b.) He has a very favorable opinion of himself and his “kind.”

  19. Paddy says:

    Interesting post. I have to say all of the Polish girls I know in London have English boyfriends, mainly for reasons Number 1 and 4 in your list.

    I do know a Polish guy in London who is married to his wife who is South Korean, but maybe he doesn’t count?

    In any case I can state with absolute certainty that following four weeks of field analysis on the 195, 503, 148 and 185 buses and several days of lab testing in comparison with historic evidence that my conclusion is that Polish women are on average 47% better looking and better dressed than English women and the current trend of Polish women and English men would be reversed if 67% of Polish men realised that the regulation Grade 3 haircut, adidas trousers and combat hoody did not lead to lead the bee to the honey, as it were.

  20. bob says:

    @Paddy: “I do know a Polish guy in London who is married to his wife”

    That’s good that he is not married to someone else.

    Bartek – good post

  21. Paddy says:

    Ha ha, taken out of context bob!

  22. Bartek says:

    That was a question rather than assertion…

  23. Bartek says:

    If someone is married to someone else’s wife it smacks of polygamy :)

    Thanks Bob

  24. island1 says:

    As you mention in the post, there is a double selection effect going on: foreigners are likely to pair up with women from the country they are living in because there are more of them around, and foreigners who have met their partners abroad are likely to come and live in their partner’s country, at least for a while. Unlike the UK or the US, there are rarely economic reasons to come to Poland.

    Why are there less foreign women partnered with Polish men? Single western women are less likely to come and live in Poland (note ‘less’) than single western men, but single Polish women are much more likely to travel to the west to work. I suspect western women are less likely to marry into a Polish family because they perceive the position of women in Poland to be more restrictive (rightly or wrongly).

    In other words, the phenomenon is much more to do with statistics than any real or perceived advantage to marrying a western man. The lure of the exotic does play a part in initial attraction, but having a foreign partner is actually a hindrance to a long-term relationship—there are all kinds of problems that don’t arise otherwise.

  25. Bartek says:

    Looks like you hit the nail on the head…

  26. jarek says:

    Why should I hit on english women when polish women are more attractive anyway?

    English girls are mostly fugly.

  27. heckler says:

    I’ll solve the mystery for you guys, it’s not so complicated: English-speaking women have noticed the lack of good-looking Polish men. Heck, Polish women have noticed the same thing- hence their need to go outside of their culture! And why is it that Polish men go bald in their 20’s?!
    Also, Polish men are too insecure to approach English-speaking woman so they hide behind their “Polish women are more beautiful” statements, though they don’t have one of those either.
    And another key issue that Island1 hits on: cultural differences in a marriage are incredibly difficult to overcome, it doesn’t matter which cultures. Polish men, in my experience, do not speak English well enough to be considered their “heart language”. If they can’t communicate with their partner at a heart level, the relationship is nothing. Hence, less English-speaking women in long-term relationships with Polish men.

  28. Adonis says:

    More than a few Polish girls make the Italian-American bimbos on the American reality(?) TV show Jersey Shore look like intelligensia:

    And there are more than a few videos just like the one above.

    And @ heckler: Why is it that English guys and girls have funny teeth?

  29. Bartek says:

    another conjecture borne out

  30. Bartek says:

    Heckler, a very good question concerning the reasons of going bald. Some of my peers from university (in their early 20’s) are already almost totally bald. I’m not afflicted with this, but some of my schoolmates and I already have grey hair…

  31. Bartek says:


    Heckler was the only one to touch upon the linguistic aspects. How about that?

  32. Tony says:

    Ask any Polish girl you know about this phenomenon, and they’ll tell you the same thing. Polish guys tend to be a bit sissified (‘mommy’s boys’ would perhaps be a better term) from living at home for so long. A guy who can take care of himself (no matter what his nationality) stands out here like a beacon in the dark.

  33. heckler says:

    @ Adonis “Why is it that English guys and girls have funny teeth?” Good question, perhaps better directed at an English guy or girl. I’m neither and I happen to have straight teeth thanks to my parents paying for a good orthodontist.
    @ Tony, you make a very good point. This is perhaps number 1 on the list of complaints I hear from English-speaking girls about Polish guys.
    @ Bartek, the shallow qualities that have been listed are simply to make us all laugh and feel good about insulting each other, but the linguistic barrier is absolutely the deeper reason. Go with that…

  34. Tony says:

    I think personal hygiene (or lack thereof) comes into play a bit as well. Public transportation (at least here in Krakow) is NOT for the faint of nose, and it’s not the fault of the ladies!

  35. Let’s stir the pot a little:

  36. Why do you imagine Thai girls are hot for middle-aged Western men, whereas middle-aged Thai women don’t (for some reason or other) attract the attention of young alpha Western men?

    Any ideas?

    Do you really need to be a rocket scientist to work that one out?

  37. guest says:

    low quality food (lots of fat and chemicals)
    cheap alcohol
    cheap black market cigarettes
    low quality water
    stress (wyscig szczurow) which starts at school

    = bad hair, bad skin and bad teeth in the late 20’s

    And if you wear a helmet (construction workers, coal miners) it gets even worse. The Polish “prisoner” hair cut does not help either. But it all starts with the food. In Russia or the Ukraine it is exactly the same, or even worse…men in Russia die in their late 50’s early 60’s and they look like 70yrs olds…

  38. guest says:

    ps: One should not forget that the 20-30’olds generation was born in times of the biggest crisis.

  39. Bartek says:

    having read your list I can have a sigh of relief, I’m not at peril

  40. Bartek says:

    A Polish guy in his homeland tends to be a sissy.

    But isn’t it natural that women look out for the most resourceful men, because they believe such husbands / father would take care of a family properly?

  41. Bartek says:

    The listed was meant to trigger a discussion and it worked.

    It is you, commentators, who should carry on, but I do think it is a part of the problem.

  42. Bartek says:

    We are approaching a point in which discussion slowly morphs into trading insults :)

  43. What exactly were you expecting?

    And the reason why Alpha females of one nationality might be interested in Ceta, Delta and Epsilon males of another, are generally connected with issues money and status, (or their perception of such), if you can’t, for some reason, work it out for yourself.

  44. mjd says:

    A final, fully consistent theory on this most grave topic must account for the long historical precedent of the phenomenon in question:

  45. Stefan says:

    Probably the last time Polish guys seduced English girls was WWII, but those guys not only spoke English and were well educated army officers but could also be gallant.

    BTW, my friend from Barbados has a Polish husband. Her first husband was also Polish. Well, statistically this may mean nothing but anyway… ;)

    On the other hand, congratulations Bartek. In the era of transnational migration and forging a global village we got involved into nationalist sexist and what what not discussion ;) :D

  46. island1 says:

    I know or know of quite a few Polish men with foreign wives, but only one with a western wife (not counting Radek Sikorski). Off the top of my head I know of a Filipino, a Mexican, and a Ghanian married to Polish men. I also know of several Ukrainian women married to Polish men.

  47. Stefan says:

    Well, it seems work geographically: the westerner the better ;)

  48. Stefan says:

    “seems to” of course!

  49. Stefan says:

    It sounds logic but in practice does not necessarily work. Two friends of mine (women) have sissy English partners (really nice chaps), and not rich at all! WTF? ;) In my opinion it’s their caring ‘motherly’ personalities. Besides, my friends are not religious (if someone thought their caring nature results from their religious background).

  50. pinolona says:

    Oh dear. Here we go again.
    I know one British woman married to a Polish man and they’re very happy.
    I would agree with Jamie that it’s probably about statistics and about which demographic groups are more likely to travel. Word on the street – at least in London – is that Polish guys are all hot blond bodybuilders: only in Poland have I encountered a general consensus among non-Polish women that Polish men are a bit useless. So it can’t be about perceived attractiveness. I’ve also met plenty of intelligent, good-looking Polish men with prestigious jobs and a sense of chivalry (I disagree about the toilet seat – British men are worse) although I’ve never been tempted to marry one.
    Bartek, you argue that Polish men are much less likely to learn English and by extension to marry a foreigner. Shame on you! Who says foreign women can’t learn Polish?!
    I won’t even go near the ‘Polish women are more attractive’ issue. It’s a stereotype and it’s insanely irritating to non-Polish women who happen to live in Poland!

  51. Stefan says:

    Pinolona, I bet the issue must be ‘insanely irritating to non-Polish women…’ . Believe me, Bartek touched on an issue which is much more ‘insanely irritating’ to Polish men! ;) Easy! The subject itself gets deeply into atavistic actions and reactions and our distant ancestors undoubtedly used to get ‘insanely’ furious faster than we tend to. Observing our cousins, chimpanzees and gorillas (not to mention deer and other mammals!), we can see how irritating these issues can be.

  52. “I would agree with Jamie that it’s probably about statistics and about which demographic groups are more likely to travel.”

    Personally, I wouldn’t agree with ‘nice’ Mr Stokes’ theory.

    I actually looked up the statistics – immigration from A8 EU nations (within which Poles form the majority) after EU accession showed a disparity of 56:44 in favour of men.

    Historically it has nearly always been men rather than women who have chosen to migrate.

  53. Adonis says:

    It’s very understandable why Polish women are attracted to guys who come to Krakow, get stupid drunk, and puke and pee in the street.

    And I’ve always thought a British accent is a bit silly in and of itself, Stefan.

  54. Actually, it isn’t really understandable.

    That’s the point, I suppose.

  55. Kuba says:

    If I could find a good Polish woman ……….

  56. richardlith says:

    Do they use the term barracuda in Poland for women who seek rich husbands, not necessarily foreign. They do in Lithuania.

    As some have mentioned, the stereotypes about Polish women food and hospitality are also promoted by virtually every country east of the Oder-Neisse Line¨ Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic…

    The trend of local women marrying foreigners is especially noted in these countries because

    1. It is so new. Before 1990, it was difficult for people from the Eastern Bloc to meet foreigners, never mind marry one. Meanwhile, people in the west (ie the anglophone readers of this blog) have been marrying foreigners for decades. I have British friends and relatives (or theire parents) who married a Norwegian, a Japanese, an Australian etc 20-40 years ago

    2. Marrying a foreigner, just like emigration, is a response to people being kept cooped up in Poland for 50 years The communist government managed to keep the lid on people’s bubbling desire to see the world and meet new people. Now that Poles can travel freely, they are enthusiastically joining the world and marriage is one way of doing this.

    3. There are more ¨western¨ foreign men in Poland than foreign women. We can speculate on the reasons. My favourite is that more foreign men have looser ties with home than women, ie. they are less likely to get homesick. Women are more likely to miss friends and relatives back home than men, so they don’t stay on.

    3.Latent family and social pressure on Polish women to marry. Granny always asking ¨aren’t you married yet.¨ Far stronger in Central and Eastern Europe than in the UK.

    Finally, the I hope the headline was designed to provoke controversy. It represents Polish men’s (and many older women’s) lingering patriarchal view of the nation, family life and relations between men and women. Many Polish women are fed up of Polish men taliing about ¨our women,¨ as if women are still men’s property, or the property of the Polish nation. Marrying a foreinger is an act of individualism. .

  57. Stefan says:

    “Many Polish women are fed up of Polish men taliing about ¨our women,¨ as if women are still men’s property, or the property of the Polish nation. Marrying a foreinger is an act of individualism.”

    Exactly! .

  58. Another Ewa says:

    From what I’ve observed, quite a few of the British and American men living in Poland and married to Polish women men are slightly odd and I think they’d have problems finding a wife back in the UK. Maybe Polish girls have lower standards? Or, in their keeness to get away from their parents , they don’t understand what they’re getting themselves in to? One couple I know realised after a year of marriage that they never argued because they didn’t actually understand what the other one was saying – since then it’s been miserable.

    I also know a couple of middle-aged Anglo guys who are now divorced from their wives and finding that the Polska lalka they married has razor sharp claws and isn’t afraid to use them. It’s not pretty.

  59. Grze$ko says:

    Oh, don’t put yourself down!

  60. True, a lot on both sides don’t really know what they are letting themselves in for.

    I think Brits contemplating marrying Polish lalkas should first read the bizarre ramblings of Polka on the island, and consider her strange scatological obsessions.

    That should certainly cool their ardour somewhat.

  61. Name says:

    I second that Warren, well said.

  62. It’s only one of a series of articles of random nonsense by the batty Polka.

    This one, which she tagged ‘Dirty English People’, happens to be my favourite:

    “I opened a champagne bar, and it’s picking up slowly, thank you. It’s located next to a park, unfortunately. Yes, unfortunately.
    I get all kinds of customers, and I like the best the ones who beam like little suns when they experience proper Polish manners from the waitress (me).
    I get Polish customers, too, and it’s such a fine thing to be able to speak Polish for a change.
    Then I get customers just for a cup of coffee, which is no problem at all, I have excellent coffee.
    And then I get the other customers, and will use this means of self-publication to vent.
    The first major group are pensioner gentlemen, who are incredibly aggressive. They don’t even look at the menu, just ask for a price of latte and start shouting – it’s too expensive, and too posh!!! (not that I don’t know)
    The second group, thankfully smaller, are dirty customers: they sit in the coffee chairs to dine, wipe their fingers in the seat, leave breadcrumbs on the table, chair and floor and bad smell in the air. Absolutely disgusting smell of intensity previously unknown to me.
    And thirds kind are walk in toileters, who just want to use the loo. Like the fat cow not ten minutes ago. I think I’ll throw up. She just walked in with a kid, ‘have you got a toilet we can use?’. They then went straight out and I didn’t hear the water flush. I went to check, and they didn’t flush, of course, neither did they wipe the toilet the kid pissed all over. No more toilet users I guess.
    I’ve cleaned up by now. This is the single cleanest place in the town, with the best bubbly and delicious Polish cakes. Not sure how do I dispose of the dirty customers without scaring the respectful customers away at the same time? Then again, a lapse in manners usually goes unnoticed around here. I might just lie that I don’t have a loo.”

  63. It’s not just Polish girls – it’s most women from the Baltic states plus Slovakia, CZ and Hungary – and I think it is mostly because they tend to be thin and tend to wear skirts.

    Again, though, I didn’t move here just because my (then girlfriend) was good-looking. We happened to find that our personalities fit really well which is not something we had been able to say about previous relationships we’d been in. As for “who should move” …it was easier for me to move here than my wife to move to the US. Easier in terms of attachment to family and easier in terms of law/procedures.

  64. Bartek says:

    And they want to take care of someone exotic, doesn’t have to rich nor resourceful

  65. Bartek says:

    Thnaks, we envisaged it.

  66. Bartek says:


    only in Poland have I encountered a general consensus among non-Polish women that Polish men are a bit useless – what do you mean by saying they’re useless?

    Once again, I don’t argue, I speculate just to spur on the discussion between the commentators.

    And once again, the attractiveness is a stereotype, the question is who spreads it…

  67. Bartek says:

    I think the opinions I’ve expressed about (Polish) men are more disparaging than those about (Polish) women. But Polish men were slagged off the most.

  68. Bartek says:

    Men from Poland have emigrated abroad to earn money (and usually have taken up low-paid jobs), Polish women rather to settle down. Men have usually been tempted to stay there, earn money and go back to their homeland, Polish women going abroad are better educated and therefore more likely to stay there.

    Take into account qualitative factors, not only quantitative…

  69. Bartek says:

    Dammit, they come there for stag parties, not to look for wives…

  70. Bartek says:

    There are plenty around!

  71. Bartek says:

    Interesting observations, although the argument about being suppressed by travelling restrictions in the soviet block sounds to me a bit irrelevant.

  72. Bartek says:

    quite a few of the British and American men living in Poland and married to Polish women men are slightly odd and I think they’d have problems finding a wife back in the UK – are fellow Polandians on board?

    Maybe Polish girls have lower standards? – I thought they go out with foreigners because they expect more, not less…

    they didn’t actually understand what the other one was saying – now I should my fellow Polandian if they don’t have any problems communicating with their wives…

  73. I don’t see any good reason to suppose that Polish women are more likely to ‘settle down’ in a foreign country than Polish men.

    Nor do I see why Polish women going abroad are ‘better educated’ than Polish men.

  74. Bartek says:

    Can’t we hold back from personal remarks?

  75. Bartek says:

    It is not the discussion about someone’s blog, so please don’t stray off course…

  76. Steve says:

    As someone who brought a number of English guys to Poland, there is clear consensus that Polish girls are much sexier – bodily, body language and dress. The only question was whether Ukrainian or Russian girls were as good/better.

    I suspect the tough, independent, but yet dedicated nature of many Polish women, especially those who are likely to be met by English men, make them ideal partners. Within this, an important facet is ambition – money may be a part of this, but a conscious desire to make the right life is a much wider objective. I can see why this combination can be off-putting for men who want more submissive partners, although I must say that I find Polka on the Island’s blog an excellent read. Young Polish men, on the other hand, generally seem to be the opposite of Polish women. They are relaxed and laid back, tending to evolve into relationships, avoiding potential problems. I have been surprised at the number of times I have heard Polish men say that they can’t understand their women, so I suspect there is also an undercurrent of male fear here. From all of this, they may generally have little interest in trying to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise from making relationships with foreign partners. Not that I can see any particular reason why they might prefer English women or why English women might want them, but that’s a bit outside my experience.

  77. As a foreign(ish) woman living in Poland, I can’t count the number of times I have complained about the lack of decent Polish men. Besides the obvious drawbacks (bald/shaved heads, track suits, inability to speak English) that narrow down the pool significantly, there’s one factor you left out, Bartek: most “desirable” Polish guys are already taken, and get taken the second they’re on the market – or they left for the UK in 2004 and never looked back.

    The situation is so dire that several female friends and I have considered starting a mate import/export business, in which we export willing Polish women to countries like the UK, and at the same time import men from Scandinavian and Mediterranean lands, where they believe in good haircuts and proper dress.

    Do you think we could get an EU small business grant for this project?

  78. siudol says:

    “evolve into relationships”.

    Now, that’s my motto in life. You hit the nail right on the head, Steve. I did, when I come to think about it, evolve into my relationship with, by the way, an Anglo-Saxon woman.

    Incidentally, I also occasionally read Polka’s on the Island blog and find it very interesting. I don’t know what’s this bug up Warren’s backside.

  79. daa says:

    great expectations towards fellow country-women but nothing to offer in return – that is how i can sum up Polish guys. the list of the attributes of an acceptable woman acc. to them is endless, yet somehow they do not tick any box themselves. that`s how it works in Poland and I don`t anticipate changes anytime soon.

  80. siudol says:

    and obviously, daa, you’re not prone to sweeping generalizations at all.

  81. daa says:

    ps/a perfect example is in-famous Kominek – pathetic chauvinistic, short, balding, hooded guy with ridiculous sporty cap, insulting not only women but just about everything. here some overview regarding what he would like Polish women to be – now that is a cheek:,kategorie,10.htm

    how many of them like Kominek in Poland? scary.

  82. siudol says:

    finally a web-site for me! Been searching high and low for something down my alley. Eternally grateful mate.

  83. adonis says:

    We all know that all English folk always flush the toilet, never exude any unpleasant odors, and never ever behave poorly. Not to mention that they only drink a proper cup of tea, not coffee. So Polka on the Island must be daft.

  84. Bartek says:

    I’m afraid your application would be rejected, human trafficking is generally forbidden in civilised countries…

  85. Bartek says:

    I also like her blog, full of incisive observations.

  86. daa says:

    @ siudol soo happy for you, matey
    @adonis imagine any of Polandian bloggers posting something like “DIRTY POLISH PEOPLE”. too charming, isn`t it.

  87. Bartek says:

    I would hazard a guess it is very strange nobody has yet hurled any insult at the author of this thought-provoking post…

  88. pinolona says:

    ok. When I say ‘a bit useless’ it refers to the stereotypical image that was bandied around when I was in Krakow i.e. something akin to the Italian ‘mammone’: Mum does everything for him and he tends to be under the thumb of his much smarter Polish girlfriend… but I have to emphasize that this is just a stereotype. Although I did have a Polish friend who – at the age of 31 – was still sending his laundry back to his Mum…

  89. siudol says:

    Guys in their 30s running to their moms to have their laundry done is a phenomenon I have seen in a lot of countries, so it’s really not that unusual.

    Now, what I don’t recall ever observing is girls doing that, be it in Poland or any other country.

  90. daa says:

    good job Bartek, you were far from insulting anybody, just curious and as objective as you could be, right?
    Loved this: Playing host to an English-speaking mother-in-law looms as the worst imaginable nightmare.
    – indeed:)

  91. scatts says:

    Where shall I start?

  92. guest says:

    Bist du Deutsche ?

  93. scatts says:

    1/ Yes, I am odd.

    2/ Must have, to hang around with me

    3/ Understanding a wife in any language is tough.

  94. Bartek says:

    Maybe I’m the only one and the very odd one, but when you said “useless” what occured to me was that they don’t know how to fix a leaking tap or are not up to the task in bed…

    They’re rather “helpless”, “unresourceful”, “dependent”…

  95. Bartek says:

    1/ I agree

    2/ I agree

    3/ I agree

  96. Bartek says:

    Nein, ich bin Pole und ich wohne in Polen. Warum fragst du?

    PS. Hier schreibt man nur in English.

  97. Bartek says:

    Don’t know? Ask your wife!

    Wherever you want!

  98. Bartek says:

    Thanks daa, but you’re in the wrong.

    Just take a peek at the second sentence in the last paragraph…

  99. daa says:

    so where`s this pinch of salt??

  100. adonis says:

    @ daa:

    I just went through all the posts on the aforementioned website going back through 2008 and couldn’t find anything titled “Dirty English People,” capitalized or not. Maybe you could provide the specific url?

  101. I copied it before she removed it from her blog.

  102. If you are somehow unable to see for yourself that her blog contains little other than ignorant offensive nonsense, it would be entirely fair and reasonable to suggest you are more than a little cerebrally challanged.

  103. Stefan says:

    “And I’ve always thought a British accent is a bit silly in and of itself, Stefan.”

    Alas, I’m afraid I’m not qualified to solve your problem. Sorry!
    Maybe try smiling at people from time to time…

  104. “I find Polka on the Island’s blog an excellent read.”

    It is indeed an excellent read if you happen to be interested in the study of psychological disorders, particularly with regard to a obsessive-compulsive disorders in relation to human excrement.

    Won’t tell you a great deal about England, however.

  105. siudol says:

    Talking about “ignorant offensive nonsense” your comments was just that, clearly showing what areas you’re challenged in. Being civilized being one of them. It is fine for you to criticize all sorts of things, but the minute someone else does that you get get your knickers in a twist. Incidentally, for a blog that “contains little other than ignorant offensive nonsense” you seem to read it quite regularly, I’d say.

  106. Piotr says:

    Er, wrong addressee? Ah, the nightmare of threading! :-)

  107. Another Ewa says:


    You just reminded me that the British sense of humour will take you a long way :)

  108. Steve says:

    Come off it Warren. Since you quote Polka at length, you must be a secret fan. She obviously gets your back up, but isn’t that just because she’s too close too comfort for your English pride? She wasn’t taking the piss when she was talking about urine. If you don’t recognise the complete truth of her observations, you can’t have been down the pub for a few beers with your mates or found that public toilets are part of England’s glorious historic past just when you can’t find a bus shelter.

  109. Of course, it would be strictly voluntary human trafficking – I think it could only be a win-win situation.

  110. Stefan says:

    There are cultural differences including peeing habits. In Belgium they do it in public and nobody’s shocked.

  111. guest says:

    Ich habe nicht dich gefragt. Wenn ich dich gefragt hätte, dann hätte ich “Bist du deutscheR ?” geschrieben. Die Frage richtete sich an Bildungsroman.

  112. My only reply to that is ‘bollocks’. Have you never been to Poland, m8?

    Yeah, I am a big fan. I’m also a big fan of ‘Rosemary’s baby’. There’s enough material in her blog to keep a conference of psychologists occupied for a month.

  113. siudol says:

    Developed a bit of an obsession there huh, Warren?

    Apart from the fact that your rant about her blog had nothing to do with the topic being discussed here, you’ve also given a lot of publicity to someone you apparently can’t stand.

    Keep at it. Thanks to you her blog will go from strength to strength.

  114. I do too. It’s hilarious. I hope she never stops writing it.!/group.php?gid=107569912597565

  115. adonis says:

    How’d we get taken from from Polish babes into the Kanaly?


    But the bit about Belgium’s public urinals was enlightening. Din ‘no dat.

  116. Bartek says:

    Das bedeutet ich muss an meiner Deutschkentnisse arbeiten. I habe seit ein und halb Jahren die Sprache fast nicht benuetzt…

  117. Bartek says:

    So maybe Polish women prefer foreign (not Belgian) men because in their cultures it is not on to urinate on the street…

    We’ve gone far off course…

  118. siudol says:

    What I also find pretty telling is that you’re bitching incessantly about her blog here, but I haven’t actually seen a single entry from you on her blog.

    What’s up Warren? Scared you’d get more than you bargain for in the way of response from her?

  119. Stan says:

    Ahaha ! Nice post :) and nice comments ! i’m very surprised how relevant are some of them.

    Also, as a French, i must mention our own success towards Polish girls. I’ve had 2 polish girlfriends until now (and i’m still with Marta actually).

    However, for the honour of Poles guys, a (french) friend of mine living in Bristol, uk also had 2 polish boyfriends until now…

  120. ” siudol says:
    November 9, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    What I also find pretty telling is that you’re bitching incessantly about her blog here, but I haven’t actually seen a single entry from you on her blog.

    What’s up Warren? Scared you’d get more than you bargain for in the way of response from her?”


    I’m banned from commenting.

  121. It’s a bit like that in Poland.

    People tend to use klatki as open air urinals.

    I presume that’s what peeves Anna – where she comes from no-one would bother to ask to use a toilet, when they can simply piss in the doorway without having to ask permission.

  122. Name says:

    I’m a British female married to a wonderful Polish man. He speaks English fluently and I’m even trying to learn polish. My family and friends have no problems with him or pronouncing our surname. He is extremely caring and has no difficulty expressing his feelings and he always puts the toilet seat down! So there are some exceptions out there!

  123. siudol says:

    Fair enough. Didn’t look far back enough.

  124. Adonis says:

    Ugh, re. Polka’s insistance that some Polish revenge killer indiscriminately killing 100 “Soviets” was pretty much just deserts.

    But ugh too re, Warren posting there a video by a guy(?) known as Journeyman:

    Here’s what Journeyman thinks about Poles in the UK (albeit not the video link Warren posted there):

    So Warren and Polka deserve each other, istm.

  125. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dan DeLa Cruz, Malcolm Guy. Malcolm Guy said: Apparently there is a new age-old mystery surrounding Polish women… […]

  126. Bartek says:

    We’re glad you’re happy and to hear about another exception that proves the rule!

  127. Bartek says:

    I’m afraid it might be a brand-new mystery!

  128. polkaontheisland says:

    Thank you for your kind interest.

    About the piss: the Brits are the self-styled ‘Nation of Piss-Up Artists’, as advised by one of my Tutors (a real Englishman, a real rarity)

    There are things about you to be enjoyed, as well as disliked:

    About the Soviets – you weren’t here, but I’m sure you all loved the latest Tarantino about killing Nazis. Soviets are Nazis (only worse). Not Russians or Germans: they are madmen.

    Warren – thank you again for your hard work, I don’t intend to pay you, but I am greatful for the free traffic.

  129. Steve says:

    Actually, I’m primarily commenting to get this post into the Guinness Book of Records as the most commented Polish post in the English language.

    Going back to your comment at 3:29, yesterday you asked if I’d ever been to Poland. You’re welcome to look at

    Why exactly do you stay in Poland? I don’t mean to suggest, ‘why don’t you go home’, but you seem to be a bit out of place. Teaching English in Poland sounds a bit demeaning for someone who “believes that almost everything English is best”.

  130. What are you doing in Poland Steve, if you have such a patronising and condescending view of Polish people?

    Is your perception of the intellectual abilities of Poles really so low that you can find some merit in ‘Polka on the Island’s’ ignorant and unpleasant nonsense?

    Do you genuinely believe that just because she happens to be Polish she is somehow incapable of doing any better?

  131. siudol says:

    Warren, I have read some of Steve’s comments and did not find them “patronising and condescending”, but I haven’t found a single one of your posts that wouldn’t be that.

    I can certainly understand the reason why Steve asked you why you stay in Poland. I have actually wondered about that too. It obviously cannot be because you like Poland or Poles, or anything other than yourself or England in any case, so there must be another reason, but, hey, it’s a free country.

    I may disagree with some of Polka’s views, but am actually not surprised that she has banned you from posting on her blog. There is a limit to the amount of abuse one can take and you are unable to post anything without calling someone an idiot, moron, etc, so she booted you off and good for her. So, you post here simply because the Polandian bloggers, to their credit, trust in the posters’ self-moderation and civility – skills you do not appear to posses, so you keep abusing that trust.

    The Polish men are at times referred to as boors, but the word fits perfectly to describe you. Are you perhaps Polish and you don’t even know about it? Now, that is a thought. You’d love to discover that wouldn’t you? Would you be patronizing and condescending to yourself? Just thinking aloud.

    I mentioned in an earlier post you must have developed some obsession about Polka. That was tongue in cheek of course, but now I’m not that sure. Bartek’s has written a great article, intended for an interesting discussion, and you have hijacked it to rant and bitch about something completely irrelevant. Is it really that difficult for you to find a forum for yourself anywhere these day so that you barge in with your rants where they don’t belong?

  132. polkaontheisland says:

    Back on topic:

    I know more couples where the man is English and the woman is Polish, or other foreigner, than the other way round. But I do recall one couple where she was English and he was Polish.

    I think that one theory could be that females are naturally and subconsciously trying to spread the gene pool by marrying outside of the standard local gee pool. The same way as males spread their genes with as many mates as they get away with.

    The only strange thing is that as mentioned in the legends, it’s usually the male youth who goes around the world, not the girl. Girls in legends remain in their homes and the boys come to court them there. It seems that it’s more true to say that the girl goes away in search of a new home and family. My great-Granddad had done that too – he brought himself a wife from another Voivodeship.

    I don’t think that it’s particular to Polish-English relations. It seems that there are a lot of Polish females in Germany, but not as many in France. It must be due to the distance – England being only two hours flight away. Not sure about Polish-Scottish relations, but they seem more common than Polish-French.

    The argument that it’s due to riches wouln’t really stand – there are thousands of Polish women in Arab countries.

  133. daa says:

    time for a new post perhaps?

  134. Bartek says:

    What should it be about?

  135. “Warren, I have read some of Steve’s comments and did not find them “patronising and condescending”, but I haven’t found a single one of your posts that wouldn’t be that.”

    In that case, perhaps you should get hold of a good dictionary to help you understand what the words ‘patronising’ and ‘condescending’ actually mean.

    “Is it really that difficult for you to find a forum for yourself anywhere these day so that you barge in with your rants where they don’t belong?”

    Such a dictionary might also come in handy to help you understand what a ‘rant’ consists of.

  136. siudol says:

    Really trying hard now to outdo yourself, aren’t you. Must have hurt. I rest my case.

  137. If your definition of ‘hurt’ feels something like being savaged on an internet forum by lexically challenged dead sheep, then you are indeed getting to me.

  138. Stefan says:

    I always repeat all we are doing is about the language. Whatever we’re talking about, however serious or ridiculous the topic is, we are all bound to end up in the language. Ludwig Wittgenstein triumphs posthumously ;)

    Warren, relax. I understand your point perfectly. Polka just hurt your national pride on assumption her norms are objective. (Actually, I can’t understand her ‘posh’ approach to the guys in need to use her loo). On the other hand your response is too emotional and you go a step too far (typical Polish in my opinion). Easy, mate. We aren’t that different. We all have bladders ;)

  139. scatts says:

    I think something nice and non-controversial such as “Why all Polish men are losers when it comes to women”, or something like that.


  140. siudol says:

    I’d like that. Finally a subject agreeable to everyone. I’m tired of all this controversy.

  141. Kuba says:

    Good move Scatts.

  142. Bartek says:

    go for it mate, you’re out of office today :)

  143. jwojcie says:

    “Reasons why Polish chaps do not even try to pick up English-speaking women:”

    As someone already point out, what for? If in your own words:
    “2. Polish girls are famous for their remarkable beauty all over the world and women from other countries do not stack up against them in terms of gorgeousness.”

    As far as I know none of the Spice Grirls where considered beauty in Poland… Can you blame us?:

  144. pinolona says:

    nope, useless covers it all right!

  145. zarazek says:

    They don’t. You’re probably from the US, that’s why you think that.

  146. daa says:

    I know it`s only a film, but still: The Woman Who Dreamt of a Man – Danish ” Kvinden Der Drømte Om En Mand ” is a story of a woman obsessed with a Polish guy, and she even follows him to Warsaw:
    now that`s a bit unusual:)

  147. “Ugh, re. Polka’s insistance that some Polish revenge killer indiscriminately killing 100 “Soviets” was pretty much just deserts.”

    In that case, it would be entirely fair and reasonable to label you as ‘ignorant and primitive’.

    “But ugh too re, Warren posting there a video by a guy(?) known as Journeyman:”

    Never looked at who had posted the video. I don’t see how it’s relevant to anything.

  148. I’m sure some Polish people do the same, but I’m not ill-mannered enough to write blog posts entitled ‘Dirty Polish people’ on the subject.

  149. Steve says:

    It all seems to have died now, but I would like to give a partial, if roundabout answer to Warren’s question “What are you doing in Poland, Steve?”.

    I support Warren’s view that I was being patronising and condescending, although I find it difficult to understand why he thought I was aiming this at Polish people. “You can’t have been down the pub for a few beers with your mates” implies “don’t you have any friends?”; “public toilets are part of England’s glorious historic past” must be a sarcastic reference to the decline of England and the arrogance of the English; whilst “teaching English in Poland sounds a bit demeaning for someone who believes that almost everything English is best” seems to be a similar, but more personally targeted comment. Why would an Englishman who thinks this way want to stay in England?

    Why is it that so few people take offence when I think I’m being extremely rude? I’m not that subtle, am I?

  150. siudol says:

    I’m relatively new to Polandian, so you may have written about it already. but I’ve always wondered about why the people living in capitals/major centres are often disliked by the rest of the country. I’ve experienced it in basically all the countries I’ve lived in. So, perhaps “Is the perception that the people from Warsaw are arrogant, stuck up gits justified?”

  151. Bartek says:

    Siudol, I don’t know if it looks like this, but in Poland people don’t like inhabitants of Warsaw.

    Good idea for another bunch of insults :)

  152. Przemo says:

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned…I think the foreigners who come here (first of all I mean men here as their cases seem way more common) have a little bit of an edge, especially at the beginning stages of a relationship or right at starting it, in that to a local they represent the new, the attractive and often impressive (as they, for example, are often more laid-back and self-confident than locals) unknown&different. Add the traditional Polish infatuation with people and things foreign (especially Western) and the media which paint an attractive pictures of foreigners (especially films) and the same image of them that it instills in people (favourable stereotype), and there’s another piece of explanation to the phenomenon, I think. That alone can take a foreigner a long way.
    Of course, this rule applies to all international relations of the kind and both ways (man to woman and woman to man), I guess, only to different extent.

    I myself wouldn’t go after an English woman (provided that it wouldn’t be the at-first-sight thing) unless she’s same sweet but foxier (more voluptuous) „version” of Patsy Kensit:) Only this could make me take the next step towards a relationship:) o_0

  153. Megg says:

    I’d like to order one nice British man, ~29 years old. Must have a sense of humour… must be clever, imaginative….
    damn, Do you have some kind of catalogue I can choose from? :)

  154. Name says:

    I imagine the above to be some kind of attempt at wit.

    Anyway, back to the main subject of the discussion:

    “Steve says:

    As someone who brought a number of English guys to Poland, there is clear consensus that Polish girls are much sexier – bodily, body language and dress. The only question was whether Ukrainian or Russian girls were as good/better.”

    I can only presume you must run one of those mail-order bride companies?

    So, how’s business going these days?

  155. Bartek says:

    The comment thread is impressively long, but it’s been. Although what you said is one of the most plausible explanations.

  156. Bartek says:

    We’ve run out of catalogues, currently I think all guys I know are married or in relationships.

    But we meet on Saturday, maybe we’ll find a solution to your problem.

  157. I have both an exception and a hard evidence to your theory at once!!!

    I’m Italian, my girlfriend is Polishm, we do live in Poland and speak English daily (here’s the hard evidence, foreign guy + local girl, primary language: English), but we started our relationship when she was a student in Rome!!! (here we go with the exception: foreign girl + local guy) :D

  158. Megg says:

    I don’t know if it’s a problem. However it is hard to find a decent man… and in my opinion it is not a matter of nationality… generation maybe?

  159. Greg says:

    They are, but whenever they get married and have kids they turn in to ugly, fat, crabby bitches. Not all of them of course Ill say around 90%,

  160. Sylwia says:

    “Many Polish women are fed up of Polish men taliing about ¨our women,¨ as if women are still men’s property, or the property of the Polish nation.”

    Women in Poland were never man’s property! Learn some history.

    “Our women” means Polish women, just as “our men” means Polish men.

    What may be irritating about it is applying some national standards to them. I.e. what kind of behaviour is expected of Polish woman or man.

  161. Absolutely true. I come from the Czech Republic, which is a very liberal and open-minded country (comparable to the Netherlands by many means – I can assure you about that, I am living now in the Netherlands) and I have a Polish fiancée. She is great, but her family is not that much. The fact that I am not baptised (as many people in the Czech Republic are not) horrified her family, as well as my liberal views on marijuana (although I don’t take it), sex, homosexuality, self-expression, politics, history, religion, etc. Quite frankly, with exception of very few Polish men, who are very atypical, I could not even find friends among them (I have a lot of Polish female friends, though), because they are often aggressive, narrow-minded, stupidly proud just ad hoc, they think that everyone long-haired (which I am) is a gay, they are often anti-Semite and they look and behave in a way that I am usually afraid of them – and I am a 80 kilo guy! Can’t imagine being a girl, I would be scared to death that they would kill me one day for “disobeying the orders”.

  162. And of course, Polish women are fantastic, not only beautiful, but smart, intelligent, they know what they want to accomplish…

  163. Kuba says:

    Right if you could find such a woman ; ))

  164. Name says:

    I agree with Bildingsroman. I am a late comer to this thread but agree there are slim pickens for a foreign woman here. Plus I agree with Bartek in that the boys (not men) I have met are helpless, unresourceful, dependent and I would add, disrepectful. I want a man, and all I see among Poles of the male gender, is boys. If I wanted a child, I would have a baby or adopt. I do not want an adult child. But what I see alot of lately is the apparent lack of respect regarding women – Poles and foreigners. Maybe the Polish woman nails the boy to the cross in private, but in public, she appears to take the nonsense her boy gives out. The woman, *no honey, it’s ok you told me you would pick me up at the airport and then forgot.* Rodney Dangerfield…. no respect.:)

  165. “PS. Hier schreibt man nur in English.”

    I like the paradox involved…;)

  166. I am a female westerner married to a Polish man. I managed to knock the Catholicism out of him and the toilet seat (and lid) always go down but apart from that I didn’t need to do any further upgrades. I do regret taking on the surname though, after 8yrs of marriage it still grates on me to hear my own mother try to pronounce it.
    My sister-in-law, my husband’s (female) cousins and one gay uncle however are all married to Canadians….rule confirmed!

  167. I’m a (“fugly”, obviously) Canadian girl with a (“balding, disrespectful,” also obviously) Polish dude.

    And the answer to this one is pretty simple: Polish men face much more pressure from their families to find a “nice Polish/Catholic girl” than Polish women face to find a “nice Polish/Catholic boy.”

    I’m a WASPy, unbaptized, liberal girl with dyed black hair and tattoos, and after my dude introduced me to his family, they all started asking “how are you going to marry her/what about the children/she doesn’t speak Polish,” meaning that there’s a good chance that I wouldn’t want to get married in the church, or raise our children in the faith, or speak Polish to them at home.

    Were our genders reversed, however, they probably still wouldn’t approve of a “Man Me” (they’re conservative country people), but a woman has more control over the wedding (so she and her husband would probably marry in the church if that’s what she wanted) the children (again, would probably be baptized and she’d take them to church) and the culture (she’d probably feed them Polish food, and speak to them in Polish while she was taking care of them).

    I think that happens in pretty much all inter-cultural marriages- it really is less about the people themselves, than the cultural expectations they have to live up to.

    And finally: I have never, in the years we’ve been together, seen my dude wear a tracksuit. Ever.

  168. PHLP1981 says:

    Bartek – why don’t you sod-off to some other country ?
    Obviously you don’t think very much of Poland and judging by your posts you are living a nightmare while staying there. I didn’t enjoy Poland for most of my life and some 7 years ago i have made up my mind about it and … now I don’t have to write overwhelmingly crappy articles about my boiling feelings (especially frustration).
    Consider this as a form of counselling (free of charge).
    Seriously do something to get yourself sorted man – another few years and your safety valves will not cope with the volume of poison running through your system.

    PS Personally I never had any problem with Anglo-Saxonian women and I belive that language could be the only obstacle that can limit the creation of any type of relationships in the world.

  169. Ang says:

    Oh there, there phlp1981. it’s only what Bartek has noticed and i don’t think his comments are contrived.
    A black, female foreigner just makes it even more interesting. They may all not be helpless and rude but take it that they are funny, outgoing, talkative, helpful dudes only when drunk, at least from my experience (we’ve all got one).on normal, sober days they are the complete opposite. They behave as though they never knew you and that’s rude.
    In my case they have a tendency to even stereotype and offend, less than the girls do. Most foreign females come here expecting something above the bar from what they usually know and that is greatly lacking and disappointing when it comes to the male species in Poland. If a foreign girl is gonna commit to a relationship with a foreign guy… he damn well is supposed to be above the bar, just like a polish girl would expect foreign men. Polish guys should keep that in mind.

  170. PHLP1981 says:

    Sorry for not making it clear in first attempt – my previous post is based on all the rest of posts that Bartek created in his past and the ‘personal’ part of it doesn’t have much (unfortunately) to do with the original thread – once again sorry. Now Ang , I can agree with you that Bartek’s comments are not contrived – clearly there are some issues concerning Polish males. Where I don’t agree with you is when you mentioned that ‘If a foreign girl is gonna commit to a relationship with a foreign guy… he damn well is supposed to be above the bar, just like a polish girl would expect foreign men” . Why is that ? Because I don’t get that at all .Is there some kind of unwritten law about it ? From my expierience – the greater the expectations,the deeper the dissappointment – so why make your life harder ? That ”
    he damn well is supposed to be above the bar” part sounds really demanding – are you from Nigeria by any chance?Im just saying that because from my expierience (and we all have got one – don’t we?) it figures that black people from Nigeria are very demanding and short-tempered. I hope you won’t find my comment contrived in this case?

  171. Ang says:

    PHLP1981, like you said “From my expierience – the greater the expectations,the deeper the dissappointment – so why make your life harder ?” – isn’t that just life? Or do you mean to tell me Poles have no great expectations of their country? or EURO 2012?. we have great expectations for everything in life- it’a motivator, it fits into the psych of human beings pretty well. Whatever the case, i dont think it is demanding at all:from my experience all u have to do is be nice, a bit of wit and a little loose. if that’s lacking, then i don’t know what exactly is beyond ‘demanding’.
    And i’ll politely say it IRKS me that u immediately jump on the ‘black person being Nigerian’ bandwagon AND ON TOP OF THAT STEREOTYPING like it’s a noose around your neck. So to answer your question, NO! i’m not Nigerian, Yes! i am proud black, Jamaican with Ghanaian heritage. You seem to take this very hearty discussion to be some kind of Youtube-esque attempt at stating opinions, well, sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not! They are opinions, so ‘you’ stop making it personal… i make my opinions based on experience and that’s why it’s MY opinion.

  172. Ang says:

    Hey PHLP1981, if u need to complain about Bartek’s other posts, I’m sorry i really didn’t get it the last time. But i’d advise u do it somewhere else. There’s an issue at hand to discuss. There should be a complaints board or something elsewhere. cheers

  173. anna says:

    English women are too lazy and uneducated by Polish standards to come to Poland and settle down . Why do only Englismen come here? Alos English women are generally ugly so why bother to have them as wifes if you can have beautiful . But seriously , this a matter of parity . Who gets these company contracts , women , nah , only men . So it is just a matter of numbers . and the calculation of probability

  174. Name says:

    My father is Polish and my mother is Swedish. As I understand it he never wanted a Polish wife.

  175. CT says:

    I dated a polish girl in Belgium – she was really nice and attractive. I do run my own company and do pretty well for myself at this point, but it wasn’t always the case while I was dating her, I was broke half the time trying to build my company. I think mostly, the eastern European women I met seemed to like driven business people much more than western European women e.g. french/belgian/dutch, were working and trying hard to succeed is a bit passe’. Since Poland is relatively young, the guys are still figuring it out on a macro level. Nonetheless most of the Polish guys I meet are very driven and good guys as well. I generally have nothing bad to say about eastern Europeans in general being from the USA.

  176. Nick says:

    It’s simple really, Polish women are known to be some of the most attractive women in the world. Why would a Polish guy not want to settle down with one of these women, especially if he already speaks the language?

  177. Janusz Brzęczeszczykiewicz ;-) says:

    Ha ha, you must be very fond of yourself to write an article like this.
    There you are:

  178. Enlightened new age guy... says:

    Its hypergamy you bunch of politically correct dim wits. Women are never happy with what is in front of their face…. they are always looking for something greater than themselves or the ordinary… they RE A BUNCH OF SPOILT KIDS.

  179. Tom says:

    The main reason why foreign women are not attracted to Polish men. Is because unlike Polish women, Polish men are known for being ugly and badly dressed.

    I often ask so what do you think about Polish guys as an opener to tourists. It ranges from laughing to disgust. Western women care more about how a man looks, where as Polish women look for inner beauty. That’s why guys regardless of how guys look they look stand a chance with a Polish woman.

    Also you’re right about the language barrier but I wouldn’t say the females language level is much better on average.

  180. cku says:

    money and power are aphrodisiacs to women way more than viagra or a perfect body can be… at least to begin with :)

    I wouldn’t call polish girls mercenary. Any woman wants and needs a man that will be able to supply the kids/family with what necessary when she can’t (jobless for any reason or period, busy mothering ecc). So it is normal to look at a mans reliability and wallet in some way.
    The same way we look at them as beautiful as we want healthy kids and beauty is associated to health.

    Having said this… I met a not-poor-family state english teacher in Poland which I find beautiful (not standard slim sexy thing but still cool and gorgeous)… but she is all but warm :(

    Then let’s face it: most women in Poland earn less than 3000zl (I know of several earning below 2000).
    Any european paid job will be paid way more than this and will appear rich even not actually being such. So foreigners are interesting to local women.

    The real problem is finding a well speaking one that is warm towards you, in my opinion.

    being cinical, it is fundamental to be happy in bed and beauty helps, warmth closes the circle. and money helps being warm, this is sad but apparently part of the game.

    I keep holding to my dream of pure love. Maybe I should have looked better as a teen ager when all these things barely touch you.

    All my girls (from my country, imports, now in Poland) saw me as rich and a good broom-to-be… why did I never feel the love from them? Off topic I assume :)

    Cheers :)

  181. neo says:

    I am in love with a polish neu zulander girl

  182. David says:

    Funny, but I think, good points. I don’t think you’ve offended anyone. I came across this by doing a google search about why Polish girls ALWAYS tag #polishgirl. I think the fact is, Polish girls are “fishing” for foreign guys and that’s at the root of the answer to the question your pondering. Females of other nationalities seldom hashtag their nationality. You never see #canadiangirl #mexicangirl #danishgirl #dutchgirl, etc. Anyway, nice entry here. Very interesting

  183. mike rodent says:

    I, an English male, know one or two Polish young women here in London. Some of them are pretty attractive, many well educated. But there are always crazy things with foreigners of both sexes: one is religion, the other is a certain dyed-in-the-wool naivety. The thing about the (educated) English is their judgement. The educated English are sly and constantly appraising. My theory is that because religion essentially disappeared centuries ago, thank God, we have constantly been sizing up everybody’s personalities ever since: there have been few silly distractions. What people do in foreign parts doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter if, living in Central Asia (or Central Europe) you get together with some fascinating person whom you essentially don’t understand. It may work out, it may not. You were probably both desperate for love, sex, companionship, maybe even sprogs (children). But you will probably never understand one another’s sense of humour properly. But maybe you will have compensations.

  184. Flo says:

    Seriously fuck off .. Polish women are gold diggers, the only reason they like foreign men is because they want better lives and money. So whatever and standing next to a Latina .., her pale long ugly nose won’t stand out!!! No boobs and ass … Who wants a boring boy body!! Fuck off please old white fag writting this

  185. English man says:

    Most polish girls end up marrying Pakistani men and convert to Islam in uk, hence why there credibillity is going down hill. Least polish men ain’t stupid. They deserve better.

  186. Laszlo says:

    I think the reason is simple: women are more valuable, then men. What you described in your post, same goes with the other nation woman. I am a hungarian who lives in England, and I observed, english boys fancy any kind of foreigner woman. I even know some romanian girls, who make relationship with british boys.
    When a foreigner lady arrives in england, couple of weeks later definitely has some secret crush, and she easily find a british lover. But I don’t know any man, who has english girlfriend for long term relationship.
    Simple mathematics, men estabilish harder relationship, then women therefore they need to pick up any opportunity what they find.
    Girls are very sensitive to getting a proper boyfriend, so, they don’t like, when a boy doesn’t speak their language well.
    But boys doesn’t care about such details, only one thing is important, to get some girls who willing to have sex with them, no matter which nation they belong to.
    British Girls can find sexpartner easily, so they can afford to choose from proper rich english man, they don’t need to lower the standars.

  187. Polish stud says:

    I am a Polish man having 2 kids with an English woman. I have read most of the comments and I noticed that a lot of guys here like to boost their egos by talking down on Polish men. I don’t think I have noticed anyone mentioning a single positive thing about Polish men. I find it quite amusing how hard some try to criticise Polish guys and talking self-flattering things about themselves but at the end of the day you will have to step away from the keyboards and face the reality again that is not so grate as one would wish ;-) take care.

  188. Ewa says:

    I am Polish and have lived in Australia majority of my life. However I visit Polska often, to see family. I have been waiting for someone else to say what I think. I agree that Polish men can be difficult.

  189. Olenka84 says:

    I am an ukrainian young woman. I was 4 years in relationship with a polish man. He was such a good man, respectable, caring. He didn’t reflect any of the stereotpes written. I have the best memories of my past. His family was marvelous and loved me. He was quite rich and I got many gossip that I was with him for money and that I am a gold digger from east Ukraine. F*****them

  190. Amy says:

    In Germany, I see quite a lot of Polish men who have married local German women. I found this article by googling why so many German women marry Polish men. Maybe it is more that when men work abroad they seem to find a local woman and are happy to settle down in the new location, but perhaps women are less likely to do this. The women I know have also taken the Polish surname, although no one here can pronounce or spell them.

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