Geo-tagged maps of Krakow and Warsaw

Here’s a cool and non-controversial thingy: maps of Warsaw and Krakow superimposed with visualizations of where people take photos. They were created by a chap called Eric Fischer, along with a lot of similar maps of other cities that you can see on his flickr page.

Using location data added to photos on Flickr and Picasa, Fischer plotted where photos were taken, and then coloured them according to whether they were taken by residents or tourists—a trick he achieved by classifying individuals who took photos in the same city over a period of more than 3 months as residents, and less then 3 months as visitors. Red dots indicate photos taken by visitors, blue by residents, and the yellow are unknown (individuals who took only one photo).

Click the image for an absolutely enormous version covering a wider area. Can you identify the hot spots? There are some clusters in outlying regions that must represent the work of local photography enthusiasts. Anyone we know?

The second map is of Krakow, but in this case the colours represent distance in time between photographs taken by the same individuals. Fischer interprets this as photos taken by pedestrians (black), photos taken by cyclists (red), and photos taken by drivers (blue).

Click the image for a huge version and indulge your compulsive pattern-recognition disorder.

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9 thoughts on “Geo-tagged maps of Krakow and Warsaw

  1. Geo-tagging represents a massive breach of our privacy, Jamie. Are you one of those people that signed up early for the national UK ID card? Don’t you know that they’re spying on us all the time??!!#!$ Just saw an article that said the Polish secret police spied on 3 percent of all mobile phones in Poland and since you know they always lowball those figures, double it and add 2 – nearly 10 percent of the population!

    Not controversial, indeed.

  2. scatts says:

    A quick scan of the Warsaw map shows residents taking snaps in cemeteries & football stadiums also from bridges. Huge number of shots taken of construction works on the ‘trasa torunska’ and of the new national stadium. Also in parks, Lazienki and Paderewski.

    There’s a strange rectangular collection of red ones that look like someone doing a photographic survey of a sports ground just of Raclawicka.

    As one would expect though, the main concentration by far is – old town, Pilsudski square, PKiN, Lazienki park and Wilanow palace.

  3. The main issue I have with geo-tagged photos is that so few “real” cameras have that feature so it has to be done after the fact (thus it is done rarely) or the picture in question has been taken with a smartphone. Nothing against the very latest in smartphone photos – I’ve seen photos from the iPhone 4 and they look fairly good – but almost all photos taken with such a device were taken as an incidental photo aka “Societal norms dictate that I should whip out my phone and take a photo of this place/object/moment but which virtually no one else will find interesting because it is of relatively poor quality with, obviously, no thought put into the taking of the photo.”

    When Canon starts putting GPS’s into their PowerShot line (or Nikon into their Coolpix line (I guess)), we’ll know we’re at the point where we can start taking geo-tagged photos more seriously.

  4. Bartek says:

    From what I can see road contruction sites (mostly junctions under construction) are very popular among (anorakish) photographers in Warsaw.

    PS. Jamie, I opened the whole map, enlarged it to its original size just to find my street has been erased…

  5. Another Ewa says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Thank you!

    In Krakow, apart from the places you’d expect it’s interesting to see the patches of activity at the airport, Cmentarz Rakowicki, Nowa Huta and the Steelworks, Lagiewniki and Zakrzowek.

  6. bob says:

    In the section in the northern suburbs of Warsaw there is an especially heavy concentration of geo tagged shots. Tracking it from the source to the end of the image location, it shows that literally thousands of shots were made by a new, high-end Sony DSLR from scatts balcony to the window of a winsome Polish blonde 150 meters to the east.

    Does Mrs scatts have any comments after the beating of scatts?

  7. scatts says:

    I confess. Mind you, I don’t upload to flikr or whatever so perhaps not me?

  8. bob says:

    Glad to have the confession, just bring the cd’s on Saturday for the blog-meet unless Mrs scatts has already destroyed them

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