23 thoughts on “7 uses for a giant Jesus

  1. bob says:

    Jamie – this should elicit many good responses

    #8 – For setting a pick at the top of the key (basketball)
    #9 – Great for the entire osiedla to hang their wash to dry

  2. Bob says:

    what about adding 3 more and having YMCA Jesus?

  3. Decoy says:

    How about:
    – A huge signpost: 420km to Warsaw, 1670km to Rome, 4500km to Rio de Janeiro
    – A large advertisement space: Opony, 24 godziny alkohole, meble, who knows…
    – Holding a giant thermometer, current air temperature -5.1, current ground temperature -6.5

  4. siudol says:

    Two more practical uses:

    – A state of the art lighthouse, with two light beams, one from each eye.

    – If his arms were movable, he could also be an environmentally friendly Jesus and serve as a wind turbine.

  5. Waldemar says:

    Brave, controversial, on the edge of good taste, biting :-)

    I hope it will give some people to think about themselves (to me it gave ;-)).


    Waldemar from Dover.

  6. siudol says:

    When it comes to good taste, there is only one thing here I have a problem with and that’s the statue itself.

  7. Paint the thing pink, add neon lights and invite the organisers of the Berlin Love Parade to have a pre-party in its shadow.

    Leave it is as and run annual Lord of the Rings conventions in the fields surrounding it. Call them the Swiebodzin Argonothacon.

  8. kuba says:

    Hilarious. Post of the year candidate :)

  9. PMK says:

    Tired and sophomoric.

  10. island1 says:

    Setting a what at the top of a what? Speak English man!

  11. island1 says:

    YMCA Jesus was in no way my inspiration.

  12. island1 says:

    Advertising should come into this. I thought of Swierbodzin Jesus in an ERA ad saying “What… no, I’m in Swierbodzin. Yes, I know… lol” but it was too hard to photoshop.

  13. island1 says:

    Wind turbines. I like it.

  14. island1 says:

    Dover is itself biting and on the edge of good taste as far as I remember.

  15. island1 says:

    I see all these things, and more, in the future of Swierbodzin Jesus.

  16. island1 says:

    Click Facebook Like button to confirm your prediction.

  17. island1 says:

    I was entirely awake and graduated, I assure you.

  18. island1 says:

    I reconfirm my approval of the statue. I think it’s great.

  19. Waldemar says:

    its not only great. its HUGE.

  20. bob says:

    “Her tits were THIS big”

    Praise the lord

  21. zarazek says:

    No uproar from religious nutters?

    In that case I say what I find outrageous in this post: the banner reading «Monkeys are my uncles!». It’s rubbish, they’re our cousins, please don’t distort facts :P

    Oh, and one more thing: there’s a typo in the headline ‘Traveling ambassador’.

  22. This might be the greatest piece of Polandianage yet!

  23. Malgosia says:

    My friend and I have decided that this giant Jesus looks very much like Aragorn, King of Gondor from “Lord of the Rings’ movies. We prefer to call the statue Pomnik Jezugorna.

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