Blog Meeting November 2010 – Warsaw

Thanks to a timely reminder from Michael Dembinski over at Jeziorki, the cream of Poland’s English-language blogging community gathered at Legends bar on Emilii Plater in Warsaw in November to discuss many important matters. Okay, we drank some beer.

Legends proved to be a decent venue although I have to be true to myself here and say that whilst the “full English breakfast” was welcome it was a little on the small side for me. Brad’s fish and chips were not exactly a knockout either. The decor also didn’t seem quite right for the purpose, falling somewhere between the stools of restaurant, bar and sports bar. Then there was the large Sky Sports screen on the wall blaring away which was a bit of a distraction for footie fans like myself. British bitter on tap might have saved the day but that wasn’t available. I think it’s a fine idea and will no doubt prove to be popular with beer swilling sports fan ex-pats but I honestly can’t see myself being a frequent visitor as it stand right now. I’d advise, in a friendly way, those running it to attend to a few things that are close but perhaps not close enough for long term success in a competitive marketplace.

Here’s the video:

Cast in order of appearance:

  • Adam “Ad the Lad” – notable commenter and blog-watcher
  • Brad “I promise to post something soon” – Polandian writer, currently going for the record of longest time without a post
  • Zosia “Let me give you a haircut” – Long suffering daughter of scatts the videographer
  • Jamie “Island 1” – Polandian writer and founder, international man of mystery
  • Michael “Jeziorki” – Preeminent chronicler of puddles in the Warsaw suburbs
  • Bartek “Keep the lens away from my face” – Polandian writer, currently seeking inspiration for some non-anorakish posts, also does this (once a week)
  • Derek “Decoy” – Polandian’s Irish correspondent (but not one of those with a head like a potato!)
  • Kolin “The Canadian” – Borsuk na Pradze blogger
  • The girls “Blog widows” – Significant others lending their support (after shopping)
  • Stephen “Pan Steeva” – Młochów (Mwo-hoov) blogger

I also took some photos and managed to catch those who didn’t appear in the movie, as well some who did.

Brad takes a picture of Scatts' bald patch while Jamie drinks beer

In this next one, Michael demonstrates his hypnotic stare while Paddy gets very confused about Kolin’s demonstration of how to make a shadow-picture of a Griffon Vulture.

Michael, Paddy & Kolin

Brad’s impression of a blind Luciano Pavarotti did not go down well with his fellow Polandians.

Brad, Derek & Jamie

The potentially explosive mix of nationalities was bound to generate a certain amount of tension! Bob and Kolin go at it while Adam decides to roll a joint and stay out of it.

Tensions are bound to arise

Brad is astonished as Adam removes parts of his favourite camera.

Camera talk

Jamie tries to prove he’s not drunk at all, oh no!

Jamie demonstrates his dexterity

The ladies wait patiently.


It was great to meet everyone and to see the biggest turnout yet. We’re planning to have a smaller get together in December, perhaps January, for just the Warsaw-based bloggers and there will another general meeting in the Spring, probably. Stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “Blog Meeting November 2010 – Warsaw

  1. bob says:

    Thanks scatts! Well done, now about that coke – darn Canuks

  2. It was great fun meeting everyone and teaching Zosia some new stuff.

    Also, I don’t know if I ever said “promise” when talking about posting “something” “soon”. Anyway, soon is relative but rest assured I will continue making long, rambling comments!

  3. Paddy says:

    I believe Kolin was actually showing me his special skill of goose strangling. I have to say I agree with you about the bar. I wasn’t there long but the decor felt very wine bar-ish and modern, which is great but I don’t think that’s what people in Poland associate with a British themed pub.

    On the other hand, the ersatz pub doesn’t really do it for me either, viz the Irlandski Pub on Nowy Swiat. However having the sky sports was a joy!

    It was great to meet (some of) you all and I will be back for more strategy discussion/alcohol at the Warsaw meet.


  4. Steve says:

    Many thanks.

    On a completely side issue (pun intended), Jamie’s Okiem angola has lots of great articles in English – ‘Po Polsku’ in your blog list may put some English readers off. Why Angola?

  5. island1 says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Steve. All Okiem Angola articles are available in English and Polish. I don’t promote the fact particularly because it would make the link very long and unwieldy and because the small number of additional readers wouldn’t impact my income.

  6. bob says:

    Somebody was saying they could not find Dry English mustard – found some today @ 9pln for the can. Give a shout if needed

  7. Ana Bee says:

    Dear sirs,
    Legends is not a good place. There’s plenty of better spots as far as sports go (though I only pay attention to premier league and the 6 nations, so can’t vouch for the rest) – and as far as beer goes!

    Also, there is no good “irish” pub in Warsaw. It’s like the Leprechaun at the end of the rainbow – maybe someday to be found, but really a fairy tale.

    Next time, let me advise you on the matter. I’m a local :)


  8. bob says:

    Ana – what do you recommend?


  9. Name says:

    The “stay away from bloggers meetings” line sums it up perfectly. The only bright (and genuine) star is Zosia.

  10. chris says:

    Nice to put a face to the name. You guys are all so entertaining! You did dobza (now you can correct my Polish grammar)

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