Christmas caption competition

It’s a Christmas caption competition in the sense that it’s happening at Christmas time. Gather your family around the monitor after Christmas (eve) dinner and encourage them to invent witty alternatives.


…and then Father Christmas murdered my brother and stuffed him in a sack… honest

* * *

President of Poland hypnotised… twice

* * *

Miraculous vodka pool discovered in Lublin

* * *

Does my dictatorship look big in this?

* * *

Polish crowds eagerly anticipate first disaster of 2011

9 thoughts on “Christmas caption competition

  1. Malcolm says:

    For the second one with Komorowski:
    “The Polish President has called for tenders to see which bio-engineering company can make his moustache grow the biggest”

  2. Given the relative lack of medals on Lukashenko I can’t help but be reminded of the eternal line in The Gold of Sierra Madre – “Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”

    Merry Xmas.

  3. Decoy says:

    Kaczynski: “Did he just call me Lech… again?”

    Komorowski 1: “She said she likes it this big”
    Komorowski 2: “So, Mr. President, after the operation, it’ll be this big”


    The rapidly melting snow caught a few people by surprise


    Lukashenko: “And for my next trick, I’ll make 600 opponents disappear!”


    Crowd: “Quick, the Polandian writers are coming” ;-)

  4. scatts says:

    Hard to improve on what we already have but I’ll join in the Christmas spirit:

    Kaczynski: “Sorry but the tranquilizers stiffen me up a little” (translated from the original “Mmmmm hmmm mmm errr agghhh mmm hrummmm”)

    Komorowski 1: “Join in Mr. President – Silent night, Holy night”

    Komorowski 2: “We’ve genetically engineered you a carp that’s this big!”


    Two of Lukashenko’s opposition leaders celebrate releasing their ropes before they drowned in the pool they were left in.


    Lukashenko: “I don’t care what you think. I have a vote of 80% in favour of my version of the Vulcan salute!”


    Crowd: “Bring back the wooden cross! We want a wooden cross!”


  5. Bartek says:

    1. Help, the microphones are trying to bite me!

    2. The hands that heal

    3. Mietek, your tie is floating away

    4. Lukashenko waves off dissidents

    5. Corpus Christi 2011

  6. adthelad says:

    1. Jarek Kaczyński reacts to the news that Polandian just can’t get over how funny it is that his brother and 95 other inconsequential people were killed in a plane crash.

    2. Bronisław Komorowski looks on in bewilderment during his annual refresher course on the difference between left and right.

    3. OK let’s try again. This is my left hand and this…..

    4. Polish Government ministers congratulate each other on their successful handling of this summers flood disaster.

    5. Everyone who thinks I should be president again please hold their hand up.

    6. A young man is hemmed in by the crowds as judging at this years Polish open-toe sandle competition gets under way.

  7. island1 says:

    Come on Ad, the bloke has clearly lost it. Neither Polandian nor I disrespect the loss of life. If anything is disrespecting the memory it’s these increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories. My non-scientific polling suggests that people should just stop trying to make political capital out of the event and let it go.

  8. adthelad says:

    He hasn’t lost anything other than his brother and dear friends. Bizarre conspiracy theories are trumpeted as being of his doing. My non-scientific polling suggests that political capital is being made of the event to discredit the opposition even further when critical and important questions should be being asked of the government by the media and the prokuratura.
    I would accept the argument that PiS is not making sufficient capital of it and that the media are smearing the opposition by every means under sun getting all the sheep in this country on the same anti PiS ‘pop’ bandwagon. How you can accept that it is a matter that should be dropped is beyond me, but I don’t think this is the time for that discussion.

  9. Steve says:

    The last photo: has the girl on the left got a very small penis? I’m sorry, but I’ve forgotten what the other pictures are and the page doesn’t seem to scroll back further..

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