Park Ujazdowski – the best park in Warsaw?

Lon (mochafueled) is back with another guest post for Polandian. This time about a nice park, with no litter!

So what is the best park in Warsaw?

For me Park Ujazdowski located on Aleje Ujazdowskie is the best of many great parks in Warsaw. Warsaw’s public parks are its special treasure in my opinion and I am sure others would agree. I can’t say I have visited every green spot in Warsaw but I can say I have spent time in the most well-known of them during my visits to this interesting capital city. As the city gets ready for Euro Cup 2012 I thought I would state my favorite and urge a visit by those who passing through and ask readers their opinion on the best park and will even expend the question to include other Euro Cup 2012 venues Poznan, Wroclaw and Gdansk.

Dedicated in 1896 and then renovated again in 2000-2002 this small park bordering the more famous Łazienki Park and located only a short distance from several embassies is for me the perfect combination of greenery, lake, statues, walking paths, and benches. Also well maintained and clean, probably as a result of closing at night. This can be also be said for a couple of other parks but for me this place and its quiet peaceful surroundings just draws me in and is that place that I go when I need to relax and just walk or sit for awhile. I will let a few pictures speak for me both winter and spring/summer. This is a park to be enjoyed year round.

Also this park was also played a role in a famous WW II assassination and gun battle in early 1944; a marker on the sidewalk bears witness to a part of the remarkable story of “Operation Heads”.

Further information on the park history

Further reading on WW II event, which will be subject of a more detailed forthcoming post on Polandian.

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