Well, we’ve arrived in Tuscany. Temperature was only 38C yesterday and the region is apparently suffering a drought like its not had for many a year. The farm on which we are staying has two of three wells dried up and the grapes shriveling on the vines. Nevertheless, the pool is full and already busy this morning and the sun loving part of the family are already stretched out.

My first faux pas this morning at breakfast on noticing that most of the sun beds already had towels on them but no people was to say “I didn’t realize there were so many Germans here!” right next to a table full of Germans. Turns out I was right though. They got up at 07:00 to reserve their sun beds, six of them. It is now 11:30 and still no sign of anyone occupying the beds! It’s not cricket.

The drive from Klagenfurt was longer than expected thanks to Mrs Sat-Nav insisting there was bad traffic approaching Florence. A 93 minute delay was added to our arrival time but we found a button called “avoid” which we hit twice (until she reported no delays) and started an adventure on single track roads high into the hills and back down again. We didn’t get stuck in any traffic the whole way but it was obviously slower than the Autostrada and took longer than Google’s five hour estimate. No matter, we were here at 17:00 having left that morning at about 10:30 and happy to park up the car and let it rest.

A short walk from our apartment/villa finds a good collection of farm animals including pigs, cows, chickens, rabbits, horses, donkeys as well as a wealth of complicated looking farm equipment. Nice to feel at least slightly back to nature. This place is 93% self sufficient with the food needed to serve the guests. I had a bit of pig yesterday so now I’m going to feel guilty when I go visit the ones that are left. The food is good, danger of returning bigger than when I left unless I work it off in the pool or on the tennis court.

Today will be by the pool with one short excursion into the local village for provisions.


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