Steak & ice-cream

This evening we left the barracks in search of new culinary delights. We headed into the hills for about 20 minutes to the town of San Giustino Valdarno, a nice drive along a road that proclaimed it to be the “Wine Road”. Has to be said that not being wine nuts does mean we are missing out on some of the undoubted attractions of this area. There must be plenty of wine related holidays on offer around here just quaffing your way from one winery to the next in search of something with the right amount of corner in the aftertaste.

The town of SGV is a nothing sort of place in the middle of nowhere as you can see for yourself if you use the link below. Tip – if you use street view from the pin you can actually see the ice-cream parlour. However, this is Italy so you never know what you’ll find in places of low expectation.

First up was the restaurant “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” named of course after the classic Sergio Leone film and with posters of such adorning the walls. I ate perhaps the best piece of red meat I’ve had in many months, a Canadian Bison steak big enough to stop a runaway truck, tasty like hell and cooked to perfection. Marta also had a steak with mushrooms, also very good and Zosia pretended to eat an octopus risotto. There was an excellent mixed seafood starter and a mix of bruschetta as well. Couple of glasses of wine just to liven up the drive back on dark windy hillside roads! All that for €78.

Desert was the ice-cream parlour mentioned before, also in the same town. There we each had two generous scoops of yummyness precariously balanced on a small cone. It was very good, no doubt, but with ice-cream I find it difficult to classify at the top end. There’s a lot of ice-cream that I would call very good but I’m unable to distinguish between the very good and the truly excellent. This was definitely one or the other. Certainly better than any ice-cream you’ll be able to buy in Poland that’s for sure.

What’s nice about Italy is the way both these places in the middle of nowhere were packed with Italians enjoying the cooler evening air and the good food. Entire families were out, the ice-cream place mostly 50+ year old women, the restaurant more mixed. I heard one other non Italian voice so this wasn’t a tourist gimmick or anything, just normal Italians enjoying a Sunday evening.

Excuse the useless yellow steak picture, the iPhone has no level of sophistication at all for white balance and was worse with flash than without.

Google maps link to San Giustino Valdarno




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