Buried treasure


As “guest” pointed to in an earlier comment, the Wisła river has recently exposed a hoard of treasure laying on the river bed near Warsaw.

Water levels are at the lowest for some centuries, something I find surprising given the seemingly never ending rain and the problems many have, or were having, with waterlogged basements but anyway, the river at least is low. This has exposed areas of the bed that have remained hidden for ages and archeologists are exploring the rare bounty of treasure that has been found lying there for 350 years.

According to this article in the Telegraph, around 10 tons of material has been found. Sadly, none of it is gold doubloons, diamonds or anything handy like that. It is a collection of ornate stone and marble work, most likely stolen by the Swedes around 1655 and was on route to Gdansk for onward shipping to Sweden where someone intended to reconstruct a palace they had earlier deconstructed shortly after removing the head of the owner.

This was all part of the “Deluge” (potop szwedzki) where those plucky Swedes invaded Poland and made a real mess. The extent of their rampage covered cities like Gdansk, Torun, Poznan, Lublin (overlapping with the Russians of course), Warsaw and Krakow. They looted like professionals and took just about everything they could lay their hands on. The extent of the destruction they left behind was massive. Warsaw, then capital of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth was completely destroyed (wot, again?) and around 25% of the population was lost in four key provinces. And all we get in return is Abba? Hardly fair.

It will be interesting to read the results of the archeological works, especially if they can place the origin of the stones.

Meanwhile, the area is guarded by police to make sure nothing is stolen, again.


One thought on “Buried treasure

  1. Theresa Tarkington-Kersey says:

    Looking for a contact there in Poland to help me find a copy of an obscure Polish Christmas song “Little Red Caboose” for an older friend who remembers it from the late 60’s
    I was hoping to find it for a Christmas gift. Some of the family members remember it, but cannot find their copy. Thanks for your help

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